Ed noticed things, when Roy got home.

Roy's steps would take just a little longer than they had in the morning. His eyes would skim over a few places where he could sit – rest - but he would always stride over to Ed and lean down to kiss him and say I'm home and those were one of the times where Ed wouldn't have to fight for dominance because Roy would pass it so over to him – but far too easily.

So easily it hurt because during those times, Roy just wasn't Roy. He was too tired to be Roy and Ed could see it more clearly than anyone else. And Ed would bring Roy a cup of coffee when he goes up to finish leftover paperwork, and he would let the concern show in his eyes but not through his mouth, and the man would just give a smile and say thank you, Edward, then carry on with his work. Funny how he had always thought the colonel was a lazy bastard when he was a kid. How ironic that it was only when he became the man's lover that he finally realized how much work Roy did – and Ed could only imagine all the trouble he had put Roy through with all the collateral damage he caused.

And when they were in bed after Ed's persistent nagging and eventual violence, Roy would pull the blonde close to his bare chest and Ed would allow it because if this could help the man sleep better, then this he would give. Roy sacrificed too much (and the man said the same thing to him all the time, telling him to take better care of himself, the fucking hypocrite) – and he loved him so much forthat, even if he wanted to be selfish and steal him from everyone else for a little while and tell him to just rest, because he had done more than enough for today -

But he could only do so at times like these, where Roy at the end of the day was just too tired to move and only had enough strength left in him to pull Ed just a little closer to murmur to him a goodnight and I love you – and Ed would stare blankly at the expanse of skin and screw up his face because Roy shouldn't be like this, too tired for anything else and because he was a good man and why should he take all this crap from everyone else when his aims are for the benefit of everyone - ?

But he just wraps an arm around the very chest he's lying against and murmurs a goodnight and I love you and looks up at Roy because he knows that he has to watch or Roy wouldn't fall asleep, still thinking of strategies and plans for tomorrow. And the man gives of a half-hearted and tired chuckle when he sees Ed's eyes almost shouting at him to just go to sleep, already so he closes his eyes and forces himself to, and when Ed feels the steady thump thump thump of the man's heart under his skin even out, he closes his own eyes and does the same.

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