Chapter Ten

Upon arrival at the Ark Silverlight couldn't help but notice all the stares she got as she headed towards Prime's office freely. In fact she would have been shot as soon as she arrived had it not been for Hot Rod, Mirage and Jazz getting in the way. Walking freely around the Ark with the Decepticon insignia clearly displayed on her doorwings for all to see wasn't exactly helping matters either.

Hot Rod had run ahead excited to tell his father the good news. He ran into the office "Hey Dad!" he said excitedly. Optimus looked over a smile appearing behind his faceplate at seeing his son safe and well and back at base.

"Guess who we brought back."

"Silverlight." The Autobot leader said in a slight gasp.

Hot Rod smiled brightly and gave a nod, "Right, she's…"

"Standing right behind you." A voice said humorously.

The red and orange mech looked over. "Hey Magnus." He'd been so eager to tell his father the good news that he missed seeing the blue and white transporter completely.

The semi-truck looked at the femme standing behind his son. He saw how nervous and frightened she looked.

"No one is going to harm you, Silverlight."

"You sure about that?" she said sarcastically. "I saw a few mech's on the way here that wouldn't mind taking a shot at me. Not mention I nearly got shot as I arrived."

"That Decepticon symbol you're showing might have something to do with that." Ultra Magnus said.

"Gee, I never thought of that." Silverlight said sarcastically annoyed. "So what happens now I'm here? We play happy families and pretend I was never a Decepticon."

"Sis, what's wrong with you?" Hot Rod asked surprised by the femme's sudden anger.

"Don't call me Sis, I'm not your…" she stopped and sighed looking tiredly at the floor. "I'm sorry, I'm just too used to being a Decepticon. Perhaps you made a mistake in coming to get me."

Optimus walked over to her, placing a hand on her shoulder. "There are more Autobots that will be glad you are here then you think." He then turned to the car transporter. "Ultra Magnus, would you escort Silverlight to the medbay."

The blue and white mech gave a nod and both headed to the medbay. Hot Rod started to follow them when he heard, "Hot Rod, I would like a word with you." The red and orange mech filched knowing what it would be about.