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"Seriously guys. Why do I have to wear this stupid blindfold?" It was the next morning, Kat and Midnight had already left. Straight after breakfast Beast Boy had placed a blindfold over Karyn's eyes. They then placed her into the Titans jet*. She could hear the engines start up, Yami started to dig her claws into a cushion that Beast Boy had placed on Karyn's lap. Karyn felt the machine move and leave the ground.

"It's a surprise Karyn." She heard Beast Boy's voice over the head set that was placed over her head.

Karyn groaned, she wasn't really into surprises. However, for some reason she had a sense of dread deep within her core. 'Why do I have a bad feeling about where we're going?' She thought. Part of her hoped the trip wasn't to long. She hated not seeing where she was going.

They finally landed, Yami couldn't get out of the jet fast enough. "Okay Karyn you can take it off now." She heard Beast Boy said, she could tell he was grinning from ear to ear. It took a while for Karyn's eyes to adjust to the light. She looked around and knew where she was.

"WHAT THE HELL! WHY ARE WE IN AMITY PARK?!" She yelled at them, her eyes were glowing ferociously. Sweat drops appeared on their head as they all gulped. Karyn turned around and sighed. She couldn't stay made at her friends. She looked down at Yami, noticing that something had caught the kittens attention she looked in the direction that Yami was facing. "Oh no!" Not long after she said that an explosion rang out. "TITANS GO!" Robin called out as they followed Karyn to the cause of the explosion.

Karyn froze when she saw the scene, Green flames ensnared the Nasty Burger. Karyn heard Robin ask if any one was inside, an onlooker said that the Fenton's and some children were trapped inside.

Karyn's eyes widen. "No I refuse to lose them. DO YOU HEAR ME?! NEVER AGIAN!" she flew into the fire and unleash a huge ice attack that froze the flames. She saw which kids the onlooker meant. "Sam, Tucker, Layle are you guys okay?" she asked as she placed shields over them. They nodded as she teleported them out. She found her Parents under a beam, she bent down and checked for a pulse feeling relived when she found out they were still alive just knocked out. She phased the beam gently off them and started to carry them outside. Once they were safe outside she went back inside to see if anyone else once trapped. She checked everywhere but no-one else was inside. She went back out side turned to face the Nasty Burger and snapped her fingers to which the frozen flames shattered, leaving behind a still stand albeit burned Nasty Burger. Her parents started to came around. As soon as they saw the ghost girl they drew their weapons. Karyn rolled her eyes. "And your welcome." she said with a smile though Raven sensed a bit of sadness. But the big questions were what caused the explosion? And why was Karyn scared when she heard who was trapped?


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* I can't remember what they call the Jet sorry.