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Chapter 3

The next morning Angel woke up, feeling a shooting pain in her back. She quickly sat up "Holy shit" she hated sleeping on couches.

She looked around to see that Sam and Dean were still sleeping, she grabbed some fresh clothes and slipped into the bathroom.

She quickly changed and scribbled the boys a note, she left it on the table. She then grabbed Dean's keys and walked out the door.

As the door closed Dean opened his eyes and looked around, he looked at the clock 'Too damn early to get up' he thought to himself.

As he lay back down on the bed he heard the rumble of the Impala "Son of a bitch" he jumped out of bed and ran to the window to see his baby driving out of the lot

"I'll fucking kill her" Dean spat waking Sam up. Sam's hand slid under his pillow to produce his knife, he jumped out of bed "What? What's wrong?"

Dean turned to him to see the dazed and confused expression on his younger brothers face "Angel...she took the car" Sam lowered his weapon and tucked it back under his pillow 7

"Damn it Dean I thought we were in trouble" He walked towards the bathroom

"No but she will be" Sam noticed the paper on the table. He walked over to it and picked it up "Hey Dean chill out she went to get breakfast" he held the note up so Dean could see it

"Shut up Sam" Dean said as he walked to the kitchen table and sat on the chair he kept looking at the clock on the wall, he was thinking of ways to kill Angel for taking his car.

A few minuets later Dean heard the car pull up he marched out the door Angel looked at him and laughed "What the hell took you so long?"

He asked as he inspected the car for scratches, Angel kept laughing at him "Why are you laughing?"

"Dean calm down, you do realize your in your boxers shorts in the middle of the street shouting like a complete Moran?"

Dean looked down at his attire and marched into the hotel room. Angel walked over to the table and put the coffee's and the bag down

"Dig in boys" she took out a small container for herself and walked over to Sam's bed and sat down on it. "Thanks Angel" Sam beamed at her, he walked over to her and sat down next to her.

Dean took his coffee and sat alone at the table, glaring over at her "So how long do you think the whole glaring will last?" Sam asked, they always bet on Dean's moods

"Just give it another few more minutes then he will start with the shouting" Angel smirked "Hey Dean how long will we be here in town? Because I might have found us a case" Angel said.

Dean glared at her again "Well don't you think of everything?" Angel smirked at him "Yeah I guess I do" Dean stood from the table and pushed his chair back "Smart ass!"

He said as she threw his cup in the trash and headed to the bathroom "I learn from the best Deano"

Sam an Angel went over to the kitchen table to research in what was going on she explained what she has learned, she told Sam that some woman was found in her house with half her body eaten and witness put her ex boyfriend Ryan at the scene of the crime, but it turned out that Ryan has been dead for over 2 years.

Angel scrolled down and it showed you a few pictures "Oh that's just gross" she got up and walked over to the sink to get some water.

Sam looked at the pictures of the victim and examined them. In one of the wounds there was what looked like a tooth but he wasn't sure. "Hey Angel come take a look at this"

She put her water down and walked over to him. She sat on his lap and he wrapped his arms around her waist

"Eww that so is a tooth maybe it belongs to our living dead guy….as soon as Dean is done playing with him self were can go and visit the family of our dead girl" Angel shouted.

Next thing she knew Dean came walking out of the bathroom. He looked over at Angel who was still on Sam's lap and groaned

"What's the matter Dean?" Angel asked cutely "If I didn't know you were brother and sister I would think you two were fucking" Angel giggled and looked at Sam.

She ran her hand through his hair "What's the matter Dean jealous I didn't pick you?" Dean ran for her but she jumped off Sam's lap and jumped on to Dean's Bed.

Sam stood up and grabbed Dean by the shoulders "We got work to do"

"Just hurry I'll wait in the car for you two women" Angel smirked.

She got in the back seat and took out her cell phone and scrolled down to the name she wanted and pressed send, it just went straight to voice mail

"This is John Winchester if it is an emergency please ring my son Dean on 555 78695... dad it's me please ring one of us were worried" Angel then hung up.

Sam and Dean got into the car, Dean pulled out of the lot. Angel pulled her ipod out of her pocket and put her earphones in, she pressed play and closed her eyes.

"Dude what is going on with you two?" Dean asked glancing at Sam. Sam furrowed his brows "What?" Dean sighed "Your all over each other" Sam smirked, his brother was jealous.

"Nothing Dean I just really missed her when she was away and I'm just showing her...maybe you should try it sometime"

Dean looked in the rear view mirror and looked at Angel, he did love his sister but they always clashed maybe Sam was right.

"Maybe after we all should go for a drink?" Sam nodded and smiled at him. Before they arrived at the Henderson's house they dropped Sam of at the morgue so he could examine the body.

Dean and Angel arrived at the house "You still have your ID?" Angel rolled her eyes "Duh of course I do" Dean knocked and Mrs Henderson answered

"Special agent Plant and special agent Starr" he flashed his badge and then Angel showed hers "We would like to ask you a few questions about Tiffany's death"

Mrs Henderson smiled "Well come in" she opened the door wider so they could enter the house. "Please won't you sit down?"

She gestured to the couch Angel glanced at Dean and then took a seat Angel smiled sweetly "Would you like a drink?" Angel smiled "No thank you"

Dean leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees "Sure I'll take a soda" Angel glared at him "What she offered and besides I'm thirsty"

Mrs Henderson came back with the refreshments "Please call me Betty" Angel smiled "Ok Betty was Tiffany acting strange before her disappearance?"

"What do you mean?" asked Dean cleared his throat "What my partner is trying to ask is… was she…was there anything different about her?"

"No not at all" Angel looked around the room, she couldn't see anything out of place. "Did you notice anything different about her behaviour anything at all?"

Mrs Henderson looked to be thinking "Well she was complaining that she was tired all the time, but nothing else...nothing I can remember"

"Thank you for your time Mrs Henderson"

Dean and Angel walked out to the car, as they got in Angel turned to her brother "I think we should have a look at Tiffany's place to see if the cops missed anything"

"Ok where does she live?" "2343 water crescent" They arrived at the house after the silent car ride over, they got out and walked to the door Dean took out his lock pick and started to open it.

Angel kept staring at her watch "Oh come on Dean I would like to get in there before my hair start turning grey"

Dean stopped and looked up at her "Ok smarty pants let see if you can do any better" Dean handed the lock pick to Angel and moved aside.

She worked on the lock and opened it in within a few seconds.

She looked at Dean with a triumphant smile playing on her lips "How did you...when did you?" She just smiled at him and walked in, she flicked the light switch and started to look around.

Dean moved a small ornament and it went crashing to the floor. Angel turned quickly and drew her gun, Dean turned around to have the pistol in his face.

He reached up and pulled it away "Angel what the fuck?"

"What you fucking scared me Dean I thought someone was breaking in" he huffed "Yeah that would be us" Dena snapped back "Oh shut up Dean"

She took her gun back from Dean and they walked into the living room to have a look at where the body was found. They saw dried blood on the carpet.

Angel walked around and went into the kitchen, she smelled something funny so she kept looking. Dean was now in the bathroom checking the windows.

Angel walked over to the fridge and pulled it open. There on the top shelf was a heart. She screamed and shut the door. Dean came running in gun raised

"What?" Angel moved away from the fridge and pointed to it.