Well I really don't know where this one came from but it is another ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE –p2 AU and if you haven't guessed by know I am obsessed with that episode.
This has been knocking around for awhile and I kinda figured what the hell and decided to post it and see what happens.
Please read and tell me your thoughts and I know it's short but it picks up in the next chapters and if you would like to see something let me know because ideas are greatly appreciated seeing as the storyline is not set in stone.

I will never delude myself enough to think that I will ever own the show, the guys or even one weapon in the trunk of the impala

Angelic Intervention

Chapter 1: Last Breath; New Life

"SAM!"Dean cried out, tears running down his face as he cradled his brother's lifeless body against his chest, rocking back and forth, his face buried in the crook of Sam's neck as he sobbed, heart wrenching cries ripping through him.
Dean never realized the sudden shift in air, the cold suddenly becoming a few degrees warmer or even acknowledged the silent figure that suddenly appeared next to them.

It was only when a gentle hand touched his shoulder that Dean became aware that he was not alone where he was kneeling in Cold Oak's rain soaked earth.
Dean looked up; eyes' immediately scanning for a weapon, his hunter's instinct temporarily breaking through his sorrow, instantly becoming ready for a fight.

He would be damned if he was going to let ANYTHING take Sam's body away from him. Even if he could not protect Sam when he was alive, he was not going to fail him again in death.

When the man spoke, his voice was calm and gentle, almost soothing and even though the stranger did not look threatening Dean could feel the barely concealed power emanating off of him.

"Do not be afraid of me, Dean. My name is Castiel and I am here to help you"

Before Dean could move or even utter one word in protest the stranger…Castiel… reached out and gently laid his hand over Sam's forehead and his other over the still bleeding wound on Sam's back.

There was this weird, warm glow of light around them for a few seconds, Dean could feel the air pulse with energy and then Dean's heart nearly stopped in shock for the second time that night as Sam suddenly gasped for air…

To Be Continued…. (please let me know what you thought about this and if you would like to read the rest and see where this is going.)