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Born in grief

Raised in hate

Helpless to defy their fate

Let them run

Let them live

But do not forget what we cannot forgive

And they are not one of us

They have never been one of us

They are not part of us

Not our kind

Someone once lied to us

Now we're not so blind

For we knew they would do what he's done

And we know that they'll never be one of us

They are not one of us






How could this be happening to them, they risked their lives for the ones they loved and those they hated. One mistake, that's all it took. Just one mistake and they were on the run. If she had not passed out in the middle of a fight, they would still be home, in Amity Park. She blamed herself, her older Brother left with her after revealing his secret so she wouldn't be alone. They had nowhere to go. Where could two teenagers with special powers go? Where did they belong if they were neither among the living nor the dead? The answer lay's in a welcome sign.

Welcome to Jump City young Phantoms.

"Danny, I'm so sorry. If it wasn't for me, we would be having a nice hot meal right about now." It was dark; the sun had set hours ago. Two siblings walked the street; their clothes were tatted and torn, they were tired and hungry. Karyn had apologized fifty times in the past hour. She felt guilty, her older brother and twin, Danny, told her that he chose to follow her. "Karyn, I would never be able to forgive myself if anything happened to you." They reached a park and sat on a bench, Danny hugged his little sister as she cried her self to sleep. He had promised never to leave her side. He cared about the girl, not only because she was his twin, but because he loved her. Most siblings would fight and argue, not these two. They never fought or had an argument. They were so close, but they were even closer now because of their powers.

"Goodnight Karyn, Sleep well." Danny slowly drifted off as a small smile appeared on Karyn's face.

A sunrise can mean many things but it mostly means a new hope in a new day, Karyn had woken up to watch it. But to her a new day brought pain. Though they left Amity Park just the other day, Karyn wanted to repay her brother. She looked at him; he was still deep in sleep and drooling on her. "Danny it's time to wake up." His eyes slowly opened adjusting to the light. "Good mourning Big brother." Danny could not help but smile. Karyn was always so cheerful in the mourning.

No-one would guess that they might not see each other again that day.


Two weeks later,

"Dude, we are getting the Veggie pizza." Beast Boy yelled at Cyborg. They were only two of Jump City's Heroes. With their Leader Robin, friendly Starfire and dark Raven they formed the Teen Titans. "No way you little grass stain we are getting the meat lovers."

"No way Cy, I've been most of those animals." Before they could argue any more a new waitress brought them a cheese pizza, an herbal tea for Raven, three sodas for the boys and mustard for Starfire. "Who is that? She's cute." Beast boy asked hearts filled his eyes.

"Her name is Karyn." The Titans turned around and saw an older waitress behind them. "She started working here just two weeks ago. Strange thing is; she never takes an order, she seems to know what people want."

Before anyone can say anything the manager appeared. "Attention everyone, today we are going to announce this months 'Employee of the Month', though she not long started here she has become quite popular with you guys. Please give a round of applause for this months Employee Karyn." Karyn turned her head as another waitress pushed her forward. Everyone there clapped and cheered as the manager gave her a bouquet of flowers and a two hundred dollar cheque. "I- I don't know what to say. Thank you sir." Her voice was soft and gentle. "No, thank you Karyn. You have been a wonderful worker. You're a bright and determined young girl. You have earned this my dear."

"Thank you sir." Karyn looked at the flowers. She had a sad look on her face.

"What's wrong with her?" Cyborg asked.

"I think she lost a family member in the building collapse that happened two weeks ago." The waitress said clearing off a table next to them.

"That Poor girl, I wonder who it was that she lost." Starfire wondered. The Titans watched Karyn as she continued her work.

"See you tomorrow Karyn."

"Bye." Karyn walked all the way to the bank, a lot of people were there. She walked up to an empty counter. "Excuse me; I'd like to cash this cheque." The lady at the counter smile and took the cheque. She handed over two hundred dollars. Karyn sat the bouquet of flowers on the counter and placed the money in her purse. She grabbed the flowers and started to walk out when a guy blocked her path.

He grabbed her and pulled out a gun, "Nobody move." Everyone in the bank got scared. Five other guys barged in with guns and sacks. The guy that held Karyn, their leader, ordered the Tellers to fill up the sacks. The suddenly, out of nowhere someone begun to sing.

Darkness of white you can

Through the sadness take your flight

And become the wings that pierce the veil

Spreading strong and true tonight,

Karyn dropped her bouquet and snapped her eyes opened. She grabbed his outstretched arm and flipped him; soon she was surrounded by his goons.

Brought into the light at last

By the cold exposing sun

I was granted freedom tame

To become the chosen one

Through the mirror, night reflected

Miraculous to see

My soul threw away the mask

That hides the deeper me.

She punched, kicked and head butted, the leader stood up and trod on her flowers; now she was ticked off. Besides the leader three more goons still managed to get up.

Breaking the dark of night

Piercing the painted white

Cut it all away

From yesterday

Till a new era's in sight

Unlock the heart with in

Let it spread its wings and soar

Rising up in flight, through the night of white

And fly on forever more.

She jumped up and delivered a round house kick to all of them; knocking them out cold. The other hostages clapped and cheered, "Thank you big sister." A little boy said giving her a hug. Karyn grabbed the ruined flowers and run to her apartment.


"So, let me get this straight, one girl who is not a member of the Teen Titans took out all six of them?"

"Yes officer, she was just leaving when the leader grabbed her and pulled out a gun, he's goons came in, she started singing and kick their butts. And left." The bank teller that had served Karyn said. "She got very angry when the leader trod on her flowers. I would not want to get on her bad side."

"I'll have the Titans look for her."

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