When I woke up one sunny Monday morning, the first thought to run through my head was I wonder what's for breakfast, followed by Strange, my clothes feel baggier than before and ending with Perhaps I have lost some weight; a quick check in the mirror should do me some good. Just my luck, the chain that connected my wrist to Light-kun's was long enough for me to reach the bathroom without disturbing him from his slumber.

After I finally looked at my reflection, I had to suppress a scream by biting most painfully on my knuckles; my hair was much neater, I no longer had a hunch, the bags under my eyes were nonexistent, and my face was rounder and more child-like. Not knowing what to do, I absolved to scurrying back into the room and shaking Light-kun awake.

"What do you want, Ryuuzaki?" he mumbled, though it came out sounding so sleep-laced it was more like "whadyawanRyuuzaki?" Ignoring his refusal to fully wake up, I continued shaking him until he slapped my hands away and sat up, rubbing at his eyes and looking blearily at me. "Alright, I'm up. What do you want?" I waited until he could see me clearly, his sepia eyes widening incredibly at my appearance. "Ryuuzaki, what…?"

"Light-kun," I began, rubbing the back of my neck nervously, "I have a conundrum."

"Well, yeah, I see that. But what exactly happened?"

I inhaled sharply, sucking my cheeks in and biting the inside of my mouth. "It would appear as though I have somehow become sixteen again. If only I knew why…"

"How can you be so sure that you're sixteen?" he asked, eyes roving over my now-teenaged body before catching my own with a questioning glance.

"You know that burn mark on my right palm I told you I received when I was seventeen?" He nodded, and I showed him my unscarred, flawless palm. "Nothing, Light-kun. I fear something supernatural has happened, and I'm afraid you and I will have to travel to England; there are some folks there that might be able to help me sort this out. Normally I would ask if you had any objections to accompanying me, but because of the chain you have no choice. We will be leaving momentarily." Via Light-kun's cell phone, I contacted Watari and asked that he get us tickets for the earliest flight to Heathrow he could.

We helped each other pack before hurrying out the door and to the limo, Watari driving to the airport as fast as possible without breaking any laws. Quickly, he pulled into a parking space as Light-kun and I gathered our things, practically sprinting to the check-in and quite literally sprinting to the gate. Once on the plane, we plopped down into our seats, panting for breath and flushed from exertion. "Ryuuzaki," my companion panted, "you're lucky I'm eighteen. You'd've needed to get permission to fly alone, as you're now a minor. Now, if you wouldn't mind, could you please elaborate as to where we're going?"

"England, Light-kun," I replied, fishing a Kit-Kat bar out of my carry-on and offering a piece to him, forcibly shoving it in his mouth after he refused. "I do believe I said so before we left headquarters, or was I to assume you were actually paying attention when, in reality, you were not?"

Grimacing, he chewed up the candy, swallowing and shuddering before turning to face me again. "Ryuuzaki, I'm about three seconds away from strangling you with this chain," he threatened, jingling said chain menacingly. I opened my mouth to speak again but he cut me off with, "Shut the fuck up. I'm not Kira, so don't bother raising that percentage that you were just about to. Where in England are we going?"

"I cannot tell you the exact location, but what I can share is this: we are going to Wammy's House, an orphanage for gifted children that will train them in becoming the next L should I perish unexpectedly." His face softened after I said 'orphanage,' and he sat back in his seat and listened to me explain. "They are my successors, if you will, and I know that with their help we may be able to figure out what has happened to me and hopefully reverse it. I do enjoy being twenty-five, and being sixteen is no fun; I went through it once, Light-kun, and I'd rather not do so again."

And so commenced one of the longest plane rides I've ever had to endure, but eventually we landed in Heathrow, and thankfully one of the housekeepers at Wammy's was waiting outside the airport with a limo. I thanked her and ushered Light-kun into the backseat, tossing our luggage in the trunk before stepping in myself and closing the door. "Ryuuzaki, why the hell does an orphanage have its own limos?"

"Because we care about the children, Light-kun, and also because Mr. Wammy wants nothing less than the best for my successors," I explained, opening the mini-fridge and greedily wolfing down the slice of strawberry cheesecake I found there. Within no time at all, we arrived at the orphanage, and I tossed Light-kun his luggage while he just stood there and gaped at the sheer size of the building. "Yes, it is quite big. Please close your mouth, lest you attract flies." Growing impatient, I dragged him inside by the chain, hauling both our suitcases behind me as Roger greeted me at the door, instructing one of the workers to bring them to the room we'd be staying in.

"Is this where you grew up, too?" my chainmate wondered, staring up at the ceiling as if analyzing its vast size. Nodding, I tugged on the chain to indicate that we needed to move from the foyer and go search for my top three successors. "So, are we just gonna meander aimlessly until we find whomever it is you're looking for?"

"No, Light-kun," I answered, making my way over to the common room and pushing the doors open, "I happen to know precisely where the three I am looking for are. Matt is in here, sitting on one of the couches and playing a videogame; Near is on the floor, piecing together a puzzle; and Mello is sitting next to Matt, scowling at Near." I described each teen's location without so much as looking into the room, and sure enough they were exactly where I suspected them to be. Light-kun's mouth was open again so I closed it, murmuring, "The power of inductive reasoning is not to be underestimated."

"The blond one scares me," he confessed feebly, latching onto my arm as I rolled my eyes and walked over to the three teens, toting a very unwilling Light-kun with me.

I cleared my throat, alerting the three of them that they were not alone and had company. "Mello, Matt, Near, this is Light Yagami, my, um, friend, who also happens to be a suspect in a case I'm working on. Light-kun, these are my top three successors."

Mello snapped off a piece of the chocolate bar he was eating and raised an eyebrow at the cowering brunet attached to my arm. "Nice to meet you, Lightbulb." He turned to me, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring. "So, who the fuck are you?" he demanded, not recognizing me.

"I am L."

Author's Note: A funny little "altered circumstances" fic for you all because I FUCKING LOVE YOU. I DO. SERIOUSLY. Plus, Meohy said I should write some more teenage!L.

So I complied. And then you ended up with this. :)

Now, what makes it an "altered circumstances" fic? First off, Light is not Kira. Nope. Never was. L was just highly suspicious of him so handcuffed himself to him anyway. Because he's L, and he fucking can. 'Cause he be all epic n' shit like that. :D

Second of all, due to the reason stated previously, L is not going to die, so his successors don't need to take over for him. Ergo, they are still lounging out in jolly ol' England and trying to become first. Or at least, Mello and Near are. Matt really couldn't give a fuck what he ends up as.

Thirdly, and subsequently lastly, it's not "altered universe" because it still takes place within the original universe, just with different circumstances. Yesh.

Expect humor, crack, stupidity, Mello, some scattered language, extreme OOC moments, and plenty of other ridiculously yummy things that you readers scour the expanses of the internets to find.