Chapter 4: Reunited at Last

Moria never did this, but when one of the Strongest People in the world shows up, it's always good idea to change plans.

"I have the feeling that the Straw Hat Pirates have allied themselves with Lina Inverse." Said Moria, "That's why you're still going to get Luffy instead of anyone you can get your hands on."

"Are you sure that a good idea?" asked Perona.

"You only got attacked by her crazy friend, not Lina herself." Said Moira.

"How do you know she was the crazy friend?" asked the girl.

"Lina Inverse is known for traveling with three black harried women. The only one that reasonably sane doesn't know that many attack spells." Said Moria.

"Perona… you have to be the one to make sure that the Straw Hats are captured." Said Moria.

"Absalom you watch them." Said Moria.

The girl (named Perona) and Absalom nodded.

"Is it me is he off?" asked Perona.

"Can't blame him. That Lina woman is scary… I can't belie she's that old." Said Absalom.

Meanwhile Luffy's group had gotten into the mansion, they had learned that Moria had converted the island into a pirate ship long ago. Which some of them had to admit was really cool.

They had gotten into the dining room, where the zombies seemed scared.

"Have you seen a woman with red hair, bad temper, a flat chest?" asked Gourry.

A zombie pig head laughed, "Like we'd tell you." He said.

That was when the zombies started attacking them.

"Hey! Are you three going to fight this time?" asked Luffy.

"Minds as well." Said Zelgadiss.

Zoro smirked as Gourry unsheathed his sword, he was about to see the legendary swordsman in action.

Just as the mixture of Pirates, Swords and Sorcery… they heard a click from the fire place. The wall began to move and Lina's group came out of it.

"Sorry… I guess I wasn't paying attention." Said Nami.

"It's fine, it happens to everyone once in a while." Said Lina.

The zombies saw Lina and froze.

"We're all going to die!" yelled one of the zombie.

Lina used Flare Arrow that zombie that yelled out.

"You come on, I'm not going to kill all of you." Said Lina.

"Is that your friend?" asked Luffy with a sweat drop.

"Yeah, that's her." Said Gourry.

"Oh Nami! I'm so glad your okay!" said Sanji.

"What about us?" asked Usopp.

"So what!" yelled Sanji.

"What's Xellos doing here?" asked Amelia.

"Oh I was just saying hi to an old friend." Said Xellos.

"I'm not your friend!" yelled Nami.

"Apparently they've known each other for years." Said Lina.

Both Zelgadiss and Amelia gave him looks… Gourry on the other hand was confused.

"Nami, there's something I check." Said Lina, "Can we do it in another room."

"Okay." Said Nami.

"Amelia's coming to." Said Lina.

"Fine." Said Nami.

The three of them went into another room.

Little did they know the three were being watched, but an invisible man…

Absalom wanted to get married to Nami, not… do something else… He was hopping to find a way to make her his forever.

So he listened in the conversation before giving the word that she was not with Straw Hat.

"Nami… I can't say what I'm trying to do, because I don't want to get your hopes up." Said Lina.

"You think we're related…" said Nami.

"Wow, you're pretty smart." Said Amelia.

"I actually have the feeling too." Said Nami.

"Let guess it's those questions I asked." Said Lina.

Nami nodded…

"Okay we need to each others hands." Said Lina.

The two held hands.

"Relation Reveal!" called out Amelia.

Relation Reveal was a lesser known spell used to determine if someone was related. A golden light would appear in their hands, if the light was bright they were very close, as in siblings or parent and child, the furtherer away the were, the light would be dim.

For Nami and Lina's light, it was extremely bright. The let go of each other.

"Then that means…" said Nami.

Lina went to hug her.

"You're my daughter." Said Lina.

Nami did know what to say.

Absalom went on to unleash a string of silent curses, there was no way he was going to marry her now, there was no way he was going to have Lina as a mother-in-law.

So he left, deciding to a wait a while longer before getting married there were plenty of other fish in the sea… especially with those without mothers who blow up an island with out blinking.

"I'm going to leave you two alone." Said Amelia.

She went back into the dinning room where the others were.

"So…" said Zelgadiss.

Amelia smiled… Zelgadiss nodded.

Nami really was her daughter.

"So you're an old friend of Nami's." said Luffy having gotten into a conversation with Xellos, "Would you like the join the crew?"

Xellos sweat dropped, "I don't think your crew would not like me." Said Xellos.

Back with Nami and Lina, the two broke the hug.

"Were you looking for me?" asked Nami.

"For a few years I thought you were dead… then some people remembered seeing you with a girl who's family refused to leave when the city was evacuated." Said Lina, "Since it wasn't an island it was easy to evacuate."

"What about y father?" asked Nami.

"He's here… he's the blonde." Said Lina, "You know I'm relived that you didn't inherited his intelligence."

"What do you mean?" asked Nami.

"I love him, but he's an idiot." Said Lina.

The two stood in silence.

"I'm sorry…" said Lina, "I understand if you don't want me to be a part of your life beyond this point…"

"No…" said Nami, "I do want you to be a part of my life… we may have just gotten to know one another… but we're a lot a like."

"We are." Said Lina, she then looked at Nami's height and well… bust size, "But why did my own daughter have to be bigger than me?"

"What was that?" asked Nami.

"Nothing." Said Lina with a sweat drop.

Meanwhile Perona who had also listened to the conversation, with her weird ghosts. While this made her wonder if she should go out and search for own parents. She decided that the information had to be told to Moria.

"So you're saying that Lina Inverse's long lost daughter is one of the Straw Hats." Muttered Moria.

"Why is that a bad thing?" asked Perona

"There is only thing we can do now." Muttered Moria, "An all out attack."

"Can't you just have some other person's shadow make up Oars?" asked Perona.

"No…" said Moira, "Monkey D. Luffy not only has 300 Million Berry Bounty, but he was also the one to defeat Crocodile, is one of few people who's shadow will be able to Oars' Soul."

Perona was in shock… someone who had beaten Crocodile… who had a Logia Devil Fruit.

It was that moment that she decided that if this failed that she would go on her own soul searching mission to find her own long lost parents.

Meanwhile Nami and Lina rejoined their friends.

"Everything's all set?" asked Luffy.

"Yeah." Said Nami decided until they were off this crazy island to tell them about her and Lina.

"All right! Let's go find Brook and ask him to join!" yelled Luffy.

"Brook, who is that?" asked Amelia.

"He's a walking, talking, living skeleton." Said Luffy, "And he's so cool!"

"He's also a pervert." Muttered Sanji.

"We came here just to find him." Said Nami.

"Really?" asked Lina.

She reached in her pocket and handed Nami something… it was a pink slipper.

"What's this?" asked Nami.

"It's the slipper that I use to hit Gourry, sometimes." Said Lina, "Use it well."

With that Nami and Lina learned the truth, this touching moment was only the precursor of thing to come, after all Moria was after Luffy's shadow and there was nothing that was going to stop him… nothing!

Next Time: What will happen when a non-stop army of zombies show up? A whole lot of chaos! Will Luffy get captured? Will Brook show up? Will there be funny animal zombies? Why was that last question asked? Find out next time!