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Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon & its characters, for the exception of my OCs (Original Characters): Rydia,DarkAkumon, SereneAngewomon & FighterAngemon.

Chapter 17 – "Final Revelations! DA's Tears of Believing"

DA: Fight me, S.A! This is the fight we've been waiting for! HRAAAAGH! [slashes S.A. using her claws]

S.A: [blocks the attack using her sword] This is totally crazy! YOU CAN'T DO THIS, DARKAKUMON!

DA: Yes I can. Now, to finish you off…

S.A: [falls faintly to the ground] Ugh~ I can't believe this madness…

DA: Time to end this outrage! [jumps in the sky, blazing] Feel the rage of my blazing soul! GRAAH! [changes left arm to Omegamon's left arm]

S.A: Without a doubt, you are using that dark form again! That RampDex Mode!

DA: [almost stabs S.A. on her side] Dark form? Hmph, RampDex, you say? A big disgrace for me. Don't make me remember that dreadful experience… Or you want to see how this new form is better than that "RampDex Mode"?

S.A: Fool! In your RampDex Mode, Metamormon lent you his power! No wonder you'll be stronger in that form!

DA: He was controlling me that time. What am I, a mindless puppet? Of course not. This new form has me adapting those abilities from that dirty RampDex Mode to my own.
This is no longer the Rampaging Dexterity Mode… This is my very own BLAZING DEXTERITY MODE!


DA: Grey Sword!

S.A: (Drat… I gotta make a plan fast… I can't lose to this DarkAkumon…) [disappears out of DA's reach]

DA: Nani? Hrr… [looks around]


DA: Heh.[quickly dodges the attack]

S.A: Hrrr, YOU! I won't stop attacking until you die!

DA: Now who's the one becoming desperate? Hmph. Darkness Inferno!

DarkAkumon envelops herself in flame, and then focuses the energy of the flame on her swords. Suddenly picking up speed, S.A. was unable to escape the tremendous power DA has!

S.A: (This is bad… I'm going to use my final resort… This will work for sure… Hehehe~)

DA: (She's thinking about something… But she will never escape her doom!)

~ o ~ o ~

-DA's Consciousness-

S.A. (DA's friend): DA, wait, she's plotting something bad!

DA: There's no time to hold back, S.A! We must stop that freak!

S.A: Demo…

DA: I'll do it! Trust me, I'll handle this!

~ o ~ o ~

DA: HRAAAAAAAGH! [thrusts towards S.A]

S.A: (Move… MOVE!) [tries to run away]

DA: Heh, trying to escape eh? Don't be such a coward.

S.A: *huff… huff…* We'll see who's the coward, DarkAkumon!


S.A: Hehehe! [hides behind Taichi] Aww Taichi, that monster's gonna kill me!~ Stop her, please! *sob*

Diamond's Dracomon: Nani? She's playing dirty!

Takeru: What the…?

DA: [stops her attack] T-taichi…?

Taichi: [looks away] …

DarkAkumon was scared. Scared of her making Taichi mad at her again, she fell on her feet. The flames empowering her faded, reverting back to herself in her condition before the battle… Dracomon's power & F.A. and Agunimon's spirits are returned to their respective owners afterwards…

DA: Taichi, I… I'm sorry about doubting you a while ago…

S.A: [tightens hold of Taichi's arm] (Do it, or else…!)

Taichi: …DA.

DA: [looks down] …I know…
I can't attack you Taichi… I… I can't do that to a dear friend…

Taichi: (Nngh…) W-well, go on! Finish me off!

DA: I can't stand it anymore… I don't want you to get hurt, but…
This is my last chance… I hope you can forgive me now… I believe in you Taichi… I know you're an honest fellow…

Taichi: Wait… You don't mean?

-Flashback, Chapter 13-

Taichi: I will forgive you… but you must PERISH!

-End Flashback-

Taichi: Darn… Why in the world did I say that to her?

DA: If you said that it's the only way for you to forgive me… I-I'll do it… I want our friendship to be restored…

S.A: I knew it… I knew this is the easiest way to put an end to her! Hahaha, pathetic DA!

DA: …Please, just… put an end to me…

Rydia: Onee-san? What are you saying? He's tricking you!

DA: …I believe in Taichi. He… He was a true friend of mine, remember…?

Rydia: But…

DA: Please, I humbly ask you to use any of my weapons to finish me off… I promised this, Taichi…

Taichi: (What have I done? But… should I really do this…? DA… She was serious…)

DA: …

S.A: Come on now Taichi! I think the swords are best~

Taichi: … [gets one of DA's swords]

~ o ~ o ~

-DA's Consciousness-

S.A (DA's friend): Are you serious?

DA: …Hai…

S.A: But, Taichi's actually-

DA: …I know this is absurd, but… I don't even deserve to live… Darkness will always fade away and lose to light… With that fact, I can't do anything to stop the true & evil S.A…

S.A: DA, please listen! You think of things the wrong way! That's not the truth, DA!

DarkAkumon kept quiet and refused to listen to the "fake S.A's" words…

DA: …

Taichi: [looks on the ground, hands shaking] (Will… will I do this?)


Taichi: [bumps S.A. & slashes DA] S-stay out of this, Hikari! GRAAAH!

S.A: [grins evilly] (I applaud you for your service to me, Taichi…)

DA: A-AAAH… [weakly falls backwards, leaning on a wall] *gasp… gasp…*

DarkAkumon was helpless. She can barely breathe in that condition… The only thing she can do now is to hold her bleeding wound and watch what is happening…

Rydia: ONEE-SAN!

Rydia hurriedly ran to her beloved Onee-san, and hugged her. She cried and cried, knowing that she may also disappear like her true sister…

Rydia: Don't leave me! *sob*
I can't afford to lose you too! First my Onee-san Diamond, then my own Dracomon, and now you… *sob*
Tanomu, don't die Onee-san!

Diamond's Dracomon: DA-san… We need you! Without you, F.A. & I would be absorbed by now!

DA: [gasping air] But… *gasp* I… I'm not… strong enough… to protect you all…

Takeru: …I remember Hikari-chan. The old Hikari-chan we used to know… She had flaws too, but she's just human…

Rydia: Is she your best friend, Takeru-san?

Takeru: Yeah… [eyes tear up a bit] She's like DA… Selfless when helping others, though DA used to be a baddie at first… But at the end, she ended up helping others, despite being the Warrior of Evil Darkness…

Rydia: I-I didn't know that Onee-san was the Warrior of the Evil Darkness! Well, that's what I think she was about to say last time, anyway… But despite that fact, I don't really care!

Diamond's Dracomon: You're brave, I tell you. Diamond was like this too before… You protected us… In behalf of my brother, we salute you, DarkAkumon-sama… As a Royal Knight, I admire you, for your bravery.


Hatred & anger instantly filled Rydia's innocent face. About to attack Taichi & S.A, she ran to them recklessly.

Diamond's Dracomon: Rydia-sama, matte yo! [runs hurriedly to catch up]

Rydia: You evil traitors! Onee-san is bad at first, but in the end, she wanted to change and do the right thing! But you? Taichi-san!

Taichi: …

Rydia: I thought you were Onee-san's best friend? Why did you doubt her? You're the reason why Onee-san almost died from the cold, and sadness! If it wasn't for us, she'd be dead by now!

Taichi: …I… I hate myself for that… I-I'm truly sorry…

Rydia: HMPH, I DON'T CARE! [slaps Taichi]

Taichi: [covers the part where he's hit with his hand]…

Rydia: And especially you, S.A! You're such a loser!

S.A: Ohohoho, why~? You trusted me, didn't you?

Rydia: And so? You just tricked me!

S.A: You believed in me too. Why? Because I was a hero! Look at my past; I sacrificed myself to save all of you~

Rydia: I don't care! You're evil now, so I won't be nice to you, ever again!

S.A: Say as you wish, but I'll be ignoring your senseless words~

Rydia: HRR, Dracomon, attack them!

Diamond's Dracomon: GRAAAAH!

Rydia: Go, Dracomon! Warp-

DA: …S-stop it… *gasp, gasp*

Rydia: D-demo

DA: …You don't have… t-to avenge me…

Takeru: W-what do you mean? We have to! You're almost dying, and…

DA: I d-don't deserve your concern… Nngh…

Takeru: It's not fair… You're the good one, DA…

DA: *gasp, gasp* Nngh… (I… I can barely breathe… It's getting worse…)

Taichi: …Happy now, Hikari?

S.A: Of course! Thanks to you, my plan is almost complete!

Takeru: What is that plan anyway?

S.A: …Hee hee

Diamond's Dracomon: What are you up to now? I bet you're doing something worse!

S.A: [snaps her fingers] Gotcha.

Rydia: What do you mean…?

S.A: I say that you made 2 major mistakes. Tsk tsk tsk…

Takeru: Hrr, what are you up to again?

S.A: Shut up F.A. The first one is that you shouldn't have believed in me. I'm not trustworthy… I'm really just a big, fat hypocrite. (Well, not really… Hihihi~)

Rydia: WHY YOU!

Diamond's Dracomon: Rydia-sama, calm down…

Taichi: Wait… what did you just say?

S.A: What do you think, hmm?

Takeru: (Does she mean something else on "a big, fat hypocrite"? Does she mean it literally…? I get a really bad feeling from this…)

DA: *gasp, gasp* [tries to breathe in air desperately, looks at S.A] …Nngh…

S.A: Anyway, poor DA~

Rydia: Stop attacking Onee-san!

S.A: Keep quiet now, pretty girl. Your naughtiness will spoil your image~

Diamond's Dracomon: [hold's Rydia's hand] You know, my brother will get sad if he sees you like this…

Rydia: …I'm sorry… I just wanted to help Onee-san

S.A: Heh. And now, this is your biggest mistake you've made in your life, Taichi.

Taichi: …Me? But, I followed every order of yours!

S.A: Didn't you listen a while ago? I'm a liar. I've used you for my personal plans. I've never thought of granting what you want.

Taichi: What the? You-! Hikari, what do you think are you doing?

Takeru: What's happening to you, Hikari… You're straying too much from your old gentle self…

S.A: KNOW WHAT? Since the start, you should have doubted me…

Rydia: GRR!

S.A: Listen carefully, Taichi.

Taichi: What do you need? I don't care if I hurt you or not, I just wanna do the right thing!

S.A: This is your biggest mistake, Taichi. This is the truth that I'm the only one who knows.

Taichi: What is it? Speak up, freak!

S.A: The worst part of everything? Hmph…

Silence came. Everyone was listening. Only the sound of the wind can be heard from the state of the whole city. Everyone tuned in the news, watching with suspense with the truth S.A's about to say…

DA's Consciousness

S.A. (DA's friend): Snap out of it DA! You will live! Don't think that you're nothing in this world!

DA: No, no… I'm actually made for evil… I'm part of the Darkness, unlike you… You're a hero S.A…

S.A: Nngh, b-but I'm not the real S.A! I'm only part of everyone's imagination now… I mean, the old S.A. that used to be good is gone… I'm just an impostor, see?

DA: It doesn't matter anymore… You need to live on, S.A… You need to replace that S.A. that's trying to do evil instead. I'm darkness, see… I can't anything about that… I'm just a fool trying to oppose light.

S.A: You've got it wrong! It doesn't matter if you're Light or Darkness; it's actually good and evil!

DA: …That's what I mean. I'm the Warrior of the Evil Darkness…

S.A: DarkAkumon…

DA: I know… Even though you're the "fake S.A", you'll always be the true S.A. for me… You possess the pure & gentle heart of that S.A. who saved us long ago…

S.A: DA, you can't just die! Please! We need you!

DA: I just caused trouble to everyone… I killed people in an instant when they oppose my ideals… Worse is that Metamormon was my creator, the one who broke everyone's trust with you…

S.A: …But see DA, you've changed. It doesn't mean that if you're from evil, you'll end up evil too. You can change, DA… You've been a valuable friend so far. Being the Warrior of Light, I-

DA: …So you're saying that… you decided to replace the real S.A…?

S.A: I mean…

DA: …GAAAH! [holds her wounded part] *gasp, gasp*

S.A: Hold on! I'll heal you DA!

DA: [looks away] …

S.A: (Is that S.A. trying to confess the whole truth now…?)

Taichi: [holds DA's hand] DA, you okay? Please, you didn't do anything bad… I… I'm the one who did this to you… I'm such a fool…! Don't give up! *sob* I should have been stabbed instead! If I can only change our situations! (If I could have done this with Hikari before…)

S.A: Fools. And I say that you're the biggest fool Taichi. SHAME ON YOU! YOU KNOW WHY?

Taichi: !

Rydia: …!

Takeru: [sweats] …

Diamond's Dracomon: [holds Rydia's hand tightly] …!

S.A: Heh… Hehehehehe… Heheheheheheheheheh!

DA: [breathes shallowly] *gasp… gasp…*

Rydia: Just a little longer, Onee-san

Takeru: What's so funny S.A?

S.A: Here you go then… The truth is…


Rydia: You serious? Onee-san is…!

Takeru: It… It can't be!

Diamond's Dracomon: So… S-so… DA-sama is actually…

Frozen in place, Taichi struggled to face the truth. The truth that he killed DA… His best friend, and was revealed to be his sister, Hikari. He was shivering. He looks like he was about to cry- no, not just cry; he was about to bawl. It was indeed Taichi's biggest mistake…

Taichi: [slowly looks to DA with teary eyes] …Hikari? I killed… my imouto?

S.A: MUAHAHAHA! Yes Taichi. I tricked you into killing DA. See?

Taichi: HIKARI! [hugs DA tightly] *sob, sob*

DA: …H-huh…? *cough, cough*

Taichi: I'm so sorry! I-I'll never forgive myself! What have I done?

Takeru: Taichi-san…

Taichi: How I wished that I changed places with Hikari too! *sob* I'M JUST A WORTHLESS HUMAN!

DA: (Me… Hikari?)

S.A: Hehehe… Let me explain!

~ o ~ o ~

-DA's consciousness-

DA: S.A… what's this all about…?

S.A: *Gulp…* [looks away from DA and cries] I… I'm sorry DA… I'm so sorry… I should've told you the truth… I'm so weak…

DA: Why…? I… don't really understand…

S.A: I-it's because… Y-you're Hikari, DA…

DA: Me…? Hikari…? I-impossible… Hikari is the true S.A…*cough, cough*

S.A: But, actually… I… I'm the true S.A…

DA: …You… You're the true S.A…?

~ o ~ o ~

S.A: Hehe, you're right. I'm not actually S.A… again.

Taichi: You… *sob* Are you that darn METAMORMON AGAIN?

S.A: Let's see… [transforms into Metamormon] MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Indeed, you're right my boy.


Metamormon: Oh really? But remember; I can't copy humans.

Taichi: Then… how did you do that?

Metamormon: Simple; I stayed in DA for a long time, didn't I?

Takeru: Y-you did… I saw you inside DA's mind, controlling her…

Metamormon: Oh yes. And over time, I get to copy S.A. too. Didn't you know that S.A. adapted her look from Hikari?

Takeru: F.A's like that too…

Rydia: Really? So if I remove F.A's eyewear, your true identity will be revealed…

Metamormon: Very good! Hahaha, you guys are smart after all.

Taichi: You… You darn hypocrite… I'll never forgive you for this! When will you stop hurting my sister?

Metamormon: After I finish my plan, that is.

~ o ~ o ~

-DA's consciousness-

S.A: I'm sorry again DA… I lost courage to say it to you since the start…

DA: S.A…

S.A: B-but, I gotta tell the whole truth to you now, DA…


The Dark Ocean… The scary place Hikari was truly afraid of. Who knows that Parallelmon's portal leads to that world…
S.A. fell on the seaside, very weak from the last battle and the darkness surrounding her… At that state, she's almost going to die.

S.A: [weakly] Nngh… Where… am I…? I feel… darkness… Wait, there's an ocean nearby… Isn't this…?
T-the Dark Ocean…? I… can't move… I feel like it's my end… But I need to stop Metamormon first… I can't… die now…
[vision slowly fades]

Meanwhile, Metamormon suffered the same fate. He was not too far from S.A, with the water reaching him.

Metamormon: Cursed fool… That S.A's making my head steam… Grr, if it wasn't for her, I'll never end up here… Grr…
And my data… I'm disintegrating… This… This can't be!

A dark figure from afar started to talk in a deep, monstrous voice.

?: What made you loiter here in my territory? If you don't wish to get out of here, we shall force you to do so, or consume you for power…

Metamormon: Gaaah… don't you know me? I am… the shapeshifting Metamormon… Don't you know that… I can defeat you in one go…?

?: How dare you say such thing, outsider. I am Dagomon, the master of this ocean.

Metamormon: Hrr…

Dagomon: Now, leave, before my minions feed on your dark soul. I know, you are weak at this state, but we shall actually be hospitable enough to help you from the start. Now that you showed disrespect to me, you shall die before me!

Metamormon: (Help me eh?) …W-wait, I don't mean anything wrong… P-please forgive me!

Dagomon: Hmph, you can't fool me that easily. Hangyomons, get him!

Hangyomons: GWAAAH![grabs Metamormon]

Metamormon: Please, listen! I… I have something to say!

Dagomon: …Hold on him for much longer. I need to make sure he doesn't get away with this.
Blurt it out!

Metamormon: Nngh… Look… Look to your right…

Dagomon: Hmm?
…Another Digimon? Well, go on then.

Metamormon: Did you know that… she is the Warrior of Light, SereneAngewomon? She… she's the one who actually plans…to overthrow you!

Dagomon: Oh, I see. SereneAngewomon, hmm? I think I've heard that name before.

Hangyomon: From as far I can remember, she chose the Child of Light as her partner.

Dagomon: Are you sure? Then what can I do for you?

Metamormon: I… want your help to stop her… My power… is scarce…

Dagomon: Then help I will. Let my darkness aid you.

Metamormon was given the Dark Ocean's unique power of Darkness… He regained his strength and went to stop S.A. once and for all.
With the darkness he gained, he used it to transform himself into a gas-like form. He changed his voice into a rather gentle one, in which you can't suspect it to be evil in any way.

S.A: Ungh… My vision… it's getting blurred… I… can't stay for long… If I don't finish him, I…

Metamormon (voice): You need help, my friend?

S.A: Who… who are… you?

Metamormon: I'm here to help you… I can grant anything you want… ANYTHING

S.A: Are you… s-serious…?

Metamormon: Go on, it seems that you're rather weak, hmm?

S.A: Y-yes… I'll give my wish now…

Metamormon: (You have fallen for my trap! Hehehe… HEHEHEHEHEH!) What is it that you wish, my friend?

S.A: (I don't know if I'm doing this right, but… I have no other choice for now…) I… I want to get stronger…

Metamormon: Oh, strength! A perfect choice.

S.A: I… I'm weak, you see… If I'm strong enough… I shouldn't have wounded up here… *sob*

Metamormon: Oh, don't be sad now. Here, I'll lend you my power… Let's fight together!

S.A: Your… power…?

Metamormon: Yes… [envelops S.A.]

S.A: My body… I can move now! [stands up] But wait… m-my hand…! Darkness?

Metamormon: Yes lass… I'm giving you the powers of DARKNESS.

S.A: Stop this… STOP! AAAAH!

A dark aura consumed S.A… She tried to resist, but the darkness Metamormon got from the Dark Ocean was too strong for the Warrior of Light. With that Metamormon was deemed successful with his clever plan…

S.A's form drastically changed after being consumed… She gained a black mask with red markings, losing her eyewear and exposing her crimson eyes now. Her light-green diamond armor was replaced with hand guards with blades on it and gained a black glove. Instead of a bow and arrow, she got 2 swords, a gun and a mini-bomb pack on her belt. Her once light-green & pink colors were changed into black & gray… Worse, her element of Light is now the Element of Darkness…

S.A: Why do you need me to use darkness? I'm the Warrior of Light… and Darkness is evil!

Metamormon: Trust me. It won't hurt using Darkness now, right? Without me, you're helpless.

S.A: W-well… (…He's right. I'll be dead by now if I didn't get help from that voice… If I want to get strong for my friends… it doesn't matter if I use darkness.)
…I accept. Arigatou, for helping me… I owe you a lot.

Metamormon: (Muahahaha! Baka. You don't know that I'm going to use you now in my plans, hmm?) From now on, I'll be staying inside you. I'll be guiding you from this point on. You know, like a partner.

S.A: Guide me…? I-I can go myself.

Metamormon: But do you know how to get out of here?

S.A: Actually… I don't.

Metamormon: Too bad. But I know the way, my friend. To the Real World.

S.A: Real World?

Metamormon: Yes… Shall we? Since you're the one in control of this body, just raise your hand up and put it up to the sky. I'll do the rest.

SereneAngewomon raised her hand in the sky, calming herself and closing her eyes. The voice then used its power to open a portal to the Human World.
…It was actually a power of Parallelmon left in Metamormon…

~ o ~ o ~

-Odaiba, Japan ~Night~-

The time S.A. got back, everything from the battle of Metamormon & S.A. was erased from the scene. Though the people greatly felt sadness for S.A's "death" after that…

S.A. landed on building's rooftop. Looking through the horizon, she stood still for a while and thought about something.

S.A: They… They were sad for me…? But I… I'm not that strong, am I?

Metamormon: What is it? Something bothering you?

S.A: N-nothing… It's just that the people actually cared about my "end"… I didn't expect them to be like that, seeing that I'm not such a strong creature…
But I remembered what my partner said…
A true warrior's power isn't only measured by brute force… It is how strong the person's heart is to resist evil".

Metamormon: But you're also nothing without force. And that's what you wanted, right?

S.A: Yeah… The strength of the heart isn't enough for me… So I asked it from you, for me to help my friends in danger now too…

Metamormon: Such a nice Digimon you are. Say, would you give your name, partner?

S.A: I'm… SereneAngewomon, or S.A. for short. And you?

Metamormon: Aah, well… I don't have a name.

S.A: Oh… Maybe I'll give you a name then?

Metamormon: No need… But, my friend, from this day on, you are not S.A. anymore.

S.A: What… do you mean?

Metamormon: You're starting a new chapter of your life since you changed form. You have changed, my friend! You are a newborn Digimon from the Darkness! And this is a chance to prove your worth! Don't you agree?

S.A: Y-yes… You're right…

Metamormon: And now, you shall be called…"DarkAkumon."

S.A: [hesistatingly] Dark… Akumon? But aren't those words from "Darkness" and "evil"?

Metamormon: Remember; you are reborn as a warrior of darkness. Now, you are to be known as DarkAkumon, the Warrior of the Evil Darkness!

S.A: Evil… Darkness… (Again… I don't need to be scared. With this voice's help, we can do anything!)

Metamormon: Now, sally forth, and redeem yourself! Make yourself known as the strongest of them all! Muahahahaha!

-End Flashback-

Metamormon: Muahahaha! Now, you know how I did everything according to my plans, hmm? And how I survived that situation too.

Taichi: You… You tricked Hikari! GRAAAH! [runs to punch Metamormon]

Metamormon: [pushes Taichi] Whoops!

Rydia: You're playing dirty Metamormon!

Diamond's Dracomon: So S.A. & DA… are just one?

~ o ~ o ~

-DA's Consciousness-

DA: N-no way… I… don't remember a thing, S.A… I don't remember a thing about my past…

S.A: That's because you're a different personality, DA… Metamormon forced the two of us to separate… I mean, he kept me from being in charge by separating my mind from my body… and he gave my body a consciousness of its own.

DA: And that consciousness… was me.

S.A: Sorry if I kept everything from you, DA. I'm too-

DA: Don't say that. You're a lot stronger than I am… What you said about true strength is right… And you possess true strength, S.A.

S.A: But, DA, you're strong too!

~ o ~ o~

Metamormon: Oh, and I remembered. Poor DarkAkumon, hehehe…


Diamond's Dracomon: Why Metamormon? Do you possess her pure heart that cannot be stained by evil?

Rydia: Did you even try to resist the freezing cold weather just to ask forgiveness from a very close friend?

Takeru: And most of all; do you have the true heart of a Warrior?

Metamormon: Enough nonsense! Devotion? Purity? Heart of a Warrior? Hmph, I don't need them all! A strong Digimon has to be powerful in any aspect! A Digimon should be unbeatable, and undefeated in a battle! The Original DarkAkumon grew up that way, but you humans…! You wrecked my plans! YOU CHANGED HER!

Taichi: Nope. She changed on her own. In fact, you can never stain Hikari's heart. That's the truth, accept it!


Everyone paused for a while.
Metamormon was right; who will save them now, since their last wall of defense, DarkAkumon, was brought down?

Takeru: Who… will save us?

Rydia: We… we don't know… Dracomon's all tired… I can't let him battle now.

Diamond's Dracomon: But even if I Warp Evolve as Slayerdramon, it's not enough… Since I absorbed my brother, he's gone forever…

Metamormon: Do you have what it takes to stop me? MUAHAHAHA!

Taichi: We… we can't lose now! There's a way for this, right?

Takeru: Yes, but…

-DA's Consciousness-

S.A: You… you have the power to stop Metamormon, DA. Just believe in yourself…

DA: Stop my master…?

S.A: Yes DA! For me, you're the strongest Digimon in the world!

DA: …How will I be the strongest if I'm a Warrior of the Evil Darkness…

S.A: You've got it all wrong DA… I was the same way too before.

DA: …

S.A: Actually, my belief about Light being good and Darkness being evil is totally wrong… It doesn't mean that if you're part of the dark, you're evil… Sometimes the Light can be evil too. Like Metamormon changing shape into my Shining Form for example… And you being the good one, even as a Warrior of Darkness…

DA: …But, you don't know what will actually happen if I finish Metamormon…

S.A: Huh? What's the matter?

DA: I… I will…

Metamormon: Oh, pitiful Warrior of Hope. He's falling into desperation! MUAHAHAHA!

Takeru: Taichi-san, i-it's no use. Even if we join forces with everyone, we'll lose!

Taichi: B-but, if we don't do anything, Hikari will…!

Rydia: Onee-san is strong! She'll never give up that easily!

DA: *cough, cough* R-rydia…

~ o ~ o ~

-DA's Consciousness-

S.A: You will…?

DA: S.A, I don't really want to say this but… Either way, I'll die…

S.A: H-how, DA? You can't say that now…

DA: Metamormon is my creator… Without him, I'm nothing.

S.A: But he's just the one who made you! It doesn't matter if he gets deleted, right?

DA: N-no… I depend on Metamormon's power… He's the one who powers me to live. Without him, I'm lifeless…

S.A: Do you mean that… if we defeat Metamormon, you'll disappear too?

DA: [looks away] …Y-yes… G-gomenasai…

S.A: DA, no…!

DA: But S.A… Please do your best…

S.A: DA? I-I'll make sure you'll stay! I'll do everything to save you!

DA: I appreciate it S.A… But that's reality… You have to accept it. And now, I'll be stopping him… once and for all!

S.A: N-no, DA! It's my duty to protect the innocent! And you're part of it, DA!

DA: … *sob* [hugs S.A]

S.A: Y-you're crying… [hugs DA, and rubs her back] Aww, I'm here… I'll support you… No matter what happens, I'll be here rooting for you. Remember that DA…

DA: …Thanks. *sob* Yes, I will. Do your best, S.A… you're strong. Please, live on for me…

DarkAkumon decided to go back to the battlefield and finish the fight between her & Metamormon. She turned around and started to walk away…

S.A: [grabs DA's arm] W-wait, don't go yet!

DA: [looks back] Huh?

?: [running] DarkAkumon!

DA: H-hey, you seem familiar…

?: *huff, huff...* It's me, Hikari!

DA: H-hikari? B-but, h-how did you…?

Hikari: Like S.A. said… you're a different entity, and that's the same for me and S.A. too.

DA: O-oh… Why did you come here so late?

Hikari: I'm sorry… But I want you to know that I care for you, DA. I admire you…

DA: Me…?

Hikari: You're a lot better than me & S.A. I dragged S.A. into this danger… I was a coward. But you're not scared of doing anything to save your friends…

DA: You two are Legendary Heroines. Don't say anything like that because you deserve to be known as heroines.

Hikari: Arigatou… You truly are a great friend DA. I wish you the best… even if you'll fade away after this battle.

DA: [nods her head] Un. Regards to you… Warriors of Light.

As DarkAkumon was about to leave S.A. & Hikari for good, she bid her final goodbye with her Light counterparts. After she left, tears were seen on the ground where DA last stood on before leaving.

Rydia: O-onee-san…? Are you still with us?

DA: *cough, cough* Y-yes… Rydia… Please help me stand… [tries to stand up]

Rydia: But you're weak!

DA: Don't mind me… just do me a favor…

Rydia: O-okay… [grabs DA's hands & helps her stand up]

DA: M-Metamormon… This is not over yet…

Metamormon: Such an insolent Digimon. Almost dying but still wanted to fight. Do you want me to end your life once and for all?

DA: [weakly] I… don't care if I disappear… Either way, it's what's going to happen to me… So I'm going to end this… NOW!

Taichi: Hikari, what are you…?

DA: Taichi… don't worry.
…Everything will be fine… Everything will go back the way it was… and you'll reunite with your sister again…

Taichi: B-but, I can't let you sacrifice yourself again!

DA: …Trust me… You'll know what I mean… *cough, cough*

Taichi: Hikari… HIKARI!

DA: Use… your remaining powers… as S.A… Metamormon…!

Metamormon: Light? Hmph, well then! Here you go! HRAAAAGH! Infinity Zwei Hander!


Takeru: You can't do this Hikari! *sob* No…

Diamond's Dracomon: *sob* DA-san!

Shining brightly on the Warrior of Darkness, the final traces of S.A's power left in Metamormon ultimately defeated DarkAkumon… And even destroyed her. Though DA did it for a certain reason…

The darkness on her body faded away. However, what's left is S.A's true form, the pure form of DA without that darkness… The twist is that S.A. was dressed in all-white clothed and gained wings like an angel, with a matching skirt worn over pants and a sash.

Diamond's Dracomon: Wait, she didn't disappear!

Rydia: She's… purified?

Takeru: …Isn't DA S.A's dark form? So that's why DA wanted Metamormon to attack her with light! To purify her!

Taichi: So Hikari's still alive? H-HIKARI! [catches S.A.]

S.A: [opens eyes] Matte… O… Onii-chan? (Why am I all white?)

Taichi: Thank goodness you're safe! [hugs Hikari]

S.A: Y-yes Onii-chan! (Is it… because of DA's power?) And now, to finish what DA started…

Metamormon: This… this is impossible! How could you survive that attack even if that's your biggest weakness? And you're back to being SereneAngewomon too, in a new form!

Takeru: She was purified from the darkness, that's why! She wasn't hurt at all!

S.A: This form makes me feel fresh & invigorated… I feel stronger than before! Sugoi!

Metamormon: This is insane! You cannot defeat me in any way! GRAAAH!

S.A: I shall call this… Ophani Mode!
Don't be so foolish, Metamormon! I know your copying ability is long lost, so you can't do anything to copy me and become stronger!

Metamormon: You… how dare you say such thing! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! [changes into S.A. Shining Mode]

S.A. OM: Let's see what I can do in this form of mine! Haaah!

DA: S.A… Believe in yourself!

S.A. OM: (DA?)

DA: I'm not going to stay long… but you can do it S.A!

S.A. OM: (Hai! Arigatou, DarkAkumon! I must not lose… I can't afford to waste DA's efforts to save everyone!) This is it… this is the final chance that I can finish this once and for all! Holy Serene Arrow!

S.A. SM: [runs sideways on a building's wall] You think I'll give up that easily? Zerstören Arrow!

A tremendous blast occurred at the site, with each S.A's attacks clashing each other! Whose attack will turn out victorious at the end?

S.A. OM: Nngh! I won't give up!


Taichi: Hrr… Hikari, you can do it! This is the chance you've been waiting for! Iku zo!

Rydia: Even if you've changed form, I know you're still my same Onee-san… I'm rooting for you!

Takeru: I'll go help you, partner! Fusion Spirit Evolution! FighterAngemon Blazing Mode!

S.A. SM: Hrr, you're no chance for me, pipsqueaks! You may be more than me, but my power is even greater than YOURS!

F.A: Don't listen to every word she says! I'll do everything to help you, S.A! Burning Lance! HRAAAGH!

S.A. OM: Thank you, all of you… You're the reason why I'm still alive today… And now!


S.A. OM: Yatta! We're winning, F.A.!

F.A: I'll give the finishing blow! AAAAH! [bolts through the impostor]

Using his "Blazing Fist" attack, he & S.A. Ophani Mode's force managed to take down Metamormon with one shot!

F.A: GRAAAH! Blazing Fist!

S.A. OM: Nice shot F.A!

F.A: [winks at S.A. with thumbs up] Hehe! No prob, S.A!

S.A. SM: GRR… GRRRR… GRAAAAAAAAAH! You… you'll pay for this… I won't forgive you…

F.A: You're just nothing but a loser now. Give up already!

S.A. SM: I'll never give up to the likes of you! WEAKLINGS!

Rydia: Dracomon? [snaps]

Diamond's Dracomon: Baby Breath!

S.A. SM: No… NOO! [disintegrates into data] Remember this cursed humans & Digimon… YOU'LL GO DOWN IN THE END! [fades into the air]

S.A: We're… safe again! (Thanks to you, DA…)

F.A: Yeah… Finally back to the old days, isn't it?

Taichi: Yeah, great job guys! You too, little guy. [pats Dracomon on the head]

Diamond's Dracomon: Hehe, it's nothing, Taichi-san.

Rydia: Yay! We're safe again… Thanks to Onee-san!

S.A: Oh? My body's glowing!

Her bright aura that enabled her to transform into Ophani Mode was released from her body, spreading over the place like a rain shower. It was such a rare & beautiful sight to see…

S.A: I… reverted back to my normal form. What just happened…?

F.A: [reverts back to Takeru] It's… mysterious. Though it feels very warm at least.

Rydia: How about the Spirits you & Metamormon got from the others, Takeru-san?

Takeru: Agunimon & Lobomon? They automatically returned to their owners. No need to worry about that!

S.A: Hey, isn't that Agumon?

Agumon: Taichi… TAICHI! *sob* [glomps on Taichi]


Agumon: You don't know how it feels to be absorbed & USED by a baddie! It's hard, you know?

Taichi: But I'm glad you made it up to now, Agumon! I thought I lost you for good! Don't worry, later we'll celebrate!

Agumon: YAY! YAY!

Takeru: Say… how'd you get back Agumon?

Agumon: Well, I just appeared out of nowhere when that light spread over the place, see…

Takeru: Interesting…

Rydia: Hehehe, what a cute partner you have there Taichi-san!

Agumon: Thank you! Hihihihi!

?: Rydia!

Rydia: Huh…? Who's that?

Diamond's Dracomon: T-that's my brother!

Rydia's Dracomon: RYDIA! *sob* [hugs Rydia with tearful eyes]

Rydia: My… my Dracomon… *sob* [hugs her Dracomon back]

Diamond's Dracomon: Brother, I'd never thought you'll be back… I thought you were gone forever…

Rydia's Dracomon: Nah, that light brought me back here. I wouldn't want to leave you two alone right? Hehehe!

?: Rydia, nice to see you again.

Rydia: [turns sideways] And you are…?

?: Don't say you've forgotten about me now, hmm?

Diamond's Dracomon: R-rydia-sama! I can't believe it! She's alive! Diamond!

Diamond: How are you Rydia? [holds Rydia's hand] Did you get stronger in the way? And my Dracomon, I missed you!

Rydia's Dracomon: EH? I didn't know you were right behind me!

Rydia: O…nee-san… [hugs Diamond]

Diamond: I wonder how that light revived me… but I'm glad I got to see you again, imouto. *giggles*

Rydia: Aww, onee-san… I have another onee-san that I treat just like you!

Diamond: Yep, I know. [looks at S.A.] You, right? Thank you for taking care of my dear little sister…

S.A: A-aww, it's nothing. But to be honest, I'm not really your "Onee-san", Rydia…

Rydia: Huh? Whaddaya mean?

S.A: I… I'm sorry if I destroy our festive mood at this time, but… I have some bad news guys. Very bad news…

Takeru: Why? There's nothing wrong here, right?

Taichi: Hmm… Wait, since you're DA too, let's tell everyone that you're the one that proves that Darkness always isn't evil!

S.A: T-that's what I'll be talking about… DA… DA is…

Rydia: [hugs Diamond] *gulp*…!

S.A: She… she's gone…

Taichi: B-but wait! You two are one and the same right?

S.A: DA… She's a separate entity… She's a Digimon on her own…

Rydia: S-so, you mean that… Onee-san is…

S.A: Yes… She died to revive me… I can't do anything to save her… Either way, she'll disappear… Gomenasai…

Rydia: N-no! *sob*

Diamond: R-rydia… Don't worry, I'm here now…

Rydia: But, she… she's like you, Onee-san… She reminded me of you, and… and…! *sob*

Diamond: I-I feel bad for her… I wish I could see her too. I want to thank her for taking care of you while I'm gone…

Diamond's Dracomon: DA-san did the same thing you did last time… She took the risk instead…

Rydia's Dracomon: T-that's unfair! It's that S.A's fault! GRAAH! [runs towards S.A.]

S.A: W-wait, Dracomon!

Diamond's Dracomon: [pulls his brother's tail] She's the true S.A, and the one we fought is just the old impostor of hers, Metamormon!

Rydia's Dracomon: GYAAAH! …Oh, my bad. Hehehe…

Taichi: Let's light a candle for DA… She deserves to be remembered for her deeds.

Everyone was silent, and took a candle. They lighted it to pay respect to DA… She was indeed an innocent soul that deserved to be saved, but died instead…

-Weeks Later…-

Taichi invited all of his friends to celebrate the fall of Metamormon & the return of Hikari. The thing is that their Digimon ate all the food in the party!
Everyone was there; the Chosen Children, the ones who can Spirit Evolve, and even Rydia & Diamond! Of course, along with their Dracomons too.

V-mon: Hey, that's my food!

Armadimon: That's mine, da-gya!

Iori: Uhh, Armadimon, we have lots of sashimi made back at home…

Armadimon: Then let's go home now da'gya!

Agumon: Hey! Who ate the watermelons?

Wormmon: [in a corner, with watermelon seeds on his face] Oh boy, I got caught!


Gabumon: Dog food? Oh please Yamato, for the last time I am not a dog… [cries in a corner]

Yamato: Ahehehe… Well, cat food for you then!


Tailmon: These guys are crazy…

Patamon: Indeed! Well, this thing is soft and yummy!

Takeru: Patamon… Please stop chewing on my hat…

Patamon: Oops, sorry!

Hikari: Nice to see all of us having fun again, eh?

Taichi: O-oi! Why the heck are you stealing my steak, Daisuke?

Daisuke: I got this first! Go hunt one for yourself!

Taichi: [steams] WHY YOU!

Miyako: Mmm! I love cakes! Bingo bingo!

Hawkmon: Could I have one too, Miyako-san…?

Miyako: Sure, why not?

Hawkmon: Arigato ne!

Ken: Wormmon, you okay…?

Wormmon: Please, please hide me from Agumon! He's going to eat me!

Agumon: WORMS!

Wormmon: AAAAAAAH!

Piyomon: Hey, did someone say "Worms"? I'm in!

Wormmon: Not even you!

Mimi: Eww, worms! But to be honest, I like gummy worms!

Palmon: Personally I love worms! They give me nutrients, see?


Jou: Worms… just… make… me… barf…

Gomamon: H-hey! D-don't say you'll…! WAAAH! [pushes Jou towards the comfort room]

Sora: Stop that, Piyomon…

Piyomon: Aww, I wanna eat more!

Takuya: It's surely harder to have a Digimon Partner, eh? Seems they're getting stressed out feeding them…

Zoe: [whispers to Takuya] Yeah, like the fat boy here who loves chocolates…

J.P: I just can't resist eating these things! Yum!

Tommy: See? He sure acts like the Digimon partners!

J.P: I heard that!

Kouji: Hey, eat up, nii-san.

Kouichi: I'm full. Don't worry about me.

Rydia: Hey, are you two twins?

Kouji: O-oh… Yeah.

Diamond: I'm her older sister, Diamond. Nice to meet you here!

Rydia: I'm Rydia, and we both have Dracomons as partners!

Dracomons: Hi there!

Kouichi: The 6 of us here use Digi-Spirits to fight, instead of Partner Digimon.

Rydia: Wow, like Hikari-san & Takeru-san? Cool!

Hikari: Nice to see you're meeting new friends eh? Oh, and Rydia… I thought you had a Xros Loader?

Rydia: It reverted back to D-3s when Onee-san & I got home! It would be unfair if I'm the only one with the Digivice, doing all the work right?

Hikari: I agree. That's wonderful!

Taichi: Well then, I hope you all enjoyed here!

-Night, Taichi & Hikari's bedroom-

The old days… when Taichi was sleeping peacefully with Hikari in the same room.
Taichi was at the window, staring at the starry night sky for some reason…

Hikari: [wakes up] Onii-chan, aren't you planning to go to sleep now?

Taichi: I will, Hikari… But, sigh… I… I miss DA… *sob*

Hikari: DarkAkumon… She'll always be in our hearts, Onii-chan. Believe in her…

Taichi: She didn't deserve what happened… If she can only be given a second chance…

Hikari: …Daijoubu, she'll be alright. Who knows, maybe she'll come back in time…

Taichi: W-what do you mean?

Hikari: I dunno if this is true… But they say that even if a Digimon's data is dispersed, their soul persists…

Taichi: So DA can still return?

Hikari: We'll know… in due time.

A gentle wind blew in the sky… A black fog was flowing in the air, with "tears" from it being blown by the wind.

…It was actually DA's leftover data.

DA: Thank you, S.A, Hikari, Taichi, Rydia and all my friends… I don't know if I can return, but just continue to believe in what you chose to be… I may not be present physically, but I'll be always in your hearts… I'll say not goodbye, but farewell for now!

And then the trace of data faded into the air… nowhere to be found.

DarkAkumon's data can't stay long in the Real World… but who knows if she is in the Digital World? They can hope. They can believe, right? As long as we believe in everything we put faith in… it will surely come true.

And there's where their tale of trust & believing ends…

~ -THE END- ~


RDvm: Such… a bittersweet ending… *sob*

Me: Who knows? Maybe you'll get back soon, DA.


Me: Sadly, I have no plans to make a sequel for this…


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BTW, S.A. Ophani Mode's Attack, "Holy Serene Arrow", is inspired by an attack of a "Magical Princess" from another anime (specifically a magic shoujo anime). Guess who? xD

I agree with DA & RDvm… such a bittersweet ending, with everyone rejoicing about Hikari's return, Metamormon's defeat, the revival of Diamond and Rydia's Dracomon, while DA died to save them… ! T.T

RDvm: B-but, what will happen next after this? Nothing?

Me: Well… I have some good news at least! xD

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DA & RDvm there are BACK! But it's in a different universe again.


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