So I just thought of this idea last night while on my way to dinner. I was thinking, "You know? Nobody ever does a fan fiction with Hiccup being stuck with Snotlout. I wonder what that would be like." So I decided to make this fan fiction to find out what would happen if they were forced to be stuck together. I don't do slash pairings. I only ship Hiccup with Astrid and Camicazi, so…

Disclaimer: I do not own How to Train Your Dragon. But I have watched and read it way too many times this month.

Chapter One: The Contest

Gobber walked slowly up and down the line of Viking children, scowling down at them. He had told the class that he had something special prepared for them for training today, though he failed to specify what it was they were doing. They weren't even at their usual meeting place of the training dome. Instead, Hiccup, Astrid, Ruffnutt, Tuffnutt, Snotlout, and Fishlegs stood freezing and shivering in their coats near of the edge of the forest, their teeth chattering.

"All right kids," Gobber said finally after sizing them up. "Today we're going to take a break from sword fighting and dragon training to learn another essential skill. Survival in the wilderness. One day you might find yourself lost and utterly confused, miles away from civilization with no one around for miles. You will need to rely on your wits and instincts if you are to survive."

"Wait a minute," Snotlout interrupted. "You're saying this as if it's going to happen!"

"It is!" Gobber replied. "You and a partner are going to be thrown somewhere into the woods and you'll have to use your wits if you want to make it back alive." A chorus of complaints followed this, but Gobber ignored them. "And I'm turning this into a competition," he continued. "The first pair to make it back alive and intact gets a reward." This perked everybody's interest.

"What's the reward?" Fishlegs asked excitedly, despite himself. Gobber laughed.

"Stoick and I agreed to let the winners have a full banquet all to themselves while the rest of ya get to eat their small meals and watch in jealousy," Gobber announced. The kids all looked at each other excitedly. "Now, in order to win, you must both return together and alive," he told them. "The point is learning how to survive, and help each other. Now, I shall now pair you together."

"Can we choose our own partners?" Snotlout asked before Gobber could continue. He looped and arm around Astrid's shoulders. "The two of us could pretend we were the last humans on Earth." He gave her a suggestive wink. Astrid glared at him and shoved his arm off of her.

"I wouldn't go out with even if we were the last people in the entire universe!" she growled at him, pressing against Hiccup's side.

"Fine," Snotlout snorted. "But if I ever have a three way, you can't be a part of it." Astrid gave him a disgusted look. There was a pause before Snotlout laughed. "I'm just kidding, yes you can." She continued glaring as he thought for a moment. "Can you bring a friend?" he asked.

Astrid gave a disgusted sigh and rolled her eyes, pressing closer to Hiccup. Then she quickly changed her mind and whirled around, punching Snotlout's lights out.

"As I was saying," Gobber continued, completely undeterred by Snotlout lying unconscious in the snow. "I will be picking your partners. It would be too easy for ya otherwise. Now then…" he looked at his students long and hard, thinking for a moment. "Okay, Astrid, you'll be paired with Fishlegs," he announced. Fishlegs gave a sigh of relief at the thought of having one of the best fighters in the class as his partner. Astrid looked slightly disappointed. "Ruffnutt, Tuffnutt, you'll be a pair." The twins let out long irritated groans and glared at each other. "And that just leaves Hiccup and Snotlout." What little color that was in Hiccup's face drained at that. Of course it would be his luck that he would be stuck with the person who hates him the most. Not only that, if Hiccup died, Snotlout would be the next in line to be chief, since he was his cousin.

"Hey!" Snotlout growled, sitting up straight in the snow. "That's not fair! Why do I have to be paired with Hiccup the Useless? He'll be dead in the first eleven minutes out there! You should at least give me a fighting chance!"

Angrily, Astrid whipped around and punched Snotlout right in the jaw for a second time.

"You'll each be given a Terrible Terror," Gobber told them, ignoring Snotlout. "They are to be used only in emergencies, like if you're so hopelessly lost you could never find your way home, or if one of you is dead or dying, they'll give off a signal so we can find you."

"Well, that's reassuring," Hiccup muttered sarcastically under his breath.

"Other than that, just pretend they're not even there," Gobber finished.

"Wait," Tuffnutt said, stepping forward. "We're not even going to be getting our dragons?"

"No," Gobber growled with a slight sigh. "The point of this test is survival and team work. Not sitting back and letting your dragon do all the work. Are we all clear?" The young Vikings all reluctantly grumbled in agreement. "Good. Now you'll all be blindfolded and mounted on a dragon who will drop you off somewhere on the island. You're job is to make it back in the fastest possible time."

Tuffnutt and Ruffnutt hopped onto their Hideous Zippleback and handed their blindfolds. Astrid mounted her Deadly Nadder before dragging Fishlegs up with her, while already blindfolded. Finally, Hiccup climbed up after Snotlout onto his Monstrous Nightmare. Before they could take off, Toothless scampered over to his friend, cooing sadly.

"Don't worry, bud," Hiccup said reassuringly. "I'll be back before you know it." He didn't feel too confident about that, but he didn't want Toothless to know that. "Try to stay out of trouble while I'm gone, Okay?"

Toothless nodded sadly and stepped back to watch as they put on their blindfolds and the Nightmare took flight. He stood with Gobber for a while, watching them and shifting on his paws restlessly. Hiccup would be back. He was sure of it.

Hiccup had to keep himself from falling off as the bitter wind whipped at his face. He had no idea where Snotlout's Monstrous Nightmare was taking them, since they were blindfolded. In front of him, he could hear Snotlout grumbling to himself, saying how all of this was stupid. Hiccup didn't speak for he was using all of his energy trying not freeze or fall off. Riding a dragon was one thing. Trying to ride it while blindfolded and in the middle of winter was a different thing entirely.

Before long he felt the dragon land and he was forced off its back and into the soft snow below them. Removing his blindfold, he found them in a small clearing in the middle of a forest. Groaning slightly, Hiccup slowly pulled himself to his feet and brushed the snow off his sleeves. Looking around for Snotlout, he found him face first in the snow a few feet away from him, unmoving.

"Uh, Snotlout?" Hiccup called, stepping over to him. A muffled reply was his only answer. Hiccup sighed and carefully prodded his cousin in the shoulder. Immediately Snotlout sat bolt right up.

"Huh? What day is it?" he muttered, looking around dazed. Then he shook his head and came to his senses. He stood and glared at Hiccup. "Great," he growled. "The only thing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere is being stuck in the middle of nowhere with you."

"Yes, because I enjoy being stuck with you," Hiccup muttered angrily as the Monstrous Nightmare left them with a snort.

"Who wouldn't enjoy being stuck with me?" Snotlout replied, puffing out his chest importantly.

"Astrid," Hiccup replied simply in a bored tone. Snotlout glared at him, baring his teeth.

"Just shut up and let's get out of here," he growled, shoving Hiccup in a random direction. "I'm getting hungry. I need that feast and I can invite Astrid to dine with me."

Hiccup rolled his eyes, looking up at the sky. Seeing where the sun was starting to set and determining which way was west, he started off into the woods with Snotlout following him, thinking about his imaginary date with Astrid.

I think that's a good place to end the chapter. Next time, we'll see some of the troubles the three groups will encounter in the forest. And Toothless has a plan up his sleeve. How long will it take before Ruffnutt and Tuffnutt try to kill each other? How will Hiccup will survive against Snotlout? What hidden dangers are in the forest? Who will win? Read and review and I may answer those questions.