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There's a Reason For That

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Discoveries and the Floating Island

For more than 1,000 years an entire area was inside a barrier unaffected by the changes on the outside. The changes on the outsider were extreme. After the barrier was erected a war broke out with the humans… a war that would determine the fate of the world.

When the barrier finally broke the World Government that stemmed from that war was not happy. Those inside the barrier would change everything. They had powers that would ruin everything.

Magic, many of those inside knew magic.

After a few years it was decided that they should try an experimental Buster Call to see if it would work.

The Buster Call turned into a full blown war with the entire city getting decimated, the Marines lost this one.

However the main reason they lost is because it was believed at the time that the infant daughter of one of the most powerful successes had died. In her grief, she performed the most dangerous spell known as the Giga Slave, a spell if miscast could destroy the universe.

For reasons unknown those who survived and witnessed the spell, they're aging became five times slower. No scientist, not even the great Doctor Vegapunk or even great sages could figure it out.

While the marine lost, many still survived including one of the Vice Admiral… who due to a combination of strength and this slowed aging became an Admiral.

The Sorceress however for a few years was depressed, sure she had her husband and her friends but she still lose her daughter. However a friend… no wait… an alley that annoyed her no end came to her and told her daughter was still alive.

After many years of searching is where our story begins.

A man in strange garb holding a staff approached the seedy tavern, he had long purple hair and kept his eyes closed for some reason. He entered the tavern to find a group of four. He chuckled at the antics of two at the table. They were fighting over food, the other two at the table ignored them just chatting happily.

"Well it's been a while." Said the man.

The woman who was short and petite with flaming red hair saw the man.

"Well, isn't it Xellos." Said the woman, "It's been a while."

The man named Xellos grabbed a seat as the other three paid attention to her.

"I found her." He said simply.

"Are you sure you have a lead this time." Said the woman glaring at him.

"Remember what happened last time." Said a man with a very strange appearance, his skin was blue and he had rocks covering his face not only that but his hair was wire like.

"How can you blame me for that?" asked Xellos.

"It still was pretty bad." Said the third person who was a very pretty young woman with black hair.

"I know where she is this time, for sure." Said Xellos, "But first have you heard about the Buster Call on Enies Lobby?"

"Buster Call?" asked the last who was a talk man with long blonde hair, "What's that?"

The red head whacked him in the head.

"I heard about it, what does that have to Mina?" asked the woman.

Xellos took out a wanted poster, with a young woman named Nami.

"I believe she might be Mina." Said Xellos.

"Her name is Nami… what are the chances?" asked the red head, she glared at the purple haired man.

"Why is she wanted?" asked the black haired woman.

"Now, that is a series." Said Xellos.

With the expectation of the blonde man, they all stared at him.

"Relax, I'm kidding." Said Xellos, "Actually she's a member of the Straw Hat Pirates."

"The Straw Hat Pirates?" asked the red haired woman.

"That's right, I believe they should be headed to Florian Triangle, knowing what I heard about their captain they're going to end up on Thriller Bark." Explained Xellos.

"This better not be another wild goose chase." Said the red head.

"Don't worry, it isn't." said Xellos with a creepy smile.

Days later, in the mists of the Florian Triangle, the band of four went to search for Thriller Bark on a small boat.

"So… what's this Thriller Bark again?" asked the blonde.

"It's a Floating Island owned by Gecko Moria…" said the red head.

"He's one of the 7 War Lords, isn't he?" asked the black haired woman.

The red head snorted, "Please no matter what his Devil Fruit Powers is I doubt he stands a chance against me."

That was when they saw the island. They docked on the island, that was when the red head got a bad feeling.

"I'm going on ahead to mansion." Said the red head, "I'll try to find you late if nothing pans out."

She said "Ray Wing" and flew away.

"What was that about?" asked the Blonde.

The other two sighed at this.

"You want to explore?" asked the blue man.

"Sure." Said the black haired woman.

Meanwhile the red head found the mansion and began going though it. That was when she saw a boy with a long nose and something that looked like a teddy bear with antlers sitting out side the door.

She listened in and saw the silhouette of a woman taking a shower on the other side. She listened on their conversation and heard the girl on the other side was the girl she was searching for, Nami.

She listened on the conversation and heard about the zombies.

The red head couldn't help but to snort, these "zombies" weren't true Zombies but rather something created by a Devil Fruit.

That was when she heard Nami scream for help. Of course she knew she had to help the poor girl from whatever what was attacking her. So she ran into the room pushed the teddy bear thing and the long nosed guy out of the way where she saw something invisible hold Nami to the wall.

The red head used an Aero Bomb on the invisible force, it wasn't much but it was enough force to know the thing away and forcing into the bathtub that was nearby.

"Who are you?" asked Nami looking at the small sorceress.

"I'll explain later." Said the red head.

That was when the thing surfaced… reveling a stage looking man with what seemed to be a lion's face.

"I was right, it was a devil fruit." Said the red head, "I knew knocking you into a tub would work"

The lion faced man looked at his body and saw he was visible.

"If you want to get invisible again you better leave that tub." Said the red head.

"Who the hell are you?" asked the lion faced man not listening to what she said.

"I'm Lina Inverse! A sorceress." Said the red head named Lina inverse.

The lion faced man plead… he had heard about Sorcerers, they were very powerful, then he realized he was dealing with a little girl.

"Really? Aren't you little young to be a sorceress?" asked the lion faced man, "After all you're pretty small, what are you… 12?"

"Fire Ball!" shouted Lina, half the bathroom was burnt to rubble, the long nosed boy and the teddy bear who entered watched in horror as the lion face man laid burnt on the ground.

"Who… who are you…" said the long nosed boy holding out a cross.

"Don't worry, I'm you're side." Said Lina, "Well for the time being."

Lina turned to Nami, "I need to ask you some questions." Said Lina.

"Can I get dressed first?" asked Nami.

Lina sweat dropped, "That would be a good idea." Said Lina.

She grabbed the boy and the teddy bear thing and shot the door.

Nami sighed… "That was weird." She said.

Little did she know was that her life was going to change and it was going to be the weirdest thing possible.

Next Time: Lina helps the three find some stuff in the mansion not revealing who she really is to Nami. While there they something interesting involving a certain "Priest" meanwhile Lina's group meets the Straw Hats. What will happen? Find out next time!