A Little Less 16 Candles

Chapter 25

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Sabrina crossed her arms as she looked around the darkness. They'd landed in Wonderland right before nightfall for the story. Of course the Editor couldn't make it easy on them.

"Pinocchio's not in this story yet. He won't be until...well since the story hasn't started over yet, he won't be here until it does," Daphne said slowly.

"It didn't start over for us," Sabrina pointed out.

"We came from the Editor. He's changing the rules for us," Daphne reminded.

"Well, fine then," Sabrina crossed her arms. "You guys do whatever. I need to sleep," Sabrina said, curling up into a ball under a tree, her arms wrapped around her knees.

"I'm hungry," Puck muttered, standing up.

"No," Daphne stood up, arms crossed. "You stay here with Sabrina, she's pretty much asleep; protect her and I'll find something," Daphne said.

"Well...you could stay with her," Puck pointed out.

"But you're stronger," Daphne whined.

"Fine, I'll stay with her," He crossed his arms. "But only because you used the 'stronger' card," He replied bitterly as he fell to the ground next to Sabrina.

Daphne smirked and walked off towards the woods, her arms crossed.

Puck looked down at the sleeping girl and smiled to himself. Sabrina was so different when she was asleep. She looked carefree. She had a small smile on her face and she let her hair fall into her eyes. She seemed like she was happy and peaceful. Puck wished she could always look like that. He'd never seen her like that before and he liked it.

She turned over and then curled up into a smaller ball before squirming towards Puck. He chuckled under his breath and wrapped his arms around her, letting her rest her head on his chest.

Puck looked down at her, a smile working its way onto his face and shook his head. Then she began to mutter something under her breath. Puck could barely make it out but when he did he couldn't contain the smile anymore. It took over his entire face.

"Puck," she whispered.


Although Sabrina looked peaceful, she was anything but peaceful. Her dream was more like a nightmare.

Sabrina ran, her blonde hair flowing behind her as she raced towards the Everafter Army. They were fighting the Scarlet Hand, the master finally revealed but there was more to it than that. The master had taken over a body-just not the one he'd wanted to. He'd taken over her grandmother's body.

Why was she running towards the army in the middle of a battle? She needed help from somebody magical. She needed help from one person and one person alone.

She needed Baba Yaga and that person was busy fighting. She needed somebody with more power than Mirror had. The Blue Fairy was too peaceful to help and no other witch had enough power. So Sabrina was turning to Baba Yaga.

Upon finding the witch she convinced her to come with her. They left the army, using the witch's house to flee back to the camp. When Sabrina arrived she found the trouble even worse.

Her little sister was curled in a ball, on her side, whimpering in pain like an injured puppy. Her dark, glossy hair was covered in blood and her skin was extremely pale. Her eyes lacked their bright shine and innocence and she wasn't bothering to fight back anymore.

Her parents were lying side by side, completely limp. They weren't moving at all. Puddles of blood surrounded their heads and Sabrina's baby brother was lying between them, crying-the only one besides Sabrina to not be harmed at all.

Her uncle was trying to fight back, pulling out all the magical items he had, but nothing was working. Sabrina knew he had the most reason to want to survive-he had Briar.

The image that hurt Sabrina the most though, was the boy who had given himself up for her. The dirty blonde haired boy was leaning against a wall, trying to remain strong. He was hunched over and his hair was matted down with dried blood. His eyes had lost their sparkle and were glossed over. Sabrina couldn't stand looking at the boy without his usual bravado. It was too scary a thought to think the strongest person she knew could be weakened at all.

"Help them!" Sabrina shouted at the witch. "Why are you just standing there? You're one of the most powerful people I know-if you can't do something they're as good as dead-just like my parents," Sabrina held back her tears.

"I've never seen power like this...there's nothing to do. The only way to stop it is to change time," Baba Yaga said. "And the only person who could do that is the Blue Fairy," she whispered.

"What do you mean-change time?" Sabrina asked suddenly. She remembered the rules of the book. She could change this all if she could get back to that book. It would take one smash...

"You need to change time so this war never happened. But will you risk losing everything?" She asked.

"What do you mean losing everything?" Sabrina asked.

"Changing time so the war never happened means that none of this happened. You never met your grandmother. You never met your uncle. None of the everafters you have met will know you. Are you willing to lose it all? Are you willing to lose him?" Baba Yaga asked her. Sabrina closed her eyes, trying to think. She could save them all-and lose him-or she could lose them all. Only one decision made sense, but she didn't know if she was strong enough to bring herself to do it.

"Sabrina," She heard the wounded boy sigh before he fell. Sabrina sighed; she knew what she had to do.

"Puck, remember me," she whispered.


Sabrina woke up with a start to see the doorway open, Puck leaning against the frame with her sister already on her way through it.

"Ready-this next story may just be our last one," He smiled mischievously.

"What makes you think that?" Sabrina asked.

"Don't you get it? The next one's the story he wants to go to-the next one's Pinocchio," He smiled.

"Then we find him and can focus on Mirror," Sabrina whispered. As much as she wanted to stop this war, she wanted to make sure she couldn't get to the story that could change the course of this war. The dream could have been a prediction, or it could have been an omen. She wasn't taking chances. But she always wanted to spend as much time with Puck as she could before she lost him...before she totally forgot about him.


Sabrina closed her eyes, hoping the image in front of her would change. It just wasn't fair that she'd been in this story for five minutes and would suddenly be sent to the end of the line. Puck was holding onto Pinocchio while he and Daphne screamed for the Editor. Sabrina bit her tongue, wanting the image to change drastically. But when it changed, it just changed scenery. They were in the Editor's library. Then, after the exchange of Pinocchio, they were in...

"Aladdin," Daphne beamed. Sabrina's hopes were crushed at that one word. If Mirror was using the genie to take over her brother's body, she had no hope. But that didn't mean she was going down without a fight.

"Mirror," Sabrina shouted. He turned a smile on his face.

"Starfish," He grinned.

"Don't call me that," Sabrina crossed her arms. "Leave my brother out of this. He doesn't belong in this war," She declared. "If you want somebody...take me," She whispered. She didn't know how it would work, but she could hope she could fight him taking over like she could with Oberon.

"As tempting as that sounds...I need a riper body," He said.

"Then take me," Puck stepped forward. "I have more power than a human would," He glared.

"Oh Puck...what a wonderful bonus you would have been to the Scarlet Hand...but you chose to side with the Grimms. A wise choice," Mirror agreed. "They would have treated you right," He smirked.

"What do you mean by would have?" Puck asked. Sabrina didn't like this. He wasn't his usual brave and stupid self. This time he was a different type of brave. His expression was grave; his eyes glassy and black-a color Sabrina had never seen them. His mouth formed a scowl and his eyes were small slits. Sabrina hadn't seen him this serious or angry-ever.

"Well you see...if you choose to fight me...I'll have to destroy you." Mirror said. "Last chance," a sinister grin formed on his face. "Are you willing to join the Hand?" He asked.

"Never," Puck growled, drawing his little wooden sword. Of course, that was no match for the magic that Mirror sent towards Puck. He flew backwards, hitting a wall of the little room. Sabrina rushed towards him, trying to convince him to stay down while Mirror went on with his evil monologue.

"Sure, risking it all for love...it sounds so heroic, doesn't it? Well you're not a hero Puck," Mirror smirked down at the boy. "So why should it work for you at all? It won't. Instead, you're going to die-"

"I may die but it won't be as a villain like you. And even if I was to die as a villain-it wouldn't be a monster like you. What kind of villain goes around stealing babies and hurting defenseless old ladies and princesses? You stole the parents of two girls who couldn't protect themselves. That's not a villain. That's a wimp," Puck said, trying to sound strong but coming out as weak.

"What a lovely good bye speech," Mirror said as Puck forced himself to stand up. Sabrina looked away, not being able to stand how weak the boy looked. She was so used to seeing him so full of confidence, so ready to fight...so strong and now he was the exact opposite.

"It's not goodbye Mirror," Sabrina said nodding at her sister who jumped towards the large pile of gold in which a lamp was placed. She picked it up, rubbing it quickly and smirking at Mirror's shocked reaction.

The genie appeared full of power and Daphne quickly gave off her wishes.

"I wish that whatever plans my sister has-it works," Daphne said softly. The genie nodded. "I wish that we were in the story of Snow White-but right after my third wish," Daphne said. The genie nodded. "I wish the genie was free," She smirked. The story ended with the genie being set free. Therefore, the story would restart...but revisors would have to come and rewrite the story that had been ruined by the group.

The experience Sabrina had in landing in Snow White was unless the rest of her travels. This time, she landed by slamming hard against the ground as if she'd jumped from a plane without a parachute.

"This plan better work," Daphne muttered, rubbing her head.

"It will," Puck said confidently.

"You don't even know the plan yet," Sabrina muttered.

"I have faith in you," He responded with a slight shrug. Sabrina sighed as they walked towards the Queen's castle. She knew she was letting him down.

They arrived at the castle, walked inside, and grabbed the mirror.

"What are you doing?" Daphne asked.

"I'm fixing it all...none of this will have ever happened but it's the only way I can think of," Sabrina whispered.

"No," Puck said. "NO," He shouted. "You are not going to break that mirror and make it so we never met. You are not making it so none of this ever happened," He said.

"No," Sabrina shrugged. "I'm not," She admitted, dropping the mirror so that it shattered completely. "I already did," She whispered.

{This is the end of this story. A sequel will be posted soon. I would have made it truer to the book but then it would be on hiatus because the ninth one isn't out yet and probably won't be for a like a year. I hope you liked my change in plot.}