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Annie sat typing up the reports from the case, they were still waiting to hear from the Crown Prosecution Service regarding what could happen to Keats. She just hoped that the CPS didn't go easy on Keats because he was a former police officer. She sighed as Ray placed a mug of coffee on her desk.

"Before you go on about it that is decaff" He watched as she smiled. Ray never failed to surprise her. When the other men weren't there he was the kindest man anyone could hope to meet. Out of all the men in CID, including her Sam it was Ray that had the best manner with the many victims and families they came across, surprisingly enough for the team's resident action man he had always been able to create a rapport with the children they met. Molly and Ruby loved him.

"Thank you Ray" Annie smiled.

"Well, dun want that 'usband of yours going on and on about caffeine being bad for pregnant women" Ray shrugged as Annie shook her head and smirked.

"Oh that's thoughtful" She watched as he pulled a face.

"Shut up you daft mare"

"Yes Ray" Annie laughed as he tried and failed to suppress a grin. Both friends fell silent as Chris and the others began walking into the Squad Room. Sam looked like he hadn't slept all night, Annie could vouch that was the case. Gene walked straight past the team into his office as Alex slipped into her seat. Her bruises still evident as she tried to brush her hair in front of her face to hide them.

"Alex?" Annie looked across at her.


"You could have taken the day off" Annie suggested as Sam nodded. He couldn't help but stiffle a yawn.

"So could you Sam" Annie laughed as Alex spoke to her husband. "Sam Tyler, what kept you awake last night?"

Chris and Ray jeered as Alex spoke. Annie rolled her eyes. It was far from what Chris' lurid imagination had been. She watched her husband as he logged on his computer.

"Just thinking, all the loose ends. How Keats got so many people to do what he wanted. We have to make this stick" He yawned again as Shaz sighed, got up and went to make some caffinated coffee. He smiled in gratutude as she yelled if anyone wanted coffee.

"Oh it'll stick alright" Gene shouted from his office doorway. "It'll stick if I 'ave to nail it to his body bloody arse"

Alex turned and closed her eyes. She knew Gene was still upset. That he had been worried sick about her and the kids. After everything, it was Evan's betrayal that nearly killed her. He had been like a father to her, it still made her feel sick that the lawyer had not only been involved with Keats and the Hughes brothers but had conspired with her ex husband to destroy everything she cared about. She could believe it of Pete but not of Evan. Yet it had been Evan that had given her the black eye she was currently trying to cover up. Gene glanced at Shaz before turning back to Alex.

"Guv" The youngest member of the team looked up.

"Yes Shaz"

"Peter Drake"

"What about him?" Alex answered.

"He wants to talk to Alex"

"No" Gene spat. "Over my dead body"

"Gene" Alex could see that Gene's blood pressure was so high at the moment, he was in danger of having a stroke.

"Bolls, you really want to spend time in the same room as that man?" Gene could hardly believe it.

"I want to ask him why" Alex knew no one else in the room would understand. "And seeing as I don't want you on murder charges I think I should see him on my own"

Gene stared at her. He had known the questions Alex would have would be eating away at her. He glared at her as he pondered what she had said. Sam and Annie glanced at each other. They knew Alex was right, Gene would barely be able to stop himself from killing Drake and Evan. It was the reason Sam had taken Chris with him to interview the lawyer.

"No way, no bleedin way" Gene tried his best not to shout.

"He's right Alex" Ray backed his friend up. "You speak to him and the CPS will throw it out. The defence would have a field day. You can't do this on your own"

"Evan tried to take my daughters" Alex took a deep breath. "He lied to me my entire life and he has helped Peter. I am never going to get the truth from Evan. It had to be Peter"

"Alex" Gene narrowed his eyes.

"Guv, I'll go with her" Ray watched as Annie nodded.


Phyllis glared at the teenage shoplifter in front of her. She was not enjoying her time on the desk. Glancing at the young PC next to the teenager she couldn't help but think it was heartbreakingly sad that the girl in front of her was stealing. She looked no older than Molly.

"Ray?" She looked up as Ray walked towards her.

"Phyllis luv, I need an interview room. Me and Alex are going to talk to Drake"

"You and Alex?"

"Problem Phyllis?" Alex smiled sweetly as she joined them. The teenage shoplifter was long forgotten.

"No, no luv, if that's what you want" Phyllis handed over the key "Room 4 is free"

"Thanks" Ray followed Alex towards the room as Phyllis arranged for Drake to be brought from the cells.


Gene sat at his desk, he knew he should have been writing reports, returning the DAC's phone calls and getting ready for the meetings he had later in the week. He couldn't concentrate on anything other than what was going on in Interview Room number 4. He had known Drake had been violent, cheated on Alex and basically ignored Molly from the day she was born but he couldn't help but worry that she'd see something in Drake she didn't see in him. He knew he was being ridiculous but he couldn't help it. Drake was the same age as Alex for starters. Had been to university the same as she had. Yet he had helped Keats arrange all this. Why? That is the one question I can't get my head around. Because Molly wants me to adopt her? It's days away from being finalised. Too late to stop it now. He threw his pen on the table in front of him, if one thing was certain the Manc Lion didn't show anyone how insecure he really was. It had taken him almost six months to ask her out properly. Dover bloody sole. I can do soul Bolly. He closed his eyes at the memory. He looked up to see Annie stood in his office doorway.



"Stop worrying" She smiled as she turned and closed the office door "I've known Alex for years. She's ok, she can handle herself and Ray is there"

"Ray is being there, that's the reason to be worried" Gene smirked.

"Fair point" Annie laughed as she left the office.


Ray sat next to Alex in Interview Room 4. The empty room was almost eerie as Ray glanced towards Alex.

"Why are you doing this Alex?"

"Could ask you the same question"

"I've known Gene forever. He wont say anything but you being in the same room as Peter Drake will just about kill him. Especially if he knew you were on your own. And anyway, you're a mate" He shrugged.

"I can see what Mia sees in you" Alex smiled.

"Soft mare"

Alex couldn't help but smile.


Evan was worried that Drake would tell Alex the truth. He knew she knew he had an affair with Caroline, but he didn't know if she knew about her true paternity. He wasn't really sure how Drake and Keats had found out. He sighed as he let himself be led out of the room.

"Drake" Evan yelled as Viv walked him back to the cell. Peter Drake looked up and smirked as the older man called him. Ray and Alex sat nex to each other as they heard the shouting from the corridor outside. She was sure for a moment she had heard Gene's voice. Ray sighed as she marched towards the door. He followed her, aware that they were probably walking into the mother of all showdowns.

"Alex" Ray sighed as he followed her.

"Peter" Alex stepped out the room into the middle of both men.

The silence was deafening as she stared at her ex husband. Gene and Sam appeared in the corridor as Phyllis cursed. Peter Drake smirked as Alex walked up to him. She completely ignored Evan.

"I thought you wanted to talk to me" Alex spoke to her ex husband for the first time in years.


"You were able to do that in the garage. You had plenty of time to say what you wanted when you kidnapped me from the station" Alex stared. "But I didn't get the chance to say what I wanted"

"Bolls" Gene stepped forward as Drake narrowed his eyes.

"I'm not scared of you anymore Pete. I've got everything I need and Gene is twice the man you could ever hope to be. Stay away from me, stay away from my family. You aren't wanted here by me or mine and Gene's girls" Alex walked past Drake as Gene smiled.

"You heard the lady" Gene stared at the younger man as Viv dragged him back to the cells. Sam and Ray ushered Evan back to the cells leaving Alex and Gene alone.

"Gene" Alex smiled as Gene pulled her into his arms.

"You meant that?"

"Course I did. I love you" Alex smiled as Gene tightened his hold on her.

"You know about him and Evan?"

"Yeah, don't care Gene" Alex smiled "Aslong as you, me and our girls are together nothing else matters"

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