Helen and John were standing in the abnormally large kitchen of the Sanctuary, getting breakfast for little baby Ashley, who was gurgling in her high-chair.

Just as the couple was about to walk out of the kitchen, they heard a blood-curdling scream, coming from the direction of their baby. Helen gasped and started to rush over to her precious daughter, but was stopped by the cold, hard hands of John, whose eyes had an evil glare to them. He pushed her back up against the wall, and slowly pulled a long, sharp knife out of his pocket. He slowly brought the shining knife closer to Helen, whose eyes were wide.

But when the knife reached Helen's throat, instead of slicing it, the knife went past her and hit the wall. Helen got out of John's grasp, and turned to look at where the knife was. It turned out, there was a huge spider, and John was just trying to kill it.

"John. Next time, just use your hands."