I stood for another minute in awe of what lay before me; or should I say above me? There it was, our salvation. No longer would us scrubs have to live cramped together, with every day less and less room. Empty space soared above, stretching way past where I could see, room enough for many more levels.

I heard banging coming from the vents below me. "Riley?" I asked.

"Yea I'm down here. Are you alrig-…holy shoot!" Riley exclaimed as he crawled out of the hole I had made. "What…" Riley was stuck speechless. For some reason I found this incredibly funny, all the built up emotion of the last few minutes of this wonder. I started to laugh, and Riley laughed with me.

After a few moments of cracking up, we finally calmed down. "You know what this means, right Riley?"

"Just after I thought things couldn't change anymore…they did again, radically," Riley wonderingly said.

"Yea, that pretty much sums it up. We need to go tell someone about this!" I said. Riley started to head out, and I took a last look around this magical place, one with the hope of the entire Inside. I wasn't sure how exactly this news would go over, but now that the real reason we are Inside is out, I could be optimistic. I just had to process so much information…my mother's double betrayal, the overthrow of the Travas, whatever role I would have in this new world…and now this…I really did not know what I would do.

"Are you coming?" Riley's voice shocked me out of my reverie.

"Of course," I replied smiling, climbing out behind him. Well, at least I knew I wouldn't have to go at it alone. He and Sheepy would always be there for me, no matter what.