Now, I don't know if the name of Mrs. Barrington was ever mentioned in the movie, so her name is going to be Allison Barrington. Mr. Barrington is Norbert Barrington.

Oh, and Henry's eye color is going to be hazel green, as are Beary's.

I do not own the Country Bears. But I do own Jewel, Jordan, Tasha, and James Stone, Josh Chase, and any other character you do not recognize from the movie.

I also do NOT own the music in this fanfiction. They belong to their proper owners. If you want to find their owners, type in the lyrics on Google.

And I'm changing something: Henry never told the Bears why he was having the reunion concert, only that it was a benefit show. He didn't tell them the full reason until after the field scene in the movie.

Oh, and I'm changing the timeline. They broke up little over 11 years ago, in 1991. They were all around 16-20 years of age when the band was formed in 1976, a little before the talent show where Benny Boggswaggle hit Zeb with a chair. When they broke up, they were all around the ages of 31-36. Henry was around 25 when the band began, and was around 39 when they broke up. When Beary was born in early 1992, Henry would've been around 39 or 40. Now he's around 50½. Right now, some of the Bears around 41-45.

Current ages:

Henry Dixon Taylor – 50½

Ted Bedderhead - 45

Fred Bedderhead - 44

Tennessee O'Neal - 43

Trixie St. Claire - 42

Zeb Zoober – 41

Jewel Stone – 11¾

Beary Barrington - 11

And now we begin…

The Nashville Tribune
Sunday August 4th, 2002
Full story on page 2

Reed Thimple glared at the newspaper headline. Underneath the obnoxious heading was a picture of the famous Country Bears and their newest member—and the very reason they were back together—Beary Barrington, all smiling on stage after their concert. Under that was another picture of them all standing in front of Country Bear Hall. Opening the newspaper to the second page, his eyes filled with the same rage he always had when he read this particular story as he had for almost a year.

Young Beary Barrington, newest member of the Country Bears, fulfilled his dream to meet his heroes, the Country Bears, a week ago when he brought the disbanded Country group back together for a benefit concert on Saturday night.

Beary ran away from his home after believing that he did not "fit in" with his human family. Following the advice of one of his heroes, Fred Bedderhead, who said this many years ago, "At Country Bear Hall , you can be different and still fit in", Beary went to Country Bear Hall , hoping to find somewhere to fit in. What he found instead was a near foreclosure building that was soon to be torn down due to heavy debt.

When he learned that his favorite place in the world was going to be torn down, Beary went to Henry Dixon Taylor, the owner of Country Bear Hall and former manager of the Country Bears, and suggested that they get the band back together for a benefit concert.

"When this kid first came to me with the idea, I outright shot it down. I knew there was no way that the band would get back together. Not in a million years, that is," Henry told reporter Jordan Babcock. "I went up to stand in the balcony to, you know, listen to the music notes that got trapped up there from all the music that had been played in the Hall, and I heard one of my favorite songs being sung. At first I thought I was back in the olden days, watching the gang play onstage, but then I went outside and the singing got louder. I walked over to the small pond and found Beary sitting there with a guitar, singing, "Where Nobody Knows MyName". I don't know what happened exactly, but it made me think about what he had said."

Henry laughed, "Next thing I knew, I had warmed up to the idea and off we went to get the band back together."

Reed angrily crushed the paper into a ball. 'So… It was the kid that ruined my revenge!' he thought angrily. 'Him and Henry both!' He got up from where he sat between two dumpsters and was about to throw the paper ball into one of them, when he paused and opened it again, going to the first page. He stared at the second picture thoughtfully for a moment. 'Beary Barrington, eh?'

His eyes turned cold as he continued staring at the young bear in the middle surrounded by the older bears. Next to the young bear was Henry, who had his paw on Beary's shoulder. Both were smiling. 'You brought my enemy back together, young Beary. Because of you and Henry, my life has been ruined! A mistake that you will all regret for the rest of your lives!'

Reed had lost his job after he had gone crazy when the Bears got back together and saved Country Bear Hall, gotten drunk, and left. He had hit a child and killed it, getting himself sent to jail. There, he had read The Nashville Tribune. Then he had seen the headline, announcing the Bears' return. When he had seen the picture below it, he had studied it carefully. To his surprise, he had seen the young bear standing among his enemies. It was then that he knew what he had to do: he had to get revenge.

Nearly three months after arriving at the jail, he had broken out, thanks to the help of an "acquaintance" who also hated the Bears, but for a different reason than himself. The bear, (yes, it had been a bear that had helped him) told him something else as well.

"Find the Heart of the enemy, and you find their weakness. Destroy the Heart, and you destroy the enemy."

He thought for a moment. 'Hm… the only way to bring down the enemy is to strike at the Heart. Moreover, the only way to make sure the enemy doesn't recover is to kill the Heart… Well, I've found the Heart of those cursed bears.'

Reed looked at the brick wall in front of him, imagining the expressions of Bears when their Heart was destroyed. "Yes… They'll suffer!" he whispered with a creepy smile. "They'll pay… They'll all pay!" he shouted, his voice echoing in the empty alleyway. "NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES, THEY WILL PAY!"


By: Uzumaki Fenix