The Hunger Games

A voice rings out,

the crowd goes silent.

Waiting for the Tribute

of the Games, ever violent.

Everyone freezes,

as the last name is drawled.

Will you go home?

Or will you be called?

They fight to the death,

on live T.V.

There's nothing they can do,

to end this bloody spree.

To win the games

is a prize indeed.

If you like to cry

and bleed.

If you loose,

well that's a different story to tell.

Where do you go after death,

to Heaven, or to Hell?

No matter what happens

in these Hunger Games,

is it really worth the battle?

Having the remembered name?

Now, that's only for you to decide,

when it comes down to it.

Maybe winning the Games

isn't really worth it.

I made this one longer because it is the last one. Now I can put this story as complete. Thank you for everyone who reviewed, favorited, alerted, and who read these poems. Make sure you check out my last Hunger Games fic, which I will be posting tomorrow. I wonder if I was the first person to get all characters into one multi-chaptered poetry fic - Hm, maybe. Thanks again to all of you! I hope you enjoyed this.