Predicting the Future by planet p

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Veeranna watched the child, Aadi, the son of his good friend, Veera Reddy, and wondered if the boy would ever fully recover from his parents' murders at the hands of Siva Reddy, a man whom Veera had formerly trusted, only to be deceived, and then killed.

When he had left to live in America, Veera's father, Aadi Sesha Reddy, had left the responsibility of managing the 4000 acres of land he owned in Siva's hands. After his father's death, Veera had returned to India, only to find that Siva was misusing his power, and decided that he would donate all of his land to the two thousand villagers living in Rayalaseema. Unfortunately, when Siva learnt of Veera's plan, he grew mad with rage and murdered both Veera and his wife, leaving their eight-year-old son alone in the world.

A cruel fate.

Veeranna had then decided to take Aadi and escape with the boy to Hyperabad where he would, with hope, be able to raise him to be a strong, honest young man.

Twelve years later, Aadi was a playful, fun-loving young man, but also could be hot-tempered. All in all, Veeranna considered that he had done an excellent job, under the circumstances. Aadi was studying in college, and had fallen in love with a young woman named Nandu. Nandu, also in love with Aadi, was studying alongside him. Aadi's education and intelligence would surely serve to temper his sometimes rash moods, Veeranna assured himself.

He was very pleased with the success he had had with Aadi, and was looking forward to a bright, promising future for the young man. That the boy had also found love, he was very pleased about. Nandu would help him a great deal, he predicted. If he had ever felt short of love (or of solid, trustworthy affection because of his parents' loss), Nandu would solve all of that for him.

The future looked good for Aadi.