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Chapter 1

Sam woke up he looked around the room the room he noticed that a certain person missing, he got out of the bed and ran over to Dean and shook him awake

"Damn it" Sam snapped "What the hell is your problem? waking me at this hour?" Dean asked rubbing his eyes "It's Angel she's gone"

Sam ran a hand through his hair. Dean quickly sat up "Gone? what do you mean gone Sammy?"

"She must have sneaked out while we sleeping Dean" he jumped out of the bed and grabbed his jeans and top and put them on

"I swear Sam I'm going to kill her" After the boys were ready they jumped into the impala "Any idea where she'll be?" Dean asked looking over at his younger brother

"I don't know Dean, try the park that's where she goes when she has to think"

They arrived at the park they could see Angel sitting on the bench hugging her knees, as Dean parked the car he was the first to exit it and walk up to her.

Angel looked up and she knew she was in trouble with the eldest Winchester.

Angel quickly placed her feet on the floor and stud up as her older brother charged towards her, pissed off look on his face

"What the hell were you thinking?" he asked as he glared down at her "Anything could of happened to you Angel"

She looked up at him and then across to Sam who had an apologetic look on his face "I needed time to think" she replied simply before walking off in the direction on the impala.

"Angel you come back here" she turned to face him "How about no" she carried on walking and got in the car Sam grabbed Dean's shoulder

"Hey Dean just take it easy on her " "Take it easy? she snuck out Sam anything could have happened to her"

Angel got into the car and shut the door, she turned her head and looked out of the window. The boys got in the front and Dean gunned the engine.

He glanced back at her in the rear view "Don't think this conversation is over young lady"

Angel rolled her eyes at Dean "Don't think I didn't see that either…if dad was here you wouldn't be sneaking out like that" She leaned forward

"Yeah well he's not here like always" Angel said and then stared out the window of the impala.

They arrived back to the motel that they had been staying in for the past two weeks.

Angel got out and went to walk towards the motel door when her cell phone alerted her she had a message.

she smiled as she closed her cell phone and put it back in her pocket Sam walked up and opened the door, Angel walked in followed by Dean.

"Hey half point, sit down were going to have a little chat" as they all sat around the table

Angel's cell phone went off again she grabbed it out of her pocket before she had the chance to read it Dean took it from her

"Who's Brain?" "Just a friend" Angel shrugged not really wanting to talk about it.

Dean's gaze hardened and he looked across at Sam then back to his little sister

"Oh right well he won't mind if he doesn't here from you in a few days then" he said as he slipped her cell into his jeans pocket.

Angel shot up off the bed "Dean give it back" se whined as went to grab onto his jeans "No not until you start talkin" she pouted and sat back on the bed "Fine"

"I just went out there to think Dean do you think it's easy for me to be stuck with two boys 24 hours a day and with dad gone..." she trailed off as a lonely tear slid down her cheek

Dean walked over to her a put his arm around his sister "I know were not that easy to get along with but you have to understand were only trying to keep you safe" he explained.

Angel looked up "Dean are you feeling ok? because it's usually Sammy here who gives the chick flick talks"

he ruffled her hair "Don't push it with me cupcake" she stuck her tongue out at him. He got up from the edge of her bed and walked over to his own.

Sam smiled down at Angel and then walked to his own bed.

Angel woke up the next morning early she knew it was the best time to have a hot shower before they woke up, as she grabbed her clothes Dean woke up and made a beeline for the bathroom.

Angel got there first and closed the door "Angel come on I'm dying to use the bathroom here" Dean faked as he wrapped on the door.

She sighed knowing that she could put her brother through that this early, she opened the bathroom door and walked out

"Hurry the hell up Dean I need a shower" all she heard in response was a throaty chuckle come from the other side of the door. She quickly jumped over to Sam's bed

"Wake up Sammy" she continued to jump on his bed. All of a sudden Angel heard the shower going I'm going to kill him" she got off Sam's bed and pounded on the door

"Dean you get your ass out here now"

It didn't work but she heard the motel room door handle being turned, she started to freak out "Sam" she whispered over to him, he didn't wake up.

Then she heard a rattling noise, someone was trying to pick the lock. The door swung open to reveal a tall figure.

A smile graced Angel's lips as she run to the door "Dad!" she squealed as she threw her arms round him, he smiled hugging her back tightly "Hi Angel"

"It's great to see you princess" Angel looked up at him "Dad I'm not five anymore" John looked around he couldn't see Dean any where

"Where's your brother?" she rolled her eyes "He's in the shower the jackass conned me into letting him use the bathroom"

John smiled "Watch your language Angel" he pointed to her "What come on dad i'm sixteen now, besides that's not even swearing!"

Sam hearing the commotion sat up in bed and rubbed at his tired eyes "Dad?" he asked as he got up "Hey there Sammy"

Dean came out of the bathroom after his shower "Hey Angel mind the water, it might be cold" just then Sam ran to the bathroom

"Seriously what the hell? I can't catch a break with this family" Angel sighed

"Sam" Dean heard a rough voice call "You get the hell out of that bathroom and let your sister take a shower"

Dean tuned around to face his father. Sam came out of the bathroom "Yes sir" Angel stuck her tongue out at him on the way passed and locked he bathroom door.

2 Years Later

"Here we are again" Angel's best friend said as they walked up the college steps "Yeah, that's right" Angel giggled back "Oh come on Matt it's not that bad we only have three classes today"

"Yes but we could do a lot more things than study if you catch my drift" he wiggled his eyebrows at her "Down boy" she smirked back at him

"Unlike you I'm not addicted to sex" she continued he laughed at her "Oh honey you know you love it" she rolled her eyes at him

"Come on lover boy let get to class" she dragged him into the room.

Angel made her way to her seat that had been her regular spot at the back of her biology class for the past 12 months, she dropped her messenger bag to the floor and faced the front

Matt sat beside her "Hey angel face what's the plans for tonight? Are you going to this party? Then maybe I can sleep at yours, because I know you get so lonely with out me"

she leaned over to him so no one could here her "Yes I'm going to the party and maybe I'll let you stay at my place it depends on how you behave"

she shot back. Matt smirked back at her "Good morning class" he rolled his eyes and couldn't wait for the end of period.

Angel was by her locker putting her books away when one of her friends ran up to her "Oh my god Angel you'll never guess what happened? Mike just asked me out"

Angel shut her locker and looked over her friend "Yeah that's well that's great Libby" she wasn't really a typical girlie girl so she wasn't really interested but pretended to listen all the same.

"Maybe you should drop by the party when you guys are finished with your date, I hear Garrett is planning to do something officially insane…well let's hope he doesn't decide to jump out a window like last time" Angel smirked

"We might I don't know ye oh by the way horn dog alert coming up behind you" said Libby

Angel turned around to see Brett walking towards her, she looked back at Libby and sighed "Great that's all I need"

"Well hello there my Angel" he smiled as he got closer "Brett how may more times...I'm not your Angel" she picked her bag up and started to walk away but he quickly followed

"Hey wait, where are you going?" "Away from you, you weirdo" she snapped back. Brett grabbed her arm

"Let me go you asshole! or I swear you will regret it" he started laughing at her "Oh angel face what are you going to do?"

"Try me and you'll see" he smirked down at her and she smiled back, without warning she grabbed his shoulders and kneed him in the jewels

He crumpled holding on to her and she shoved him to the ground "Told you not to push me Brett" she smirked as she walked back into the building.

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