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Chapter One:

The light that filtered through the dirty white curtains softy bathed Inare in the glowing moonlight, as she lay on top of her cot. The sweltering heat of the summer had only got worse, making this the fifth time this week that she had struggled to get to sleep. Though, as much as Inare wanted to blame her difficulty of falling asleep on the weather, she knew that she couldn't. The reality of the situation was that the days where getting easier, no longer did her day of training provide Inare with any difficulty or exhaustion. In fact, her training was becoming easier with every passing day. In the time she had been living with Kirno, Inare had now developed the control and skill necessary to complete her training.

This realisation should really have pleased Inare, if not for the knowledge that when Kirno noticed this, she would be on her own again. That's if Kirno hadn't notice already, Inare scowled at the thought.Back then is seemed so simple, but with age came the ability to see the world for what it truly is. The thought of staying with Kirno brought a bit of warmth to her heart. With the world being as it is now, it would be too dangerous for a clan less medic nin, to travel. Especially one with as little experience as Inare has. She couldn't continue to live like this though, taking advantage of the hospitality and training that Kirno had selflessly provided Inare with. But was it so wrong to have a bed to sleep on at night, someone to tell you to clean up after yourself? Wrong to want to have some sort of family setting, irrelevant of how naïve her thoughts where.

"I can't keep living like this" Inare quietly said to herself a she turned around to lie on her stomach, the cot creaking with every movement. The attachment that Inare felt with Kirno was like that of daughter to a mother, but it was more than likely that Kirno felt only that the relationship between Inare was teacher and student. It was clear from the beginning, once she was trained enough that Inare would have to go. Inare had started her training with Kirno when she was only ten years old, she had been wandering around the town of Narineth, begging for food. It was pure desperateness that had lead Inare to attempt at thievery, least to say, that had led to her being caught and beaten by the bread seller she had tried to steal from. Injured and scared Inare stumbled upon Kirno's small farm, where she had collapsed from hunger.

It was while she was being healed by Kirno, that Inare had first witnessed medical jutsu, it was a sight that had scared her at first. Then again it's not every day that a civilian sees open wounds and bruises slowly disappear below a glowing green hand. It hadn't last long though; fascination for medical jutsu quickly took over the fear of it. That had begun Inare's constant pestering, to get Kirno to teach it to her. What should have been a day and night of rest and recuperation, turned into a day and night of 'will you teach me?' and 'please...please'. None of the previously mentioned had any effect on Kirno. Only achieved to increase Kirno's annoyance of Inare. Kirno constant replies of 'you won't be able to do it' and 'I can't teach you what you want' did nothing to turn Inare away. In the end Kirno had finally given into Inare's persistence and agreed to teach her, it had taken two weeks of constantly nagging, but it got Inare what she wanted at the time.

At first Kirno hadn't taught Inare any medical jutsu, only given her tonnes of tasks to do, such as cleaning, fixing, feeding the animals, gardening and others for the whole day. In the evening, when Inare was frustrated and exhausted, Kirno would have her meditate, and search for her chakra. At the time there where many arguments between the two, as Inare felt that Kirno was only using her to keep her house and gardens in order. Developing chakra for Inare had taken her a while, though by the time she was fourteen Inare could successfully do the basics of chakra use such as walk up trees and on water. To develop her control over chakra had taken her a year and a half, in order to achieve that she was given very difficult exercises to build up her control and sensitivity to chakra. The last few years of her training were spent learning medical jutsu. Once she had successfully managed to heal minor wounds on house rats, Inare was then upgraded to healing domestic animals such as pigs and chickens. Eventually Inare went into Narineth with Kirno, to assist her teacher healing the locals. For whatever reason, the story of the unsuccessful thief had been forgotten or never really spread, much to Inare relief, since she hadn't been to the town since she was beaten all those years ago. The town's people constant paranoia of shinobi, did make them quite uneasy whenever Kirno and Inare where around, making it possible for the two to only go down to the town a few times a month.

So now at the grand age of seventeen, Inare felt that she was an adept medic nin, able to heal almost all injuries, multiple varieties of diseases and treat poisons. All of which she had learned in the last few years. Along with what Kirno had taught her, Inare had taught herself a lot about the human body, all thanks to the Kirno's wells stoked bookshelves completely full of medical books and scrolls.

In all, everything that she had learned in the last seven years all made Inare proud of herself, she had come for being a lonely child aimlessly wondering around the country to a grown woman with the ability to help people. That Inare can't fight very well has never bothered her, the thought of hurting or taking another life had never settled well with Inare. The idea of killing someone, made her feel sick. Inare sensed that Kirno seemed to have the same dislike for killing, for when Kirno was told by Inare that she didn't wish to kill a person, Kirno simply smiled.

What Inare really wanted to do was show her appreciation to Kirno, pay her back for all she had done for Inare. How could I ever pay her back though? Kirno has given me the ability to save lives. The skills I required to survive and live.

Inare pushed herself off the cot and sat facing the window. Without making too much noise, Inare slowly proceeded to stand up and walked to the window to look out to the moon. It was a clear night, with no clouds to obstruct the view. As she looked up to the moon, she told herself that tomorrow she would tell Kirno. Maybe by leaving she would be doing Kirno a favour, staying would only be selfish. As hard as it will be, I have to leave, but that still doesn't exactly repay her... will I ever be able to repay her.

With a sad smile she turned away from the window and returned to her cot and lied down on her side. Closing her eyes she drifted in to a deep sleep with one last sad thought. After all... she did give me a reason to live.

Moonlight was seeping through the leaves of the trees, just below on the tree branches a party of five shinobi where travelling on. Madara and his men had just successfully managed to complete the mission they were paid to by a small town leader, and where now jumping from the tree tops to get back to the town. The group of wandering shinobi, they where been paid to 'deal' with, had been pathetically weak. Madara wondered why this town even bothered to use the service of ninja; they could have easily been disposed of by a lynch mob. That the town's people had even considered their pests to be shinobi made him laugh. They were nothing but worthless thugs posing to be stronger than they truly where. Eliminating them hadn't even been worth the large amount of money they were being paid once they arrived back at the town. Which was generally quite surprising that a town as small as the one that they were travelling to was prosperous enough to offer such a large amount to the shinobi.

With that though Madara jumped down from the tree branch, onto the forest floor, and started to walk. The Uchiha shinobi did exactly the same as their leader, with some quick exchanges of glances to confirm all of their confusion they started to walk after Madara. One man walked a little quicker to catch up with the Uchiha leader.

"Madara-sama, is something wrong?" he whispered to his leader.

Without even stopping to address the man, Madara smoothly replied "Nothing at all, there is simply no need to rush back to the town". In actuality Madara was annoyed at this mission, it had all been a complete waste of time. He wouldn't even be on this tedious mission if it wasn't for his brother that had promised quite dramatically to Madara that it would be 'a mission of excitement and a great opportunity to try out those new skills of yours'. Madara growled at the thought of his brother, he would make him regret his little joke when they had returned to the stronghold. Madara had more important matters to deal with.

"H...hai" the man replied confused from his superiors answer. All the men felt the same about the mission they had just completed. Though it would have made more sense for their leader to just want to get to the town, in order to collect the payment, and leave as quickly as they came. Though it would seem as if Madara had something else in mind.

"Do you have some...thing in mind... sir" the same man asked, still only in a whisper.

Hearing the man's whisper Madara continued to walk contempt with ignoring the man, but once a silence had settled Madara was curios to how much he could frighten his men.

"Nothing, as a matter of fact" Some of the men jumped at the shock of the sudden breaking of the natural quietness of the forest with Madara's loud voice, "Is there something that you wish to do?" Madara asked sarcastically as he turned around to face the man behind him as he spoke.

None of the men spoke, they all knew of the power in which this man held. He was a leader of the Uchiha clan for a good reason, and not one of them wanted to be on the other side of his wrath. He was an intimidating figure to them, to the point of utter terror.

"What, no ideas! I'm shocked at how uncreative you all are" Madara stated with a face that showed shock mockingly, still holding the sarcastic tone from before. Turning back around to face the direction they were travelling in, Madara continued talk, still with his sarcastic tone, but with a lot more darkness to. "I, personally, wish to have some fun with the lovely town that we have saved from possible destruction at the hands of rogue shinobi". Madara still hadn't decided what his course of action was going to be, he needn't do so anyway. Matters at the Uchiha stronghold had gotten too repetitive, never anything new or exiting. The town leader was so scared when they went to gather information and the first payment for the mission, it would take nothing to get him to agree to let them do anything they wanted, for a few day of reckless fun. With that idea in mind, Madara came to a sudden halt.

"How about we take a little vacation" It was not a question, but a statement, all his men could see that as clear as day.

"Hai" they replied in union despite how unsure they were of the situation. As much as they were all confused and shocked by their usually stoic leader that would never suggest a vacation. The first though of the men was that it was a joke.

Without another word Madara continued to walk towards their destination, the town of Narineth.