Author: Lora Kael

Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars and I don't make any money writing this. This is purely for fun and practice.

Notes: I started writing these little snippets as a way to get more fanfiction in my everyday life, since I don't really have time for writing a lot, and to get myself back into the habit of writing. :) It's the plan to keep this up and post new chapters every month. Please review after reading.
Also if anybody feel like using one of these snippets for a fic then you are free to do so. Just please let me know about the fic in question. :)

6/10 2010
"How did I end up here?"
"Your family was killed, you tried to help everyone else, and then everybody looked to you for hope."
"That...was a very good summary."
"I do my best."

7/10 2010
"Mirax is going to kill me."
"Mirax and Iella are going to kill me."
"Winter will never forget this."
The other two nodded solemnly. "Yub."
"They'll skin us once we get out of this cell."
"I'm done listening to Wes' proposals!"

8/10 2010
"Today's snippet is brought to you by the Hutt cartel - protecting (own) interests for over 4000 years!"

11/10 2010
"Well, that was easier than I thought it would be, Master."
"Don't say that; next thing you know something goes off track when you do."
"I don't believe in-"
"Die bloody jedi murderers! Arrh!"
"What? We haven't-"
"Told you. Now fight, Padawan."

13/10 2010
"So... why am I wet?"
"Well, after you went unconscious, I had to pick you up, run through the field, and jump into the river to escape the battle nek that was trying to tear your throat out."
"I guess being wet isn't so bad then."

15/10 2010
"Did that sound come from Wedge's office?"
"Then I don't want to know."

16/10 2010
"Sith, sith, sith, sith, sith! Why does these things always happen to me?"

19/10 2010
"What are you hiding?"
"Come on, I can see you are hiding something. What is it?"
"Just a little gift for you, dear. Happy anniversary."

20/10 2010
Pew! "Stop or I'll shoot!"
"Didn't you just shoot?"
"Stop or I'll shoot again!"
*shrug* "Okay, if you say so."
"And shut up!"
*thumb up*

28/10 2010
"Next on Rouge Squadron:
-'How do you put lipstick on while pulling 3G turns in your fighter?'
-Someone gets a modeling offer from Galactic Glamor!
-One of the boys shows it all!
We'll be back right after the commercials!"