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31 – Zagi's Return

Estelle and her friends are so close catching Ragou red-handed. With the corrupt Magistrate panicking like before, they knew they were on the right track; for that track led them to a gigantic room with a huge blastia above them.

"Look like we found our evidence right here." Yuri grinned.

Rita and Karol, awed and amazed by the blastia, were practically racing to beat one another to it as they climbed the stairs to examine it, pushing and shoving to win. Apparently, it resulted in a tie as both mages arrived at the same time as they began examining the blastia.

"Let's see…Strihm, laitos, rockra, fleck…" Karol muttered as he observed what would be considered formulas for the blastia.

"They're just mixing together blastia with various formulas…" Rita continued.

"With these results, it could be possible to control the weather, but how dare they use blastia like this?"

"I know. It's just like with those idiots at Ehmead Hill. They don't have the slightest respect for what they're working with."

Estelle looked triumphant. With undeniable evidence such as this, they can prove Ragou's crimes!

"I'd just love to see the old man talk his way out of this one." Yuri smirked. Turning to the mages, he motioned for them to come down. "Come on you two, you can play with your new toy later."

"We're almost done…" Karol answered, as if in a trance.

"Yeah, what he said." Rita agreed.

Estelle was getting frustrated from their lack of cooperation. "Rita, Karol, now is not the time for this! We need to start the emergency! When we're done, I'm sure Flynn will let you look at it later."

"Okay." The mages replied in unison, not stopping with what they're doing.

"…Are they always like that, mister?" Pauly asked Yuri in confusion.

"When it involves blastia, yeah." he shrugged. When Estelle was about to scold Rita and Karol even further, Yuri stopped her. "Forget it, Estelle. It'll be a long time after they stick their lips off that thing. Let's just begin our job without them."

"Right." She nodded. "Just break something that won't be missed." With that, she drew out her sword and empowering it with her blastia; she began to slice at a support pillar, with the pillar crumbling off some rubble. Yuri just observed her…unorthodox attempt.

"Maybe she's taking this too seriously…" he muttered.

However, unknown to Estelle, her efforts were also interrupting the Genius Mage's concentration, which was greatly frustrating him. Now getting very furious, a fire incantation circle appeared beneath his feet. Rita, who noticed this, immediately forgot about the blastia and ran for cover.

"GRR, GODDAMNIT!" Karol shouted, launching fireballs from his magic.

Rita barely dodged one of the flaming projectiles as she fell on her side. "Hey! What the hell's wrong with you?"


Estelle slowly backed away, frightened by his sudden anger. "Y-Yes, but I don't think we should…"

"What manners. Is this how you behave in someone else's home?"

An angry Ragou was now present with a squad of what appeared to be mercenaries to destroy the intruders. "Time to prove your worth. I want you to dispose of these pieces of filth." he instructed his men. "But take care not to kill that young man." he added, motioning to Yuri. "I need him alive."

"Are you serious?" Yuri scoffed, like this was too easy. "No way you'll beat me like this."

"We'll see about that." one of the mercenaries spoke gruffly.

While Karol kept firing his spells around the palace, Estelle and Yuri were effortlessly defeating any mercenary that picked a fight with them and Rita and Repede protected Pauly from anyone that got too close to them. Ragou was gritting his teeth in anger from the humiliation he was suffering.

Karol looked ready to fire another fireball until Estelle shouted "Karol, stop! We have to leave now!"

"NO! I'M NOT FINISHED!" he yelled as he shoots another fireball. The city girl had to smack his head to stop him.

"Karol, be reasonable! If we stay any longer Flynn will arrive, and I'd rather not deal with him yet."

Karol, now calmer thanks to Estelle's smacking, nodded in understanding. "All right, you got a point. We'll leave."

"Gee, talk about mood swings…" Rita grumbled to herself in annoyance.

All of a sudden, the front door swung wide open, and Flynn and his unit came in.

"…Too late." Estelle sighed from the blonde's quick response from the signal.

"Magistrate Ragou." Flynn began, as if he really was attending an emergency. "We heard some sort of disturbance in your palace. We offer you our assistance."

"Hmph! He's certainly enthusiastic…" Ragou grumbled. 'Then again, I could use him in a way…' "Very well. I accept the offer." Turning to the intruders, he shouted "I want you to arrest those-"

Sounds of glass breaking and a loud roar interrupted him, as what appeared to be a blue dragon broke in with someone riding it, clad in orange armor from head to toe.

"Hey wait!" Rita exclaimed when she took a good look at the new intrusion. "It's the Dragon Freak!"

Acting quickly, Flynn ordered Sodia and Witcher to eliminate the new threat. Flynn and Sodia tried to attack it whenever it got close enough while Witcher fired fireballs at the flying monster. The dragon flew in an upward arc to dodge the barrage of projectiles and while in that arc its rider shot with all his might an arrow the blastia, breaking it.

"Whoa!" Yuri ducked to avoid the swoop of the dragon. "Looks like you weren't kidding about this Dragon Rider, Rita." No response came from her. "Rita?"

Rita looked completely infuriated as she glared daggers at the culprit. 'Boy. If looks could kill that guy's dead meat.' Yuri thought.

"YOU!" Rita yelled at the rider. "You just made a BIG MISTAKE! I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!" She then began to shoot fireballs at the dragon.

Even Karol, who calmed down a few moments ago, joined Rita in her fury. "Just who the hell do you think you are? People like you make me REALLY PISSED!"

However, no matter how fast and furious the fireballs were, the dragon dodged every single one flawlessly. Estelle and Yuri kept a good distance away from the mages. 'It's a miracle that we're still alive with them.' Estelle thought.

Now the dragon retaliated with its own attack by breathing flames out from his mouth, nearly burning the heroes. Flynn cursed his luck as the Dragon Rider made his escape.

Ragou wasn't in a better spot either. His plans were ruined and his palace looked ready to fall apart from the mayhem. "Quickly! Prepare my ship!" he cried.

Fortunately, Estelle noticed him trying to escape. "Oh, no you don't! You're not getting away from me!" She chased after the magistrate with the others following her. No way is he escaping from them!


Rushing outside of the palace, Estelle stopped short in her tracks to talk to the one she and her friends escorted in the palace.

"Pauly, do you know your way home from here?" she asked the boy.

"I think so." Pauly nodded. "You're going to catch that bad guy Ragou, right?"

"That's right. We'll make sure he doesn't get away. Off you go now."

"Okay! Good luck!" And with a smile, Pauly took off to see his parents.

While running to catch the magistrate, Karol couldn't help but comment "Have you guys noticed that it stopped raining?"

"Hey, yeah you're right." Yuri answered as they now noticed that the sun was out with no cloud in the sky. "Looks like that blastia back there really was controlling the weather."

"At least something good came out from that." Estelle sighed in relief.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Rita snapped at Estelle. "Nothing good ever happens if you destroy blastia!"

"Rita now is not the time for this." Yuri spoke sternly to the mage. "We got bigger fish to fry now, so save it for later." Rita silently obeyed.

When the party arrived at the pier, Ragou's ship had just begun to set sail. Time was running out.

"Hah…hah…hah…" Karol panted, already getting tired. "We're…we're not gonna make it…"

"Just hang on, Karol. We're almost there." Yuri encouraged the Genius Mage.

Estelle, spotting a set of stairs meant for boarding ships, decided to use that to her advantage. She climbed it to the top and with the right timing managed to jump onto the ship, with the others following her example.

"Whew…" Yuri sighed, leaning against a wall. "You really are hell-bent on getting this guy, aren't you?" Estelle only nodded. She was so determined to catch the wicked magistrate that she swore that nothing would stop her.

Karol noticed a chest of some sort on the deck; after opening the trunk, he was amazed by what he and his companions saw.

"No way!" Karol gasped. "They're all blastia cores!" Indeed, inside the chest, there were many blastia cores of different sizes and colors.

"Yeah, but why are there so many of them?" Rita questioned to herself.

"I don't really know. I haven't even seen this many back at the laboratory!"

"Hey Estellise." Rita spoke to Estelle. "Maybe this is connected to that thief you're looking for."

"Maybe so…" Estelle thoughtfully spoke. If this is a lead, she's bound to be closer to the blastia thief.

"But didn't our friend back at Aspio say that the one pulling the strings was a huge guy with one eye?" Yuri disagreed. "That doesn't fit Ragou at all."

"Perhaps he's not the only one involved in all of this…" Turning to Karol, Estelle asked hopefully "Karol, would there be an Aqua Blastia in there by any chance?"

After a brief search in the chest, he shook his head "Sorry Estelle. None of them are big enough to be an Aqua Blastia."

'Darn. I thought I was close…'

"Get 'em Boys!"

Few men in blue armor with short swords in hand surrounded the party. Upon another look at their attire, Rita recognized who they were.

"Hey wait a minute! These guys are from the Blood Alliance! They're one of the five master guilds!" she exclaimed.

"So you know about us girl?" laughed one of them. "How flattering. We'll reward ya with a quick death!" After he said that, he rushed to slice her head open. Luckily, Repede acted quicker and pounced on the assailant before he could do anything.

Yuri was fighting two mercenaries at once. Even with their agility, the noble proved quicker than them as he sidestepped and countered every attack. Estelle was in a clash with another mercenary. After dodging his attack, she bashed her shield at his head then finished him with her sword.

As a mage, Rita didn't do too well in close combat. Her speed however, made up for that disadvantage. After sidestepping the vertical swipe, she slammed her book on her foe's head, stunning long enough for her to push him overboard. Wiping her hands off in satisfaction, she murmured to herself "For Blood Alliance members, they're really weak…"

For Karol, his asset in battle was his size; he was small enough to be a hard target to hit.

"Damn it! Stand still!" shouted the frustrated mercenary.

"What, so you can kill me? Like hell!" Karol spat back.

Needless to say, this greatly angered the man to swing with all his might forward his sword at Karol. Fortunately, he dodged the lethal attack, resulting in the weapon getting stuck on the wall. As the man tried to pull the sword out with no success, Karol sighed as he held the strap of his bag. "Looks like it's my turn now."

Charging the aer in his blastia, it began glowing until it was ready.

"Destructive Pain Shot!"

Karol swings his bag at the man, with just enough force to knock him off the ship. After the fight they all spotted a door that most likely lead to the main cabin. As they walked to open, Estelle's sixth sense warned her of danger behind that door.

"Everyone, get back now!"

Not understanding, but heeding her warning, the heroes jumped back, just in time to avoid the door that abruptly opened. The one who slammed the door open was a rough, giant man wearing a red jacket holding a big broadsword in his right hand and in the place of his left hand was what seemed to be a round, golden spiked mace. But what made him stand out was the scar over his right eye. He was the one-eyed giant.

Glaring at the stowaways, he scoffed as if it looked like some kind of sick joke. "Hah! Don't tell me that wimp Ragou was running from a bunch of kids!"

"One-eyed giant… so you're the one hiring people to steal blastia cores for you, aren't you?" Estelle accused him.

"Maybe, maybe not." the giant smirked. Cracking his neck, he continued "You're all a quick bunch, not to mention you got guts too. Who knows? If I met you earlier, you all could've been a part of my guild."

"Gee, how flattering." Yuri flatly spoke. Like hell they were going to join him.

"But it's pushy people like you I have to keep an eye on. Destroys the harmony of the guild, if you know what I mean."

A desperate voice from behind shouted, "Barbos! Stop stalling and destroy them!" That was none other than an angry Ragou.

"Quit whining!" the giant, Barbos, snapped. "I did what you asked me to do. Besides, the knights will be coming shortly. I'd rather not have them constantly hunting my head." Before leaving, he glared one more time at the party and hissed "You better start praying we don't meet again. If we do, you're dead."

Then the giant left to escape on a boat, Ragou unsuccessfully trying to stop him. Seeing as it was useless, he shouted "Zagi, the rest is up to you!" and then jumped on the boat with Barbos. Before anyone could do anything to stop them, the giant cut the ropes supporting the boat, falling on the water and rowed away.

'No!' Estelle thought in anger. 'We were so close!'

"Hey Estellise! We got company!"

Rita's warning got her ready for another fight. A familiar figure walked out of the cabin. One too familiar.

"So who is it? Who's my next victim? I'll kill 'em and kill 'em good!" Zagi cackled, eyeing the group sinisterly, eager for bloodshed.

Estelle's eyes widened when she recognized him. "You! You're the one who attacked us in the castle!"

Upon recognizing his earlier foes, Zagi laughed madly. "Well if it isn't my buddies from the castle! Fancy seeing you here!" Noticing Rita, Karol and Repede, his grin widened. "And you brought friends. Good! Now I'll give you all a painful, bloody death!"

Karol raised an eyebrow at the man's lunacy. "Is this guy's brain in the right place?"

"Seriously? I don't think he has one." Rita deadpanned.

Then without warning, there was an explosion from within the ship, causing it to rock. Ragou and Barbos must've rigged the ship to sink them!

"My blade… it thirsts for blood!" Zagi cried. "It thirsts for your blood!" Then without warning, he leaped with swords unsheathed at Estelle. Fortunately, she was able to dodge it in time, leaving Zagi to instead slice the hull of the ship, causing another explosion.

"Looks like he's not holding back…" Estelle muttered.

Turning back to the others, Zagi looked psychotic as ever. "I really do hope you'll put up a bigger fight this time!"

Somersaulting backwards, he lashed out his blades swiftly at his targets, making it hard for them to evade his quick strikes. He could also jump at good altitudes, giving him an upper advantage on both air and ground.

While Yuri was in a clash with Zagi, Estelle took this opportunity to strike an opening. Zagi, however, was expecting a sneak attack and kicked Yuri away in the chin before he kneed Estelle in the guts, throwing her on the railings of the ship. She jumped out of the way in time to avoid his slash, resulting in him cutting the railings. Zagi leapt in the air once more for another aerial assault but a well-aimed 'Stone Blast' from Karol stopped him, sending him back to the deck.

"HA!" Zagi laughed. "You really think you can beat me? Go ahead! I'd like to see you try!"

"Oh, believe me. We will." Rita spoke bluntly.

"YES! Just what I wanted to hear! Bleed for me! Die for me!"

"Just what the hell is wrong with this guy?"

"Believe me Rita; I'm wondering the same thing." Estelle sighed.

"HEY! Less talk, more fight!"

Zagi gave just enough warning for Estelle to raise her shield in defense and kick him away, letting Rita strike at him with the 'Thunderbolt' spell, hitting him dead-on. Just like before, whenever anyone was able to make a direct attack at him, his psychotic grin grew wider. The results were the same whenever he succeeded in attacking anyone.

When Zagi attacked Estelle again, she raised her shield once more to protect herself; however, she didn't expect for Zagi to trip her and throw her to the wall of the cabin. Before Zagi could finish her, Yuri suddenly assaulted him from the side, resulting in another clash. The noble, not wanting to fall for the same trick twice, dodged the kick from the psychopath and countered with his own kick.

Before Zagi could recover, Repede jumped on him, attacking him repeatedly.

"Get off me, mutt!"

Zagi finally shook him off, sending the dog flying to the rails of the ship. Estelle and Yuri were charging at Zagi, but he was ready for them. He began to swing his swords so quickly that Estelle and Yuri couldn't keep up with him and instead ended up getting hurt. Before their wounds could get any worse, a lightning bolt from Rita stopped Zagi from his assault.

Starting to get anxious for a kill and deciding that it was best to get rid of the mages first, Zagi ran towards the magic casters. Rita and Karol shot fireballs at him in defense. However, Zagi avoided them by jumping over Karol's fireballs and then diving and rolling under Rita's. He then threw his own projectile: his sword was soaring at the mages like a boomerang. Karol threw himself to the side to barely escape the deadly weapon, but Rita was less fortunate, for the sword struck near her stomach before flying back to the hands of its owner. Karol was about to help her, but Zagi threatened to throw his sword again, forcing the boy to withdraw. He couldn't count on getting lucky twice.

Rita was clutching her wound in pain as Zagi walked over to finish her.

"This is it lady!" he cackled. "You're through! I'm gonna cut you to bits and pieces!"

When Zagi raised his sword, Rita thought it was over until a familiar shield flew into his arm, making him lose his grip on his sword.

"Why don't you try a piece of me, creep?" Estelle shouted as she charged at him.

"Since you insist…" Zagi grinned. "Get over here so I can kill you!"

While Estelle and Zagi were fighting, with Repede assisting the former, Yuri and Karol went to help Rita.

"Rita!" Karol cried in concern. "How bad is the wound? Can you still stand?"

"You mean this?" Rita smirked. "Please. That one wasn't even close."

"Uh…okay. If you say so."

"Anyway, let me see that-" Yuri began but was interrupted by the female mage.

"I said I'm fine! Look, the longer we fight here, the more we damage the ship, so we need to finish this fight as soon as possible. And someone better help Estelle and the pooch to fight that lunatic over there."

Looking back at the fight, Zagi was indeed slowly gaining the upper hand on Estelle and Repede. Seeing Rita's point, Yuri rushed over to help them.

"Hey Rita," Karol began as he helped her up. "You can still cast spells like this, right?"

"Yeah, of course I can." She nodded.

"Good. So here's what we're gonna do…"

For now, all Estelle could do was to be on the defense as Zagi mercilessly attacked her. Right when he found an opening, Yuri punched him away just in time to save the city girl.

Now seeing her chance, Estelle unleashed a mighty swing at Zagi, knocking him over to the railings. Injured, he used the railings to help himself up.

"At least he puts up a good fight." Yuri said.

"Well, he is strong for a madman." Estelle agreed. "…so is he done fighting?"

Zagi once again laughed psychotically.

"…guess not."

"You people are tough! Yes! You're really tough! I'll be sure to remember this, Estellise!"

"So now he gets your name right…" Yuri mused, remembering from what happened back at the castle.

"I'm going to kill you all!" Zagi laughed. "I'll kill you and write your names in my blood!"

Estelle made a disgusted face. "That's just gross…"

While they were fighting, Rita and Karol, who were in Overlimit, began casting their spells with a yellow aura surrounding Rita and a blue one surrounding Karol. Now ready, the mages shot at their foe the combined spell.



The electrified wave hit Zagi dead-on, washing him overboard the ship. Even though they were victorious, there was little time for rest. The fighting had taken a toll on the ship so much that it began sinking.

"I-It's sinking! Everyone jump in the water now!" Karol shouted as he dived in the sea.

Estelle was about to follow suit, but stopped when she heard a weak voice cough. "…Hello? Is…anyone out there?" She widened her eyes in horror. Someone was trapped in the cabin! If they left now, that person would sink! Not one to leave others in trouble, Estelle ran into the cabin without hesitation.

"Estelle!" Rita shouted in shock. She attempted to go after her, but her wound stopped her.

"Rita! We need to get out of here now!" Yuri told her as he helped her up.

"But Estelle…"

"She'll make it! Now shut up and jump!"

The guild member hesitated, but nodded and leapt off the ship, hoping that Estelle survives.


The ship has submerged completely, with its survivors now floating on the water. Karol, who was using his bag to keep himself and Repede afloat, asked the others "So is everyone okay?"

Yuri, who had to hold Rita because of her wound nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine. But…where's Estelle?"

Rita was silent. What if she didn't make it? What if she—

Her thoughts were interrupted when bubbles were floating to the surface. Few seconds after, Estelle rose up coughing, carrying an unconscious blond man wearing a green robe. "Ow…I got salt water in my eyes…"

"Estelle! Glad to see you're all right!" Karol smiled. He then looked curious when he saw the unconscious man. "…hey. Who's that?"

"I don't know." Estelle answered. "I heard him inside the cabin after the fight, so I had to help him or he'd sink with the ship."

When Yuri took a closer look at the man, his eyes widened in recognition. "Ioder?"

"Yuri, do you know him?"

Before Yuri could answer, Rita spotted a ship not too far off. "Hey guys! Look over there!"

"A ship! We're saved!" Karol cheered. He and the others waved their arms to catch its attention. "Hey! Over here!"

The ship sailed closer to the party, with a familiar knight coming up to check on them.

"I'm glad to see that you're all safe." Flynn smiled.

"Flynn!" Estelle smiled back.

Flynn looked over all of them. He was relieved that there were no casualties, but the sight of the green robed man was what shocked him.

"Master Ioder!"

A/N: I love describing Zagi. He's such crazy, psychotic bastard. XD Anyways, time for skits!

Yuri is Normal

Estelle is Italics

Rita is Bold

Karol is Italics and Bold

Dragon freak strikes back

-Angry- Why that good-for-nothing dragon freak… Just what the hell is his deal with destroying blastia?

-Angry- Yeah, I know! It's idiots like him that screw us over by destroying blastia!

I swear when I get my hands on him, I'll break his ribs!

And I'll break his fingers!

-Backs away as they continue- They…they sure are terrifying together when they're like that.

I know. When it's you and Rita arguing, it's not even close compared to when it's those two.

-Surprised- You really think so?

What, haven't you seen enough already?

I'll punch his teeth in!

And I'll wreck his knees!

Good point.


Estelle, do you usually have the habit of meeting strange people?

W-What do you mean?

Well first, we ran into that Judith lady back at Capua Nor, and then it was that Zagi freak that attacked us.

-Annoyed- It's not like I want to meet them!

I know that none of us would. Especially that Zagi freak show. Just what's his beef with you anyway?

We don't really know. All that we do know is that he met him when he attacked us at the castle in Zaphias, mistaking Estelle for Flynn.

-Shocked- What?

How the hell can anyone mistake her for a guy?

What can we say? The guy's a nutjob. I wouldn't really be surprised if he mistook a man for a woman.

Speaking of which, it seemed like as if he went down with the ship. Perhaps that's the last of him?

I seriously doubt that. Common sense just doesn't apply to some people, and that guy is anything but common sense.

Either way, I really hope we don't see him again!

Even if we do, he'll be going for Estelle, not us. Looks like it's with her he wants a piece of.

Gee, thanks a lot…

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