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Carlisle sighed as he stared at his laptop screen, unable, or perhaps unwilling to concentrate. It was truly a perfect day. The rare appearance of sunshine coinciding with the weekend meant the Cullens were free to enjoy a day at home without worrying about calling in to work or school.

He closed the program, knowing he couldn't work on such a beautiful day, and leaned back in his chair, running a hand through his hair.

He could hear his wife moving around downstairs.

"Esme," he whispered, knowing she would hear him. He smiled when the familiar click of her heels on the stairs signaled that she was on her way.

The study door creaked open, and Carlisle's eyes met his wife's as she stepped in the room. She smiled as she walked to where he sat, and lowered herself onto his lap without a word.

She leaned forward and kissed him passionately. It always amazed Carlisle that his wife knew exactly what he wanted all of the time.

He dragged his lips across her cheek, and trailed soft kisses down her neck and over her shoulder as she hovered above him. The chair groaned at the added weight as Esme moved to accommodate her husband's attentions. Carlisle ran his hand across her back, trailing the lightest of touches across her smooth marble skin, causing her to sigh in utter contentment.

"Are we alone?" Esme asked.

"Yes," she replied. "Emmett mentioned something about football."

Carlisle felt all the tension leave her body with the knowledge that they had the house to themselves. He took the opportunity to lift her shirt from her body while still peppering her face with soft kisses.

It was a rare thing for them to be alone in the house together. Usually it only happened on days that followed Carlisle covering someone's night shift at the hospital. Today; however, was a sunny Sunday afternoon, and all the Cullen's intended to take advantage of it.

Carlisle knew exactly how he wanted to spend this sunny day that was momentarily void of the presence of teenage vampires.

As he trailed his lips from Esme's shoulders to her collarbone and down her chest he began to work the clasp of her bra. He felt her stiffen suddenly, becoming tense and pushing back almost imperceptibly.

"What's wrong?"

"Shouldn't we close the door?"

Carlisle laughed lightly before kissing a slow path from the base of her neck to the spot just behind her ear, knowing it would be the quickest way to distract her. Esme moaned lightly and let her head fall back as Carlisle smiled against her skin, knowing her every thought of the world outside had been forgotten.

It wasn't that he wasn't concerned about the possibility of someone walking in on them. It was just that he didn't really care. They had so few moments to themselves during the day, and privacy was such a rare thing in the Cullen home to begin with that the possibility of being interrupted didn't matter all that much.

Besides, everyone had a tendency to listen carefully to the goings on in the house upon entering. Their children would know what they were up to and simply avoid the study for awhile.

It was a carefully orchestrated dance that had been practiced for decades, and was entirely unavoidable in a house full of couples.

Esme's hands began working the buttons of Carlisle's shirt – nimble fingers coaxing each button from its hole with an expertise that could only come from years of experience. Carlisle smiled and gently kissed his wife. It seemed she was now just as uncaring as she that they were exposed to the rest of the house.

Laughter permeated the air through the open window as Esme pushed her husband's pale blue shirt off his shoulders, reminding them of why they loved these sunny days so dearly. The stolen moments of intimacy were nice, but the sounds of their children enjoying the afternoon outdoors, as teenagers should, were better.

His wife kissed a path across Carlisle's collarbone and down his chest, and all thoughts of the rest of their family were forgotten. He stroked his fingers through her hair as her lips trailed a lazy path across his chest, and for a few brief moments the world outside ceased to exist.

They were both so lost in the moment that they failed to notice the sound of the front door opening, or the sound of footsteps tripping up the stairs. They remained enveloped in each other, tuning out the rest of the world, until the scent of freesia and the soft sound of a heartbeat alerted them to the presence of another.

Esme barely had time to get her shirt on before Bella appeared in the doorway holding her obviously swollen left hand in her right, and wearing a look of shock on her beet red face.

"I'm sorry," she said, obviously embarrassed.

Carlisle had to suppress the urge to laugh as Esme smiled against his shoulder. Interruptions were such a common occurrence in the Cullen household it was hard to feel anything but amused when it happened.

"What happened?" he asked as Esme slid to the floor.

"I tripped over one of the boulders by the river and landed wrong on my wrist."

"Let me go get you some ice for that, Bella, while Carlisle takes a look," Esme said, before slipping from the room.

Carlisle smiled slightly as he gestured for Bella to sit on the oversized couch. He shrugged back into his shirt, trying to pretend that his wife's bra was still behind the chair. It would only exacerbate Bella's awkwardness if he were to lead her to the desk.

Esme returned several moments later with a Ziploc bag full of ice. She handed it to Carlisle before bending to place a kiss on Bella's head and leaving the room once more.

"I'm sorry I interrupted. Emmett said you were up here working."

Carlisle smiled and shook his head, trying not to laugh. "I'm afraid my son was having a little fun at your expense. He knew exactly what we were doing."

Bella blushed bright red, and looked down. "Great," she whispered.

Carlisle lifted her hand to examine the injury. "Don't worry, Bella. Things like that happen almost every day in this house."

She shifted in her seat and Carlisle could tell she was still deeply humiliated. She was only weeks away from her own wedding, and hopefully would become a vampire soon after. She was undoubtedly thinking about the possibility of this happening again in the future.

"Is Esme embarrassed?"

"No, Bella. We're both used to being walked in on. Despite their advanced hearing, our children rarely pay attention. We knew the danger in letting the door stay open. Trust me, Bella, once you've been walked in on several times you won't be nearly as self-conscious about doing it to the rest of us."

Bella laughed and Carlisle felt some of the humiliation seep out of the room.

"This," he said, lifting her arm, "Is nothing serious. You likely just bruised the bone. Keep some ice on it for about the next hour and you'll be just fine."

"Thank you," Bella mumbled as she gathered the ice to her wrist and slipped downstairs where the rest of the family gathered.

Carlisle descended the stairs several moments later to find the rest of his children gathered in front of an early Elvis movie they had just started watching.

"So," Emmett said, from his spot beside Rosalie, "Bella finally has her first interruption story."

Carlisle sighed as he took his place on the couch beside Esme and pulled her into her arms. Emmett immediately began to regale Bella with the story of his own first interruption as the movie began to play in the background. Carlisle didn't even try to hide his smile as he thought of each of his children and of all the painfully awkward moments that had been interrupted over the years.