AN: This month have some more serious snippets, as I sometimes like to offset the more silly onces. Hope you enjoy them. :) Also: Merry Christmas and happy New Year!


1/12 2011
"It's a beautiful day."
*grumble, grumble*
"I take it you're not a morning person then."

6/12 2011
"Marriage? They can't marry!"
"Why not? It will be a symbol of how much we have achieved."
"But...but...they're girls!"
"Women. The term is women."

7/12 2011
"Those with unlimited power will always end up misusing it and become corrupt. It is a universal truth. Therefore I never trust a powerful jedi. Neither should you."

17/12 2011
"Whoa, stop! She's a friend, she won't harm me!"
"Got control of your pet?"

21/12 2011
"His aura feels like... a vortex. It used to feel calm and controlled, but that is gone now."
"That isn't good. We have to find him!"
"Yeah. And preferably before someone tries to shot him."

29/12 2011
"What is this?"
"A gift. Happy Fete Week."