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"Have you seen this girl?"

Jem held out a photograph. Just seeing the smile on Tessa's face caused his heart to contract painfully.

The woman took the photo in her hands.

"Yes" she said quietly. "I saw this girl being led down an alleyway by a boy with black hair"

Jem bit his lip "Where, and when did you see them?"

"Yesterday at one o clock"

The woman showed him the alleyway and walked away. He edged down the alleyway, ears listening for any sound. He missed having Will beside him. At the end of the

alleyway was a dead-end. He kicked the wall in frustration. Where was she? As he turned to go he heard a sound. He stiffened and held still, hoping to hear the sound

again. Then he heard it. A scream. A girl's scream. He knelt down on the ground and scrabbled in the dirt. And straightened up, pulling a trap door open.

His wound was healing. Tessa had spent all night watching over him in case Lilith hurt him again. Will woke up with a start. He looked around the room and tensed as the

door was flung open. Lilith smiled as he saw the two of them on the floor. The demoness's eyes narrowed and she suddenly turned around.

"There is another Shadowhunter here" she hissed.

"Come here Shadowhunter, I can hear you"

Tessa gasped as Jem stepped into view, seraph blade in his hand. His eyes went to hers.

"What do you want with her?" he asked. Lilith laughed.

"Do you really think I would share my intentions with you?" she said coldly.

It happened quickly then. Jem threw his seraph blade.

It hit Lilith and she staggered while Jem grabbed Will and Tessa. But they were knocked to the ground. Lilith drew the seraph blade from her stomach. She smiled. Jem

slashed at her while Lilith screamed "Help me Will!"

Will leapt in front of Lilith, hands out. The blade slashed him on the wrist and he cried out. Jem looked shocked.

Lilith smiled. Then Will grabbed the seraph blade from her and drove it into her heart. Lilith screamed.

"No Will. What have you done?" She snarled at Jem.

Jem shook his head helplessly.

"You aren't strong enough to kill me. Maybe someone will be born, in future generations and they will defeat me. But not you" Lilith whispered. Then she was gone.

Will's knees buckled. He hit the floor with a thud. Tessa and Jem knelt down beside him. Will opened his eyes and smiled.

"I am my own" he said.

He was dreaming of a girl. A girl with beautiful grey eyes. He loved this girl. Then Lilith flashed before his eyes. She laughed and Tessa crumpled to the ground, a red

stain appearing on her clothes. He ran to her and she gazed up at him with blank, unseeing eyes...

Will woke up with a start. He leapt out of bed and landed in a crouch. Then he saw her sitting on a chair with Jem beside her. Will breathed a sigh of relief. Tessa laughed.

Then she smiled.

"You're safe Will. We're safe"

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