A/N: This is a short drabble I wrote on the back of notes I wasn't aware we were turning in. At least it was in English class? But seriously, The Scarlet Letter makes me want to hang myself in boredom. Please enjoy!

The Doctor stretched languidly, wriggling each of his ten toes, each of his ten fingers. He could feel the two hearts thump in his chest happily and slow their drum as the Time Lord awoke from slumber. He slept more soundly, now, sandwiched in the large bed between Jack and Rose. Ever since they had found out about his nightmares…. The Doctor shook himself slightly, smiling at the two still-asleep humans. He stared at Jack who happened to be sleeping on the side the Doctor was facing. The Doctor sighed, stifling it halfway through. The man who couldn't die. The man who time could not touch. Jack was also the Face of Boe, not that the Time Lord knew that yet. But so far, it seemed impossible to get rid of the 'Captain of the Innuendo Squad.' Not that the tenth Doctor minded anymore. Jack just felt… wrong to him, but he had gotten used to that particular fact. It was probably the fact that Time didn't touch Jack and it touched everyone else including himself, The Oncoming Storm. Gently, so as not to wake either of them, he moved himself so that he was lying on his back. Rose stirred, breathing against his skin ang moving as close as humanly possible. It was amazing, he admitted, having Jack in his bed. But it was so much more amazing with Rose. She had taken the war-beaten him and changed him into a kinder man. Bad Wolf, the kind one that made Jack who he was. She stirred again, her eyes fluttering open. She gave him a smile, rubbing his bare chest with one hand gently. Rose pressed against him more, kissing his lips gently.

"Is it morning?" He laughed quietly.

"I think." His voice was heavy and husky from sleep. They kissed again.

"If you two are going to do anything, I'd like to be included." The Tenth Doctor chuckled a little bit, wrapping an arm around Jack's shoulder and giving him a soft kiss. Rose looked at them happily, giggling once.

"This is a perfect morning," The Doctor stated. The two hummed in agreement.

"Last night was too," Jack said, waggling his eyebrows in suggestion. The Time Lord rolled his eyes. Rose got out of bed slowly, putting her feet on the soft carpet. The two men stared at her figure while she walked across to the drawers to look for clothes.

"Where should we go today?" Getting no answer, she turned towards the bed.

"I don't think we'll be getting an early start today. We're unfit for adventure," Jack replied. Rose rolled her eyes, getting back into bed and she was immediately embraced by the two, who kissed over her shoulder. The three smiled and…

The Doctor's eyes shot open, and he looked at the ceiling. The rest of the bed was cold. The TARDIS was empty… no companions. No one around. His song was ending, his sanity webbing. He didn't want to go, really, but he knew he had to. His dreams were his only savior. The only time when he could once more be in their arms.