The Veil

Summery: Shortly after the defeat of Morgana non magical civilians begin to see magical creatures. Balthazar suspects something is wrong with the Veil. The thing that keeps the magical world invisible and soon learns it's a lot worse then he thought.

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Chapter 11

Balthazar ran to his apprentice's side. He wrapped his arms around the youth, cradling him. The master sorcerer brought his ear to his student's chest, all pretence of decorum gone; his eyes were wide with panic as he listened.

Time is a strange thing when the human mind is involved, in a moment of panic, neurons are on rapid fire, and time slows down. So, the few brief seconds Balthazar spent listening for a heart beat felt more like minutes. More than enough time for all possible scenarios to run through his head. What if there wasn't a heartbeat could he revive Dave? He wouldn't have to go into the forbidden realm of magic. Just CPR. Hopefully that would be enough, but what if it wasn't? Could he do it? What if he couldn't? Balthazar stopped that train of thought; blew up the bridge and sent it plummeting into a dark chasm where he would never see it again. His mind froze unthinking as he listened.


Balthazar's mind began to unfreeze as relief flooded his face when he heard Dave's heart beat. He continued to listen, watching his apprentice's chest rise and fall. Satisfied that the beat was strong enough and breathing steady. He gently lifted the younger man off the ground. Balthazar couldn't believe how light Dave was. All that power and raw talent packed into that thin frame with those noodle arms.

He started when he felt a pressure on his arm and turned to find Veronica staring at him. "He's fine," said Balthazar, "vitals are good."

A warm smile broke out over Veronica's face. The two walked back to their apartment, Balthazar still carrying his charge. Leaving the fae to deal with the iron on their own. For the moment.

Once back in the apartment, Balthazar took Dave into the guest room and placed him in the bed. He stared at his apprentice a few moments, the boy's pale face a reminder of the master sorcerer's recent failures. He had failed to prevent Dave's capture, and had failed to protect him against those who wished him harm. Dave was lying comatose because he failed. And he couldn't do anything. He'd seen this before. Heck, he'd been through it. The only thing to do was let Dave rest.

After one final check to make sure Dave's breathing was strong, Balthazar left the room and almost walked into Veronica.

"He's fine," he assured her. "Stay with him. Those fae have to be moved and the street has to be fixed."

Veronica nodded, grateful that Balthazar had something to distract him.

Balthazar saw Cernunnos dragging a few of his people towards the edge of the iron portion of the street. Unfortunately that was about fifty meters away. He decided to first examine the buildings depending on how far the iron extended he might have to fix those first.

He peeked in through a window. The inside of the room was normal. Dave had only affected the outer wall— correction walls, all four of them. For every house on the street a little more then fifty meters in both directions from where Dave had stood.

He sighed; this was going to take a lot of work. First thing though was first. He turned to face the huntsman.

"Save your strength, Cernunnos. I'll make a path you and yours can walk." He went to the center and started transforming the iron back into concrete. Once the path was a meter in width and stretch from the center to the end of the now iron street. He then turned to the nearest building certain the fae would have their own cleared up before morning. He needed to concentrate on the buildings now.

By the end of a couple of hours the Hunt had left, taking their dead with them and he had turned about three quarters of the buildings back to normal. He was tired and had little magical energy left, so he decided to return to the flat and rest. Veronica would have to take over the task.

He dragged his feet up the stairs and back into the guest room. Veronica sat next to Dave, reading to him from a book of fairy tales.

He smiled at the domestic scene before she turned to him.

"The Hunt is gone," he told her. "I managed to turn most of the buildings back to normal."

Veronica smiled and handed him the book, careful not to lose the page. "I will deal with the remaining buildings and street." She rose from the seat and brought her lips to his.

"I'd tell you to sleep," she told him after their lips parted, "but I doubt you would listen."

After she left, Balthazar sat down in the chair. "The Old Grandfather's Corner, huh?" he said, reading the title out loud. "Okay. Once upon a time there was a very old man who lived with his son and daughter in law…"

It took Veronica about two hours to return the remaining buildings, street, street lights, garbage cans and even all the garbage back to normal. When she finally returned to the apartment she found Balthazar asleep in the chair, the book he had been reading lay on the floor. She left to get a blanket and wrapped it around him before leaning over him and gently kissing his cheek.

She frowned when she noticed he was grimacing, she gently placed her hand on his forehead and began to dream project, using the memory of the dinner she Balthazar Dave, Becky and even Bennet had had once the store had been bought.

Once her beloved's pain expression turned into a pleasant smile, she brushed a few stray hairs and brought her mouth to his ear. "Goodnight my love."

Veronica made her way to the master bedroom, not bothering to change. She collapsed and fell into a deep sleep before her head hit the pillow.


"Coming!" shouted Bennet after a knock sounded at the door. He opened it to see a middle-aged man with dark, albeit slightly graying, hair.

"Bennet, right?" said the stranger. "Is David around?"

"You know Dave?"

"I'm his father."

"Oh, well Dave's not in right now."

"… Bennet, its seven thirty in the morning."

"Yeah well… he stays in his lab a lot; you might want to try there."

"He told me he sometimes sleeps in his lab. Since its closer to my hotel, I checked there first. So he's not at his lab, and he's not here. What other places is my son known to spend the night?" Daniel Stutler cocked his head in thought. "His girlfriend's?"

"No," Bennet shook his head.

"Hmm, when I visited him in his lab, he was waiting for a friend. Didn't mention a name. Any idea who? Or if this person would know where Dave is?"

"Sorry no," said Bennet, shaking his head again. Daniel Stutler sighed and turned to go. He had just reached the first step when Bennet spoke up again.

"Did you try his cell?"

"Goes straight to voice mail. Kid probably forgot to charge it," replied Daniel Stutler as he continued down the steps.

"Yeah…" murmured Bennet as he listened to Dave's father's fading tread.

Bennet became a little worried when Dave didn't show up in class, but he took extra care with his notes and headed straight for the master sorcerer's apartment when he was done for the day.

The door was opened by Veronica and Bennet noticed the dark circles under her eyes. "Hey Veronica, how you doing?"

She smiled tiredly as she waved him in, "I'm alright. Please come in."

"Is Dave okay? He wasn't in class again today."

Veronica shook her head.

Bennet's smile dissipated. "What happened?"

"The Wild Hunt attacked. A group of very powerful fae," She added in response to Bennet's blank stare. "Their leader was about to kill Balthazar and myself. Dave saved us, but he used up too much magic. He's alive and will recover but it will be a few days. Balthazar has gone out to talk to a doctor about writing a note excusing him from classes."

"But he's okay right?"

Veronica smiled to reassure Bennet. "He is asleep and will remain so for a couple more days at the least. But he will eventually make a full recovery. Would you like to see him?"

"Yeah, and I should warn you, Dave's dad is looking for him. I don't think he's going to be happy if he finds out what's happened."

Veronica frowned slightly as she mulled the news over and brought Bennet into Dave's room.

There was Dave, lying on his back with only his head, neck, and small portion of his shoulder visible from beneath the blankets. He looked pale, but peaceful.

"Dave?" Bennet turned to Veronica, "Can he hear me?"

Veronica shrugged. "I like to think so."

Bennet looked at his roomie" when and sighed. "Jeez man, the trouble you get yourself into."

Bennet didn't stay long. He left Veronica with his cell number and instructions to call if there was any change. Balthazar returned about a half hour later with a Doctor Jonas Brown, an old friend he had helped out with a cursed ring back when Brown was a med student. Before the urn incident.

The doctor greeted Veronica warmly before being lead by Balthazar into Dave's room.

Balthazar stood by while waiting for Jonas to finish examining Dave.

"Well," said Dr. Brown, removing his stethoscope from his ears. "His heart and lungs appear to be strong, but if he's out longer then three days I'll want to get him on an IV on him to help with nutrition."

"But he's alright?" asked Balthazar flatly, his voice carefully stripped of all emotion.

"Given the circumstances, I'd say yes, he is, but this isn't my area of expertise, Balthazar. I've never had to deal with someone using up all their energy casting spells. You said it wasn't unheard of for a sorcerer to use up almost all their resources and slip into a deep sleep to recover."

"I also said that sometimes they don't wake up. Usually they wake up in three days, but not always. Since the IV was invented though death has become rare."

Brown nodded. "Seems the problem before was the inability to provide nutrients to the patient. Honestly, I don't think it'll be a problem with Dave. Like I said, his stats are good. Between the two of us David should be fine. Though you do need to keep a close eye on him; in his weakened state he'll be vulnerable to infection. Don't let anyone with a cold near him as his immune system isn't in a position to deal with it."

Balthazar nodded he had expected as much, but it was a relief to it from someone whose view wasn't clouded by emotion for the young man.

"Thank you. You'll see to it he's excused from classes?"

"I will. Don't worry." Brown turned to go, giving Balthazar a reassuring pat on the shoulder as he did so. "I'm glad you found him, Balthy."

"Call me that again and I'll turn you into a frog," threatened Balthazar with a slight glare.

Brown chuckled; despite the glare there was a hint of a smile in the master sorcerer's face effectively nullifying the threat. "Good to see you haven't changed."

Balthazar smiled and the two men started walking back the entrance.

"You know, Balthazar, I can find the exit downstairs on my own," He gazed meaningfully over Balthazar's shoulder as he spoke and the master sorcerer turned to see Veronica staring at the pair, her brows furrowed in worry. Balthazar turned back to his friend and nodded.

"Thanks again, Jonas."

"Call me if there's any change."

"We will, thanks."

Dr Brown nodded and left. After the door was closed behind him Balthazar turned to Veronica.

"Dave's going to be fine."

Veronica nodded relieved to have a healer's confirmation. "Bennet was here earlier. He said Dave's father is looking for him."

Balthazar frowned at the news. "That could be a problem. Where's Dave's cell?"

"On his nightstand."

Balthazar headed back into Dave's room where he picked up the cell phone which was completely drained. He flipped it open, poked a few buttons while holding it forcing some of his power to flow into the cell, charging it. A few moments later the device uttered a cheerful sounding bell noise signaling that it was fully charged.

"David?" asked a husky voice in a slightly worried tone.

"Yeah Dad. Bennet told me you were looking for me," said Balthazar in Dave's voice. "I went to my English tutor last night. We stayed up late working, so I just crashed on his couch."

"And of course forgot to charge your phone."

"Yeah, sorry about that."

Daniel Stutler sighed and Balthazar could feel the man roll his eyes from the other side of the line.

"All that matters is that you called, and you're alright. I'm not going to be in town much longer, just another couple of days. We should have dinner together again."

"I don't know. I'm pretty busy…"

"And I'm your father. Dinner. Tomorrow night. I'll pick you up at your apartment seven o'clock. Dress up for the occasion. No jeans, no sweatshirt. See you then."

Balthazar turned off the phone and messaged his temple. Veronica, seeing his frustration, placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. He placed his own hand over hers and gave it a light squeeze.

A smile tugged at her lips at the slight display of emotion. Balthazar had been shut off since last night, he hadn't responded to her touch or voice. The fire in his eyes had died, but it seemed to be coming back.

"Becky's radio show will soon be over soon," announced Veronica a few moments later. "I should go tell her what's happened."

"Good idea. Ask her to come over I need to talk to her."

"I doubt I will need to ask," chuckled Veronica slightly before leaning in for a kiss before she left.

Veronica returned a little less then an hour later with Becky. The blonde darted past Balthazar who sat in his chair and leaned over Dave examining his face, gently brushing it with her hand.


"He won't wake up for a few days, Becky," said Balthazar wearily. "I've had a doctor look at him. His heart and breathing are strong. He'll be fine."

"Veronica told me what happened."

Balthazar looked at the floor. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect him. He seems to be the one saving me recently."

"You saved him from Sorrel and Bartholomew, and you found Tara a safe place." She informed him, taking Dave's hand from beneath the covers into her own. "He's grateful for that."

"His father has been looking for him," said Balthazar flatly.

"Oh," said Becky, taking her eyes off Dave for the first time and turning to look at the sorcerer. "What are you going to do? Tell him?"

Balthazar shook his head, "That's for Dave to do." He told her about the phone call and the dinner appointment.

"If you're not going to tell him, are you going to disguise yourself as Dave again?"

"Yes. I need to know what Dave told you about his father."


The master sorcerer waved his hand for silence. "I understand you don't want to betray his confidence, Becky. But if I'm going to pull this off, I need to know what's going on between them. We don't want to give Dave's dad a reason to look closer."

Becky hesitated, biting her lip as she turned to look at Dave again. He had trusted her with his innermost thoughts… telling them to someone else… didn't feel right but Balthazar had a point. It was more important to keep the secret from his father. And considering how close Dave was to Balthazar, she didn't think the physics nerd would mind the master sorcerer knowing.

She told him everything.

Balthazar nodded his understanding and thanked her for telling him, then asked if there was anything else.

She shook her head and Balthazar decided to leave the two alone. He went to the kitchen to help with dinner, informing Veronica that Becky would be joining them.


"You sure these are the nicest clothes Dave has?"

"Sorry Double B," consoled Bennet from his seat at the table in his and Dave's apartment. "Dave isn't one for dressing up."

"I noticed," said Balthazar as he stared at his—or rather Dave's—reflection. He was wearing navy blue slacks with a matching dinner jacket and a pale blue shirt as well as a pair of old man shoes. The clothes were not in the best shape, a little threadbare and worn, but they were clean and pressed, and would do. They met the requirements at any rate.

"Think that's him?" asked Balthazar in Dave's voice when he heard a car pull up outside the apartment.


"And there's nothing you can tell me about the guy?"

"Double B, I only met him the once. Sorry you're on your own."

Balthazar sighed and started walking towards the door he arrived just as a knock sounded.

"Hi, Dad," he greeted, opening the door.

"Evening, son," replied Daniel looking his son up and down. "When you next come to visit, I'll have to take you shopping. Well, come along."

Balthazar followed Dave's father down the stairs and into the waiting taxi.

The ride passed in silence, neither party being much for chit-chat. A fact Balthazar was grateful for.

"Del Posto?" he asked reading the sign over the restaurant. Del Posto was an expensive Italian restaurant.

"Seeing how rarely we see each other I thought we'd make a bit of a night. Also I invited Carol."


"Yes the woman I'm dating. I trust that is alright?"

'How would Dave react?' Wondered Balthazar. He decided to go with a simple shrug and a nice, non-confrontational approach. "Yeah, it's fine."

"Table for three. Name's Stutler," Daniel told the waiter upon their entrance to the restaurant.

The waiter took a moment to look down at his list then nodded. "This way, please." He led the two to a table by the window in the corner, he handed them their menus, and, with a slight bow of his head, left.

"So when is Carol going to be here?"

"In about fifteen minutes. I wanted some time alone with you."


"You're my son. I haven't seen you in months," replied Daniel dryly.

Balthazar took a sudden interest in the menu. A few moments of awkward silence passed before Daniel Stutler broke it with a forced cough.

"Look Dave, are you… comfortable with been introduced to Carol?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

"I just thought maybe you believed I was disgracing your mother's memory or some such thing."

Balthazar focused on his menu these were dangerous waters, the master sorcerer did not want to have a talk about Dave's mother with Daniel Stutler. It would mean interfering in a private affair he had no business or right to interfere in. Best try to steer the conversation elsewhere "I really don't care if you date dad."

"What if I re-marry?"

Balthazar put down the menu, thankful that the conversation was going from Emily Stutler to Daniel Stutler's dating life. "That serious?"

"I'm introducing her to you aren't I?"

"Dad it's fine, really."

"Perhaps next time I'm in town I could meet your girlfriend. Becky, right?"

"Yeah that's her name, and maybe. We'll see."

"So you think this English tutor of yours will be able to bring up your grade?" said Daniel, again attempting to start a conversation.

"Yeah, he's pretty good. Used to teach English."

"Used to?"

"Runs a curio shop now."

"I thought after the Arcana Cabana incident you'd avoid those places like the plague."

"Yeah well… I think it's time I get over it."

"Glad to hear it, you two must get along if you're spending nights at his place. How long has he been tutoring you?"

"A few weeks."

Daniel Stutler looked like he was about to say something else when he looked beyond his son to the restaurant's entrance. "Good. Ah, Carol. Perfect timing."

Balthazar turned in the direction Dave's father was looking. There was a beautiful woman in her mid-forties. She had chestnut brown hair, light blue eyes, and wore a dark green dress. The only real sign of her age were the laugh lines around her mouth, and the slight trace of crows' feet.

"You must be David," she greeted, holding out her hand.

Balthazar stood up to shake it. "And you must be Carol. Pleasure."

Carol smiled warmly and sat down, thanking the waiter for the menu he handed her.

"Have you guys decided what you want to order?"

"BB&L beef Ribeye Fried Potatoes, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Ruchetta and Tomato Raisins," read Balthazar, putting down the menu.

"Seared duck Breast, Apician Spices, Grilled Apricots and Salt Baked Endive," replied Daniel.

Carol looked over the menu for a moment thinking the options over. "I think I'll have the spring vegetables vignarola, rare wild salmon and wheat dressing. What should we order to drink?"

"We'll ask the waiter what's available when he returns," said Daniel.

"So Dave, why don't you tell me about your project?" suggested Carol, turning to Balthazar.

Balthazar started telling the both of them about the physics behind the project. Very glad that he had kept up with scientific progress and that he understood what Dave was attempting to do.

Eventually the waiter returned to take their orders. Once they were given, Daniel inquired about the wines.

"Might I suggest a Bastianich Calabrone? The 2006 is an excellent vintage."

Daniel nodded. "Alright, sounds good. Dave?"

Balthazar shrugged. "Your call, Dad."

"We'll have the Bastianich Calabrone," confirmed the senior Stutler, handing the waiter back the menus.

The remainder of diner past by in a relatively easy manner with Carol taking an interest in Dave's work and life and Balthazar answering as best he could without going into details. He also inquired about how the two had met and how long they'd known each other.

Both were stock brokers and they had met at work. Carol had said something funny which had lead Daniel to asking her out for drinks. Things had just snowballed from there.

The food was good and Balthazar made a mental note to take Veronica here at some point. All in all it was a fairly pleasant evening, until Balthazar began to show signs that the shifting spell was draining him, he was becoming pale and beginning to sweat a little.

"Dave, are you alright?" asked Carol. Her brow was knitted in concern and she was leaning towards him to get a better look at him.

"I'm fine. Excuse me for a moment." Balthazar dragged himself to his feet and walked towards the washroom. Once he was in one of the stalls, he cast a quick growth spell on Dave's clothes so they would fit his natural form before he shifted back.

He leaned against the door, trying to gather his strength. He only had a few moments to get his second wind. He stood there for ten minutes. He had only intended to rest for five but the spell really was draining. It didn't help that he hadn't slept right the past couple of nights. A chair's design did not lend itself to a comfortable night's sleep. Deciding that he really couldn't stay any longer without raising suspicion, he shifted back into Dave. Making his way out of the washroom, he almost collided with Daniel.

"David, are you alright?"

"I'm fine."

"Hmmm, well we'll skip dessert alright?"

Balthazar nodded. "I'd appreciate it."

"Well come-on can't keep Carol waiting."

The remainder of the meal passed by quickly. Both Daniel and Carol sensed Balthazar's discomfort and tried to hurry themselves along. Balthazar put on a fairly good front so the couple merely thought he was coming down with a bug.

When the trio was done, Daniel ordered them a cab, and they went to Dave's apartment to drop him off.

"I'll see you at Christmas, Dave." Said the elder Stutler as his son climbed out of the car.

"Yeah, see you then Dad. Bye."

"Good bye, son."

Balthazar closed the door and gave a small wave as the cab drove off. As soon as it was out of sight he shifted back to his natural form and dragged himself up the stairs to the apartment.

"Double B!" exclaimed Bennet, getting up from the couch where he had been reading. "You okay? You look beat."

"Shifting takes a lot of energy. I'm fine."

"Maybe you should crash here. I don't think Dave would mind."

"No," said Balthazar, a bit harsher then necessary. He wanted to get back to his apprentice. "I'll just rest up a bit, then head back, but thanks."

"No problem, man. Can I get you anything?"

"No, but if I'm not up in an hour, could you wake me?"

"Sure thing."

"Thanks." Smiling gratefully, Balthazar made his way over to Dave's bedroom and collapsed onto the bed.

An hour and a half later, Balthazar parked his Phantom 32 in front of his store and made his way up to the apartment.

The first thing he saw was Veronica who jumped up from her seat on the couch and embraced him.

"Were you successful?"

"I was. Glad that's over. How's Dave?"

"He's alright. Becky hasn't left his side since she returned from her radio show."

Balthazar smiled. He hadn't managed to convince Becky to attend class and had had a hard time convincing the blond to attend her show. He had only managed the feat because he told her that Dave always listened to it. She had even spent last night in a sleeping bag by the apprentice's bed. Balthazar had slept in the chair.

Even Veronica had decided to camp out in the guest room. Partially to be there when Dave awoke and also to be there for Balthazar if he had another nightmare. She had also been taking care of all the cooking that needed to be done, since the other two were so reluctant to leave the room.

Balthazar brought his fiancée's lips to his and after an all too brief kiss, made his way to Dave's room. Becky sat on the floor, leaning against the side of the bed, doing homework. She looked up and smiled when she saw Balthazar.

"How are you holding up, Becky?"

"I'm fine."

"Want to use the sleeping bag again?"


Balthazar smiled. He was happy Dave had found someone so devoted to him. Considering how committed he was to Becky, he deserved it.

Again the three slept in the small bedroom. Becky and Veronica in sleeping bags with Balthazar in the chair as he wanted to maintain a good view of his apprentice.


Dave woke up slowly, largely due to the fact that his eyes felt like lead. He turned his head to see Balthazar slumped in the chair next to the bed, fast asleep. There was a glass of water with a straw on the nightstand. Dave reached out for it— well, he tried to— his arm also felt like lead and he only managed to move his hand a couple of inches.

He was really thirsty. He turned his head and saw his master, he considered waking the older man, but Balthazar had dark circles under his eyes, the kind Dave got when he didn't get anywhere near enough sleep. The physics nerd turned his attention to the ceiling and started counting dots.

Ten minutes later he was not only thirstier but bored. He tried to lift his arm again. He got it a bit farther but still didn't have the strength to reach it.

"Balthazar," he rasped.

Balthazar jerked himself awake at the voice. "Dave!" he exclaimed his face breaking out into a wide grin.


Balthazar brought the tip of the straw to Dave's mouth. The boy sipped it gratefully and only stopped when the container was empty.

"Thank you."

"Want more?"

"In a bit. What happened? How long...?"

"You, David Stutler, bested The Huntsman Cernunnos. You also got him to agree to leave you and everyone you care about alone. That's what happened, and that was three days ago."

"Three days!" exclaimed Dave. He tried to sit up but didn't get very far before collapsing.

"Yeah. The good news is I got a doctor friend of mine to write you a note saying you were too sick to go to class, so you'll be able to get an extension on all your homework and tests."

"Didn't I leave a huge portion of the street iron? How did you explain that?"

"Haven't. It took us a few hours, but Veronica and I changed it back to normal and we cast an illusion to hide the change while we worked. That was impressive bit of magic, Dave. Not as impressive as transforming part of a powerful fae's body into iron. But still pretty impressive."

"No wonder I'm so tired. I didn't expect transforming his horn to be so hard."

"Most of the fae don't like iron for a reason, Dave. They are… incompatible." He smiled at his apprentice. "Take your time getting better. You're going to have a lot of work to do cleaning when you're ready to be out of bed."

"Cleaning?" asked Dave.

"You disobeyed a direct order. I told you to get back into the apartment."

"I saved your life!" replied Dave and immediately wished he hadn't raised his voice. Balthazar handed him back the glass which he had filled with water from the air. Dave's mouth found the straw and he took several sips while glaring at his master.

Balthazar glanced down at Becky, but the blond showed no signs of conciseness, small wonder she had been wearing herself ragged trying to stay awake and near Dave while still keeping up with her studies. And Dave's rasperry voice wasn't very loud. He turned back to his still glaring apprentice.

"You disobeyed a direct order," repeated Balthazar. He held up a hand when Dave opened his mouth to speak. "This is not a two way street Dave, I'm the master you're the apprentice. I look after you not the other way around. So save your breath. You're going to need it to talk to Becky. That reminds me, I'd better wake her."

"Becky? She's here?"

Balthazar pointed down. "I barely got her to go to her show. She's been sleeping right next to you."

Dave tried to sit up to better see his girlfriend, but Balthazar reached out and pushed him back gently.

"Just be still, Dave," Balthazar leaned back in his chair before bending over to gently shaking Becky's sleeping form. "Becky. Becky, Dave's awake."

Becky bolted upright at the news, almost hitting Balthazar's head with her own.

"Dave!" she exclaimed, embracing him.

"Well this is nice."

"It gets better," laughed Becky as she brought her lips to his.

Balthazar smiled as he got up from his seat and walked over to a stirring Veronica for the commotion had awakened her she looked from Balthazar's smiling face to the bed and her own face almost split in half. Balthazar helped her to her feet and, bringing a finger to his mouth for silence, began walking her to the door. Both thought it best to leave the younger couple alone for a time.

The End

Half an hour later…

"Balthazar did what?"

The master sorcerer turned to his fiancée. "I think Becky told him about dinner with his dad."

The End

For real this time.

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