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This story isn't about Chloe and Simon and Derek directly they'll be in it eventually. This is about another Edison group project. I also don't know a lot about Kelly's vampires so I'm taking some liberties there if you read any of her vampire books let me know…

Breanna's POV

I was walking down the hall backstage with Olivia after a performance of our show when we saw Cassidy Kate with a quite a few members of the cast and several other people that shouldn't even be back here. I rolled my eyes. "I can't stand her!" Liv said and we watched as she went on for the third time about her beach trip over spring break. Six and a half months ago.

"Why does she insist on telling everyone the same story a million times? Why do we care? Then again why do all these people listen anyway? Ugh I wish everyone could see how ugly she really is." I waved my hand dismissively towards her and gasped. It felt like all my energy was being sucked out of me and I felt so tired. I heard some giggles from Cassie K's group.

"Are you ok?" Liv asked "It's not the headaches again is it?" About a month ago I had an Ultimate Frisbee accident and had gotten a concussion I'd just recently stopped having the headaches. More laughter what was so funny over there?

About that time Luke walked over "Hey girls. Ali are you ok? It's not the headaches again is it?" He was the reason for my accident and he still felt horrible even though it wasn't that bad.

"I'm fine it's not the headaches. I'm ok. I'm fi-"I fell at the same time I heard the shrieks coming from Cassie K. Luke tried to catch me but he couldn't get down quick enough but I didn't hit the ground I looked up and one of the guys I had seen hanging around Cassie K was standing over me holding me up. "Th-thanks" I said shakily as he pulled me up and sat me down on one of the couches.

"I'm Taylor." He said.

"Taylor like Lautner or Taylor like Swift?" That's really what I said I'm not really even sure why…

He laughed "Lautner." He said.

"Umm I'm Alison." I said blushing "Alison Anderson"

"Hey you wanna go get a coffee?" Olivia asked. "If you're fainting of exhaustion then you definitely need a latte." I nodded and me, Liv, Luke and Taylor all walked towards the doors when Liv got a text. "Oh my gosh Luke my sister's here to pick us up. Sorry Ali. You really should go get a latte though if you're going to end up hanging around till 8:30 again tonight…"

"Ok ok I'll go get caffeinated, bye Livy bye Luke!" Liv waved but Luke looked at Taylor, was that jealousy I saw? "I'll text you Luke!" He looked at me and smiled a little. He was jealous. Wow…he never gets jealous were too much like siblings for that. "You still want to go get coffee?" I asked Taylor.

"Yeah. If you still want to." He said

I laughed. "You obviously haven't known me very long or you'd know that I would never past up coffee."

"Well then if that's how you feel lets go" He said with a laugh.

We walked up to Dulce and I ordered a white mocha with caramel syrup. Taylor just got a plain latte. Guys…Don't understand the amazingness that is flavored coffees with cool foreign names. Gosh I was already getting a caffeine buzz just from being in there. We settled down in the soft comfy chairs by the back doors.

"So are you friends with Cassie K?" I asked after a sip of my mocha.

"Not really she's a friend of a friend."

"Oh cool." I wondered who he was there with. Not that it was any of my business seeing as I met the guy five minutes ago.

"Yeah Cassidy can be a li-" He stopped and looked towards the windows. "Hey I gotta go." He began walking towards the front door.

"Taylor!" He walked out the door without looking back. "You forgot your phone…"

I wasn't sure if I was going to see him again so I ran after him just as two big body guard guys ran into Dulce "Where'd he go?" one of the guys asked the other.

"Must have gone out the front." The second guy replied.

Were they talking about Taylor? I stepped outside and I saw him up ahead running. I guess they were. I tried to think about where he was going and realized the only place I could think about over there was Daniel's apartment complex. If Taylor was in trouble I could get Daniel to help. I pulled out my phone to call when I heard the door fly open behind me.

"That's the girl he was sitting with! Hey you!" I realized they must have been talking to me. I started running. I forgot to call Daniel and didn't realize till I ran into his apartment and saw him sitting on the couch watch TV.

"Oh my god Ali! What the hell are you doing in my apartment?"

"Oh! I forgot to call you! There's this guy, he's in trouble some guys were chasing him and now they're chasing me and-" I was getting hysterical.

"Where are they?" He asked standing up to hug me.

"I don't know. When I saw them come out of Dulce I ran here. Taylor came this way too so most likely they're over here too."


"Yeah. That's the guy they're chasing's name."



"Where are we going?" I asked Daniel as we ran down the stairs.

"To my car."


"We've got to leave."


"You ask too many questions." He said snappishly.

"Daniel we've known each other for two and a half years. I ask the same amount of question as I did two and a half years ago." I snapped back.

"I know I'm sorry. I just need to tell you something and I haven't decided how to say it yet."

"D, one thing about us is that we tell each other everything. We always have. You know every single thing about me." He was worrying me it wasn't like Daniel to keep something from me we were super close.

"Even things you don't know yourself." He mumbled. Things I don't know about me? What is he talking about? "Look we need to find Taylor and get out of here. Where did you say he went?"

"He was going around back when I saw him, towards the park."

"Perfect. Get in." I got in to the front of his Mustang and he drove towards the parking lot in front of Renaissance Park."

"Hey there he is!" I started rolling down the window. "Taylor! Taylor!" He noticed me and Daniel.

"Dude in case you didn't notice they're right behind you get your ass in this car!" Daniel yelled out his window. Taylor looked behind us and jumped in.

"Dude we've got to get to New York, like now." Taylor said

"Why New York? How do you two even know each other?" I said confused.

"That's where I'm heading. Are those kids still up there?" Daniel said as if he hadn't heard me.

"I don't know for sure but that's what I'm hoping."Taylor said.

"What kids? What's going on!" I said I was getting annoyed that I was being dragged off, to New York apparently, and I had no idea why.

"These kids are special they can do things that other people can't ya know like us." Taylor said.

"What do you mean like us?" I said quietly.

"You didn't tell her. Daniel, why the fuck didn't you tell her?" Taylor asked.

"Tell me what?" I said.

"I was getting to it ok. I just wasn't sure how to start." Daniel said.

"Well how about this, Alison you're a witch. There have been people watching you since you were adopted knowing that you were going to be more powerful than any witch they've ever seen. Ali, what you did to Cassidy, you can do things much much worse and to entire cities. Ali, those guys back there, they're going to kill you." He said calming down as he went.

"What do you mean? I'm a witch? Like a green skin, warty nose, black cauldron, pointy hat witch?" I tried to focus on one part at a time.

"Well not exactly you don't have to make potions or make up spells you just do it. No preparation needed."

"Ok…and I've been watched by those guys that were chasing you?"

"No their bosses, The Edison Group."

"And I'm powerful?"


"I did something to Cassi K?"

"Yeah, you didn't notice? That's why you almost fainted back there you exhausted your energy because you aren't used to casting yet."

"What did I do to her?" I was freaking out I won't lie but thinking that I might've messed with Cassi K even a little made me a tinny bit happier.

"Well you made her break out and her hair was all greasy and she just didn't look very Cassi K pretty all of a sudden." Taylor told me. I burst out laughing. I couldn't help it, I remembered saying something to Liv about wanting everyone to see how ugly Cassie really was. Well they did. I started giggling some more.

"It was pretty hilarious especially since I knew who caused it." Taylor said winking at me.

"Taylor don't you think we should talk about how we're going to handle the last part of that." Daniel said. I realized he hadn't said anything since Taylor told me.

"No. I do not really want to spoil my semi-good mood quite yet D." He gave me a look. "Taylor, you said us does that me the two of you are ya know witches?" I asked ignoring Daniel. Taylor shook his head.

"The appropriate word would be sorcerer. But no, no we aren't." Taylor told me.

"Then what are you?" I asked.

"Well were two of the rouge races. People like you and the rest of the Supernatural community typically leave us alone. People like the Edison Group think we're better off dead. I'm a werewolf. Daniel?" I looked at Daniel but he didn't make any move to answer.

"D?" I asked. He looked at me with a sad look in his eyes. I grabbed his hand that wasn't on the steering wheel. "It's ok. You don't have to tell me unless you want to." He didn't say anything and I felt a little hurt. Daniel had been keeping things from me this entire time when I had told him everything. Everything I knew that is. But I really didn't know anything about him. I've never met his family or even heard him talk about them or where he's from I don't really know anything. He looked at me as if he was about to tell me.

"It's going to be getting dark soon why don't you find us a hotel." He said instead and pulled his hand away from mine. I picked up my phone and got to work.