Now, after a LONG time of waiting… Here's my 2nd fanfic, finally! I got trouble with this at first, ('cause I didn't have a written version of this story xD) but I've decided to put this up next! Well, since "An Irreplaceable Gift" is RDvm's story, then his rival, DarkAkumon or DA for short, should have a story as well! Hehehe… If you guys are wondering why I wasn't active since I have finished my first fic is just because I had to finish & focus on my Comics' third special chapter, featuring my 2 Fave OC Digimons, Tenshimon & Toushimon, along with the latest leader Digimon, Shoutmon! (I had little time to continue it since I had to work on "An Irreplaceable Gift" as well) =3

Full Summary: (This story can be also dubbed as, "The Story of the Origin of DarkAkumon". =D)

It's just a normal day for Takeru & Hikari saving Odaiba as their secret Digimon forms, F.A. & S.A… not until an evil Digimon appeared that kidnapped S.A. as her human form, as it had discovered that she is Hikari from its observations. That Digimon tricked everyone into hating S.A. & used her identity to successfully deceive them into thinking that S.A. already became evil. Little by little, the people losing their trust to S.A. multiplied & multiplied… Hikari was freed from the Digimon's grasp, but upon her return, she was not welcomed. Instead, everyone but Takeru that were close to her became furious of her, but Takeru didn't lose his faith to her. Hikari was greatly depressed, not knowing what to do… although there were still some loyal believers of S.A. that wanted her to be deemed innocent of the things that happened to the society. Finally, S.A's "end" came, all events of her life ending in the revelation of the truth that S.A, or Hikari, was truly innocent of all crimes that S.A's impersonator did, and came to the point of a heroic sacrifice to save the people.

But the story does not end there. A year had passed since Hikari's death… And Takeru struggled to save the place alone, even worsening when a new evil Digimon came. Then, that's where the real journey begins…

I know you're excited, so let's start, shall we? Enjoy! ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon & its characters, for the exception of my OCs (Original Characters): DarkAkumon (Which will appear later on the fic), SereneAngewomon & FighterAngemon.

Chapter 1S.A's Sudden Weakening

A usual day again for the city's protectors, FighterAngemon & SereneAngewomon… Why, because they encounter Digimons every single day! But, today was really tiring for S.A. for such reason that she really doesn't know…

F.A: S.A! It's your turn to attack! Shoot MadLeomon Armed Mode's chainsaw with your arrow!

S.A: O-ok, got it F.A… (I hope I get this right…) Light Arrow!

MadLeomon: Muahahaha! Bet you can't attack me now, S.A! I know, you're feeling weak right now… Graah!

S.A: N-no…! Gomenasai, F.A…

F.A: [stops the Digimon's attack, facing S.A] S.A, you don't have to say sorry… Don't worry, I'll always protect you!

S.A: F.A…

F.A: Raah! Kibou no Mori!

MadLeomon: NOOO! [disintegrates into data]

F.A: [reverts back to Takeru, runs with Hikari in a safe place] Are you okay, Hikari-chan?

S.A: [Reverts back to Hikari] Yeah, but… I'm deeply sorry… You had to risk yourself to save me…

Takeru: Aw, come on! It's no one's fault. What you need is a time for enough rest. I'll take you to Taichi-san, okay?

Hikari: B-but…! Sigh, okay…

~Yagami Residence~

Taichi: Oh, Takeru! Thanks for accompanying my sister all the way back home. Well, take care going home, and say hi for Yamato for me!

Takeru: No problem! Bye, Taichi-san, Hikari-chan!

~ o ~ o ~

Taichi: By the way, where have you been, Hikari?

Hikari: Oh! Hahaha… [sweatdrops]

Taichi: Where, on a date with Takeru? [laughs jokingly]

Hikari: Oniichan! I just helped Takeru with the people affected by the attack of the evil Digimon again…

Taichi: Oh, really… Hmm, you seem kinda tired…

Hikari: It's, uhh, nothing, really! But I'll try to rest a bit too…

Taichi: The bed's all fixed already, so you could just jump in! I fixed the bed just for you, Hikari!

Hikari: Aww, thanks a lot, Oniichan! [goes off in their bedroom]

~Hikari & Taichi's bedroom~

Hikari: (Ugh… Why do I feel so… feeble? I know I'm not tired… Even Takeru… Those Digimon fights are not really that hard…)

S.A [from Hikari's D-3]: Hikari… I can feel something, actually… But it's barely even felt.

Hikari: (Well then, what is it, S.A?)

S.A: I could feel… that something is draining our strength. Not in a rapid way, but… We gradually lose power over time. That's what I observed…

Hikari: (Hmm… Do you think it's made by a Digimon?)

S.A: I don't think so… We could just be really tired from battles & such… But your idea may be a possibility…

Hikari: (O-ok… I understand. Good night, S.A!)

S.A: Oyasuminasai! [gives a smile to Hikari before going back to her D-3]

~The Next Morning…~

Fortunately, Hikari was feeling a lot better. As always, a Digimon is at loose again at Odaiba… And as expected, F.A. & S.A. will go again there to save the innocent lives of the people.

Hiroaki (Yamato & Takeru's father): Hurry up! This is a scoop, and I'm sure everyone is aware of this event!

Sakurada: This is nothing to the viewers now, anyway… They got tired of hearing news about a monster attacking Odaiba every single day…

Hiroaki: Oh, right… Hehehe… (Rats! What will happen to our TV ratings? If Digimons just rarely show up…)

~ o ~ o ~

Takeru & Hikari: Digi-Spirit Evolution!

Takeru: FighterAngemon!

Hikari: SereneAngewomon!

S.A: I hope I won't screw up things again…

F.A: You wouldn't do that, I know it! Believe in yourself, S.A… We can do it!

S.A: [hesitates for a second, but suddenly cheers up] Un! F.A, arigato!

The evil Digimon, a DeathMeramon, was an ultimate Digimon, which they can't defeat with their own power! But, they still had their own strategy, a trump card that they hardly can use…

F.A: Ungh… This Digimon is too tough for us to handle… Know what I'm thinking?

S.A: Yup! Let's use our Beast Spirits!

S.A. & F.A: Slide Evolution!

S.A: SphinxRefertimon!

F.A: WildPegasmon!

F.A. slide evolved to his hidden Beast Form: WildPegasmon. As a Digimon similar to Patamon's armor evolution, Pegasmon, he shares the same color with the armor Digimon & looks like a Pegasus that stands on two feet and is more machine-like, unlike his armor counterpart. He has sharp nails on his feet (instead of hooves) and has robotic arms that could change to chain guns! SphinxRefertimon, S.A's Beast Spirit, looks like Nefertimon, Tailmon's armor evolution through the Digimental of Light. She resembled the Armor Digimon but is also white-colored. She can also stand upright & has a face looking like a long mask. She had more armor than Nefertimon & is more inclined in speed but also has great defense.

DeathMeramon: Nani? Hmmph… I'll just take you on! And I could still defeat you like no other Digimon can! Heat Chain!

WildPegasmon: Grr, *neighs* [evades attack] Chain Arm!

WildPegasmon shooted loads of bullets from his chain gun-arm, stunning DeathMeramon & taking him down!

DeathMeramon: Arggh… Take this! Heavy Metal Fire!

Moving at the speed of light, SphinxRefertimon reflected the blow & used her attack!

SphinxRefertimon: Graah! Electromagnetic Forge!

DeathMeramon: [easily stops her attack] Well, well! Fire will only make me more powerful! Heh, meet your doom!

SphinxRefertimon: AAAH! [reverts back to Hikari]

WildPegasmon: HRR- Wha? Hikari-chan! (N-not again… I hope nothing's wrong with her…) GRR… Bombard Rampage!

DeathMeramon: U-UWAAH! [disappears as data]

~ o ~ o ~

WildPegasmon [reverting back to Takeru]: Good thing no one saw you reverting back to your human form…

Hikari: I-I know this is going to happen… I… I feel so ashamed… I'm so sorry…

Takeru: Hikari-chan… (What can I do to make her feel better? Ohh… I feel guilty for her… I… I don't even know what to do…)

Hikari: Sigh… Huh? Takeru-kun, look! I see an assembly of people in there!

Takeru: …Yeah! The people are saying something about… F.A. & S.A?

~ o ~ o ~

Person 1: That S.A! I doubt her now… Look, she isn't doing anything to help F.A. now!

Person 2: Yeah! She just uses F.A. instead of helping him!

Child: If that is the case, let's just trust F.A!

Mother: My little boy's right, F.A. does everything to save our city! Not like that weak brat…

~ o ~ o ~

Hikari: Wh-what…? S.A's totally not like that… She's the kindest Digimon I've ever met…

Takeru: And they wanted to only trust F.A… Hey, wait, Father's interviewing them?

Hiroaki: W-woah! One at a time! We need a proper interview!

Takeru: Otousan! Hahaha! [hugs his father]

Hiroaki: O-oh! Takeru! It's a long time since we've last seen each other. Cut the recording, please!

Takeru: Otousan, I know that what they're saying is not true… S.A. isn't evil… She won't ditch F.A. in her whole life…

Hikari: Y-yeah… I hope all of them regain trust to her… If S.A. heard those words, she'll be really hurt… And F.A. too… He doesn't want S.A. left alone!

S.A: Hikari… Thanks… Thank you for helping me & F.A…

Hiroaki: [whispers] Well… I can't do anything about that… If I would deny their opinions & do something crazy on screen, I'm fired!

Hikari: T-that's ok… We understand. Thank you Mr. Ishida! And give my thanks to Mrs. Takaishi too!

Hiroaki: (WHA? THAT NATSUKO? I wouldn't talk about her again. Hmph, I would only just argue with that woman and start a conflict with the family again. I don't want that!)

~ o ~ o ~

Takeru: Hikari! Why did you talk about Okaasan with my father? He'll be mad for sure!

Hikari: Oops! I didn't mean it… [giggles] Hehehe…

What they didn't know is that there is a Mysterious Digimon lurking in the shadows, watching their every move…

Unknown Digimon: Your power will be mine very soon, Angel Warrior… You just don't notice it, but I do it little by little… Muahahaha…

What is this Digimon planning to do to the Angel Warriors? And who is this evil Digimon who is actually different among all the other Digimons F.A. & S.A. encountered? In the next chapter, the Angel Warriors will be put to danger… What will happen next? Find out in Chapter 2, "The Shape-Shifting Digimon's Pursuit!"

Oniichan – Big Brother

Otousan – Father

Okaasan- Mother

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