Another World

Summary : A man found himself in another world. Can he survive and go back to his world?

Rating : T

Genre: Adventure/Comedy

Disclaimer: I don't have Ar Tonelico series, its characters, anything, duh.

Chapter 30 = Opera



*Sound Effects*

11:00 Promise Hill

"Hm, it looks like an Aztec or Mayan's design..."

"What are you saying, Gil?" Cocona asks.

"Nah. Nothing important. It'll be long to explain..."

She lightly punch his ribs in response.

"Silly, we have a long time whilst walking! Why don't use it to tell me?"

"Alright..." Gilbert sighs while massaging his ribs. It hurts, even for a light punch. She's strong for a girl of her age. Granted, she can defend the older girls who's singing behind her.

"...What? How old is it? I though ancient technologies are better!"

"Er...My world was never getting a... 'technological regression' before. It should be natural that newer stuff is better than the older one."

"Yes, but they really can build something that big with only stones?"

"Stones and other stuffs. Remember that my world's current technology is considered ancient by Jacqli, and the building is really ancient in our-"

"Keep the voices low, please?" Jacqli stares at Gilbert, before looking back to the wall, searching something.

"Later, Cocona," he stops talking. After a while, Jacqli seems founds what she search.

"Found it. As I thought, it's sealed with a Hymnos Spell."

"A Hymnos Spell?" Croix did not understand.

"Yes. By talking in the Hymnos language, seals break, or doors open. "

"Like a password or something?" Gilbert also asks.

"Sort of. Here, let me show you," She says, before start to muttering something, almost like a chant. There is a little earthquake, before the floor in front of the wall emitting light. Seems like a portal.

"See, like that. Now we can enter their room."

"I thought the wall there will fall or like that effect..."

"I'll go with Jacqli, the rest stay here. I'm afraid there are some traps inside there." Croix commanded, before he steps into the portal along with Jacqli. They sit down around the portal.

"Talking about song..." Gilbert starts another conversation. "Are there any male singer in this world?"

"Well, there's one old man in Rashek that keep singing, not in Hymnos though..." Luca tells one.

"He's good?"

"Uh...He's good...for his age..." She's doesn't want to tell directly that he's actually bad.

"I mean...male professional singer. Is there anyone like that?"

"There isn't as far as my knowledge allows." Lady Cloche joins the conversation. "Is there one in your world?"


"Can you give an example?"

Gilbert takes out his PDA and access a streaming site. Since all the song magic was opera-like, he decides to take an opera song, with a tenor singer.

As the song fills the air, he takes a look to the listener... They all looks really enjoying the song... About the end of the song, Lady Cloche lets out a small tears.

"The song... It fulls of sadness..."

"I agree... I don't know what he sings about, but he sounds really pained..." Luca also comments.

"What the song is about, Gilbert?"

"It's about..." he does something to the PDA, before continue. "A clown who discover that his wife's cheating with another man...Right before he went to do his job as a clown. This song is his talk to himself to keep the show goes on, turn the tears and distress into jest, and laugh at the grief that poisons his heart."

"What a cruel act!" Lady Cloche explodes right on the spot after she hears that. "Such an infidelity must be punished-"

"Whoa, whoa... Take it easy Lady Cloche... It was just a song. You should relax..." Gilbert calms her. She takes a deep breath, and goes back to sit. "Don't worry, this is only part of a drama. Opera, to be exact."

"Opera?" Cocona asks.

"Yes, like a drama, but they sang most of it."

"...Dare I ask how does the drama end?" Lady Cloche slowly says.

"Wait." Gilbert do something to his PDA again, and takes a deep breath. "... Do you really want to know it?"

"It doesn't end well, does it?" Luca says. Lady Cloche thinks awhile, before she makes her decision.

"...Tell me."

"Uh... He went mad and killed his wife. Oh, and the antagonist was showed laughing in the very end."

"Antagonist? Who?"

"The one who tells the protagonist that his wife's cheating." Not long after, Jacqli and Croix back from the portal.

"Getting something good?" Leglius asks.

"The previous maiden's diary," Croix gives the book to him. "Any ideas where we should go next?"

"Let's go back to my house. Isn't all of this tiring?" Luca suggests.

"Good idea. We go to Luca's house the-"

"Don't forget to buy some paints!" Cocona cut.

"For what?" Croix seems puzzled by his sister's statement.

"Don't you remember? We'll wash out the cruel messages on the house!"

"Alright. She has done so many for us. At least we can return a small bit of her favor by this." Croix agreed, and the party start their journey again.

13:00 General Store

"Sasha, are you there?" Lady Cloche calls into the store. Gilbert looks at the store: it looks pretty rundown.

"You sure we can find paints here?" He asks.

"Maybe, this is a general stor- Oh, right. You never been here before." Luca tells him. Not long after, a little girl runs out from inside of the store.

"Sis Clo, Sis Luca! Welcome!" She immediately greets. Gilbert wonder if she's younger than Cocona. Lady Cloche's expression also really light compared to her usually serious behavior. "What do you need?"

"We need some paints... Do you have some?"

"Of course! What color do you want? I have red, white..." The girl mentions the color.

"Hm... White sounds nice, isn't it?" Lady Cloche says.

"Ah, okay. I don't need something too fancy for my house anyway..."

"It's decided, then. The white one, please." Croix says. The girl goes inside, while the party waiting at the front.

"She calls Lady Cloche 'sis'?" Gilbert asks.

"Don't discuss it, okay?" Lady Cloche herself says. Gilbert raises his shoulder and obey her.

"Anyway, since we are here..." Cocona starts talking again. "Why don't you synthesizing something? I'm curious of what the recipe will turned out!" She speaks to Laura.

"Eh? I'm not sure we have the time..."

"Come on, you'll helped us if it turns out good!" Cocona tries to persuade her

"Mostly it turned to some strange thing though..." Croix says.

"Strange?" Gilbert turns his attention to him.

"Yeah. For example, we made a potion one time, and it turns out to become tea..." Croix says. Jacqli stares to him because of his statement."The point is, why don't you try it? It's harmless most of the time." Croix says to Laura.

"'Alright. If I can help our group, why not," Laura nod to him. "What will I make?"

"Wait," Croix reach his pocket, and take out a paper. "Just follow this recipe for starter. I'll help you if there's something hard to do."

"A bomb!?"

"Yes! Bombs that we usually use is my creation!" Luca immediately declares. "Don't be nervous. Just follow your instinct!"

Not long after, Sasha comes back, with some cans of paint.

'I swear all little girls that I've ever seen here is strong...' Gilbert thinks silently.

"Sorry to keep waiting. Here you go!"

"Thank you Sasha." Lady Cloche says, and hands to her a handful of money.

"Uhm, Sis Clo, this is too mu-"

"Keep the change, and be a good girl, okay?" Lady Cloche quiet her down with a smile.

"...Thank you Sis Clo!"

"Anyway, can we do some synthesizing now? I hope it won't burden you too much." Croix asks.

"Of course it won't! I'll be happy to help. Who will do it? Sis Clo or Sis Luca?"

"Uhm, me," Laura speaks. Sasha looks at her for a while, before Luca decides to introduce them each other.

"This is Laura. Laura, Sasha. She's the shopkeeper of this general store."

"Hello Laura! You must be Sis Clo and Sis Luca's friend. Don't worry, synthesizing's perfectly safe!" Sasha bows a bit as an introduction.

Laura starts to synthesizes according to the recipe, helped by Croix. She tries hard.

"Hey, may I ask something Croix?" Gilbert says to Croix,

"I'm hearing."

"Luca and Lady Cloche has tried this recipe, right? What it turned to?"

"Luca made a standard bomb, but Lady Cloche's bomb turned to a bath toy..."


"She at first intent to make a bomb that walks to the enemy and explode... But the fuse even not connected at all." Croix close the bomb casings that Laura give to him.

"Um...Why's the gunpowder's not used..." Sasha looks at the leftover ingredients.

"It's the one on that case, isn't it?" Laura says.

"It's magnesium, not gunpowder... It's too late to change it..." Croix informs her, and facing Gilbert. "Now you know how the result can be vary on every creator."

"Well, let's try it then. May we, Laura?" Gilbert asks. Laura nod to him, giving the permission. Croix steps outside, sets the fuse and throws it far away.


The grenade produces a really bright light, even when seeing it from far away.

"That's really shiny!" Cocona comments.

"It can blind enemies with sheer light at close range. It should be useful."

"What do you want to call the bomb?" Sasha asks.

"How about... 'shiny bomb'?" Laura suggests.

"It's a bit too plain..." Cocona gives her opinion.

"It's a bomb Cocona... It doesn't need a fancy name." Croix agrees with Laura on the name. "We should go now, or it'll be too late at night to paint the house." He stands up and says his farewell to Sasha.

"Thank you! Please come again!"