Shaggy and Daphne

*I do not own Scooby-doo of course*

Well today started out like any other day for mystery inc. Fred Jones was working on the

mystery machine while Daphne was doing her hair. Velma was in the library reading as

always. Shaggy and Scooby-doo were in the kitchen making some weird kind of food. The

gang hadn't had a mystery in awhile.

"Like, to tell the truth I miss having a mystery around because it is boring". Said Shaggy

boringly. "I know honey". Said Velma as she walked right past him and leaving Shaggy lips

out for a kiss. Not that there was any spark in their kiss anyway. Yes Velma and Shaggy is a

couple but so are Fred and Daphne. Their was no spark between Fred and Daphne either.

But their was angry sparks between the couples. Velma was mad at shaggy for hanging

around with Scooby more then her. Daphne was mad at Fred for loving traps more then her.

But Daphne loves Scooby-doo and Velma loves traps. See where I'm going here. "But I got

new tickets to the trap show want to come Daphne." Said Fred. "Sounds like fun." Daphne

said sarcastically. "But I don't really feel like going." She said hopping Fred would believe

her. "I would love to go Fred." Said Velma happily. "I would love for Velma to take my spot."

Said Daphne happily. "Ok" said Fred.

"You sure you don't want to go Daphne" said Fred. "Who cares" said Velma "let's go". "I'll be

fine Fred" said Daphne. After they left. Daphne was sitting on the couch when shaggy came

in from his mid-morning nap. Daphne looked at him surprised. "You're….shirtless." she said

shocked. Daphne never saw Shaggy shirtless before. She never knew Shaggy to be so built

before. He wasn't as built as Fred but built never the less. "Like why does it matter daph."

There goes that name again. He was the only one in the group to call her that and she

actually likes it. "Uh nothing shaggy, just wondering." She said still a little shocked. "I guess

I just forgot to get a shirt, like are you ok daph your turning red." She was blushing for the

first time. What where these feelings.

It wasn't till later that Fred and Velma got back from the trap exhibit. Daphne saw them

kissing and ran to her room crying. Shaggy seeing this decides it is best to go and check on

her. Telling Scooby to come on which Scooby reply's with "rok rhaggy". As Shaggy makes

his way to Daphne's room he can hear her all the way down the hallway. He can also hear

Fred and Velma kissing. Scooby must have got tired and went to Shaggy's room to go to


Once Shaggy got to Daphne's room he knocked. She said "Go away Fred". "Like I'm not

Fred." Said Shaggy a little nervous he never was good at comforting a girl. "Oh come in

Shaggy." Daphne said sadly. Shaggy opened the door too see everything that reminded her

of Fred and Velma torn to bits. Only thing that was left was Shaggy's and Scooby's

pictures. Shaggy walked up to Daphne and put his arm on her shoulder saying "like it is ok

Velma cheated on me too." He said trying to comfort her. "But I thought that Fred was the

one for me." "Like I thought Velma was the one for me." Shaggy said sadly. Daphne now

had stop crying and got onto her bed with Shaggy. "Like but we have to like move on and

like find the one who is really the one for us." Shaggy said. "We have to like just keep

searching for the one." "I guess what I'm trying to say is….". "SHAGGY." Daphne cut him

off. "Like what is it daph?" Daphne leaned closer to Shaggy and said "I want to try

something." She said. "Like what?" Shaggy said confused. "This..." Daphne leaned in and

kissed Shaggy. They both felt the sparks. "Like wow." Shaggy said he was now blushing.

"That's the first step". Daphne said taking off her shirt. Shaggy was amazed and then turned to

see if the door was locked. "Like ok should we start?" Shaggy said nervous. "Sure". Daphne

said. And they began to have passionate love. This is why it is rated teen.

After they were done they went down stairs while holding hands. "Shaggy". Fred said

angrily. "What are you doing with my girlfriend"? "Actually he my boyfriend now." Daphne

said happily. "I'm dumping you Fred." She said even more happily. "I also am dumping you

Velma". Shaggy said happily. "Come on scoob". Shaggy said. Scooby doo came running

out the door with Shaggy and Daphne who were going on their first date together.

Hope you liked it