Hand in Marriage by planet p

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Roja was, in fact, delighted for her sister, who was soon to be married to Rishi Kumar. Rishi was intelligent and worked as a cryptologist, but he wasn't just a cryptologist: in fact, he was one of the government's top cryptologists.

Though Roja was a simple village girl, born in the village of Sundarapandianpuram in the Tirunelveli district, she knew that were her sister to accept Rishi's marriage proposal, that things would change for her - and that her future would become, suddenly, bright and exciting. Underneath everything, though, she only wanted to see her sister happy.

She believed that Rishi would make her sister very happy. They were a perfect match for one another. Not only would Rishi make her sister happy, but her sister would, in turn, make Rishi happy to have her as his wife, also, and glad that she was a part of his life.

So, it was to her complete astonishment, and upset, when Rishi asked for her hand in marriage instead. Suddenly, she was angry for her sister. It was her sister Rishi should have been asking, and it was her sister Rishi should have been marrying. But, in the end, her parents finally pressured her into accepting Rishi's offer, and Roja left her little village home behind for Madras and a very different life, married to a man she felt precious little but anger (and resentment) towards, and a professional man at that.

No doubt, all of his time would be spent working, she consoled herself, but this was little reassurance.

It should have been her sister. Now, she wondered if her sister would ever find happiness. If she never did, it would be because of her, she thought. Madras did not charm her, either; she missed Sundarapandianpuram.

She wondered, with a sadness she found hard to shake off, if it would ever get better.