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1. Fight

"Say it one more time and I will separate your head from your body." Lightning threatened as she glowered at the smirking brunette.


Birds broke from the cover of trees as a loud yelp was heard.

2. Lost

Fang stood in the old room she and Vanille used to share. The creaky old furniture was in the same spot where they had left it. All of their things had acquired a light covering of dust. Fang picked up the old chocobo that she used to play with when she was small. Vanille would occasionally steal it from her when she needed comfort and Fang wasn't there, which was rare. Her fingers ran over the cherished toy. She felt lost. Everything, everyone that she knew from her time was gone. It was only her and Vanille. No, she thought, jaw tight with emotion, we have our family. The other four l'Cie were her family now as well. She wasn't alone. She never would be alone again.

3. Pathetic

"Oi, bet you feel pretty pathetic, eh Sunshine?" Fang chuckled as Lightning thrashed around, trying to get her cape loose.

She spun around, the effect lost as she was jerked halfway. "You know, you could help me."

"Aye, I could. But this is funnier." Fang gave her trademark foxy grin, twirling her lance as her eyes scanned the area. "Don't worry. No nasties will get'cha as long as I'm around. But, please," Fang held up her hands, a mock expression of sympathy on her beautiful features, "take your time."

Lightning growled angrily as she lunged at the laughing warrior who skipped out of distance.

4. Adored

Lightning felt Fang lift her up from the ground. She could faintly hear Fang shouting something at her, but couldn't respond. She soon began to feel the wind on her face as Fang sprinted away from where she had fallen.

She would never admit it, but she adored the feel of Fang holding her tightly. The feel of Fang protecting her when nobody else would or could.

5. Useless

Fang watched as Snow tried to light a simple fire. The man was struggling with the two rocks he was using. Sure, he was causing plenty of sparks, but he was holding it all wrong.

Just as Fang was about to get up and scold the idiot, Lightning walked into the camp, took one glance at Snow, and grabbed the stones. She walked to the edge of the camp, where there was a large drop and threw the stones over.

"We have magic for a reason, Snow."

6. Comical

"You've tripped over that thing before haven't you?" Lightning look dubiously at Fang's sari.

"Yeah, and you got stuck in door with your cape, Sunshine."

7. Peace

It was calm. Fang lay back, holding the woman she loved in her arms. Glancing down, she saw the normally taciturn soldier was alseep, finally at peace, finally relaxed. Her head was cushioned on Fang's breast, and she couldn't resist running a hand through those pink tresses.

She sighed contentedly, wishing that nothing would change and they could stay here forever.

8. Crystal

Crystal is our salvation and our end. That was what she had been taught. You can live forever, see wonders, but you lose all that which you know and love.

Fang screamed in the dark of stasis.

9. Challenge

"What'sa matter, Sunshine? Not up to some friendly competition?" Fang taunted, turning her back to the soldier.

She was caught off-guard however when Lightning tackled her from behind. Note to self... Fang thought.

10. Music

Fang struggled with the fuzzy sheep. She didn't understand how Vanille got along with these things. They absolutely hated her. She yanked on the fur of one of the creatures and was immediatly headbutted and knocked flat on her back.

Music sounded in the air, causing Fang to peer up at Lightning, upside down. She was laughing. Lightning Farron was laughing.

"Oh so now you show some emotion." Fang scoffed, picking herself off of the ground, smiling softly. "I should get hit more often."

11. Savior

Lightning stared up at the crystal mass of Cocoon. Leaning against the doorway of her home on Oerba, one thought came to her mind.

She promised.

12. Leader

They followed Lightning for a reason. She could handle more than most, she was compassionate, and she cared even if she didn't show it.

She wouldn't leave any of them behind.

13. Warrior

Fang had seen plenty of warriors back on Gran Pulse. They were all ready to fight the vipers, of course, but none of them looked anything like the warrior in front of her.

Beautiful pink hair, seemingly in disarray but framing her face perfectly, pale skin that looked ice-cold, and toned muscles that showed through her flawless body. She looked completely different from what her people had portrayed the vipers to be. She was absolutely gorgeous.

14. Hunter

"So this is what you used to do when you were on Pulse?" Lightning questioned, curious.

"On Gran Pulse, yes." Fang replied, kneeling to look at the tracks they were following. "What, no hunters on Cocoon?"

Lightning shook her head. "Soldiers and civilians. That's it."

"Sounds like loads of fun." Lightning cuffed the back of the brunettes head, earning a wicked grin.

15. Consumed

It felt like fire. Lightning was flat against the wall, Fang pressed against her, their lips melding together. She had tried to resist at first. But Fang had said, "You want this just as much as I do." Which caused the soldier to realize that yes, she did. She wanted it more than anything.

Lightning's eyes closed as she wrapped her arms around the Pulsian's neck. Fang broke off to attack her neck, sucking, biting, and nipping to leave her mark and let everyone know that Lightning was hers. Her hands roamed over the soldiers body, ripping off clothes here and there, wanting their contact to be skin to skin. Fang growled as she ripped the uncooperative belts off, shedding Lightning's coat. She unzipped Farron's half turtle neck, revealing a plain black bra. That was yanked off as well, tossed behind Fang in some random direction and baring her breasts to the chill of Gran Pulse. Lightning shivered as she felt all of her clothes taken off, feeling the cold weather. She shivered for an entirely different reason as Fang's lips closed around one of her breasts.

The soldier threw back her head as she let her emotions consume her.

16. Dependable

Back to back, they fought endless PSICOM soldiers. Neither turned around, knowing that no matter what happened, they could always depend on each other.

17. Trust

Fang had to chuckle, she couldn't resist. "Didn't know you were so scared of water, Sunshine."

"S-shut up." Lightning stammered as she quickly walked away from the edge of the waterfall.

"Didn't you live on a beach?"

"I said shut up!"

"Light, wait." Fang ran back to grab the retreating woman's arm. "Look, I'm not lettin' anything happen to you. Trust me." Fang pleaded.

Lightning glanced at the hand that gripped her arm, then to the eyes that had captured her the first time they met. With a slight blush on her cheek she lowered her head and nodded.

18. Berserk

"No!" Fang screamed as Lightning fell. Her eyes widened as she saw the blood pouring from the massive wound on Lightning's front.

Warriors on Gran Pulse were remembered for a number of things. Foremost among them, was the berserk rage they could control and use against a single enemy to gain the upper hand. When they couldn't control it, they were known to take out battalions of soldiers with their anger, not noticing any injury they obtained.

Fang allowed that emotion to rule over her as she charged at the two Behemoths, roaring out an animalistic challenge. She didn't care if she was hurt or harmed, but nothing hurt Lightning. Nothing.

19. Dance

"They say that if you're truly a warrior, you should be able to dance." Fang said, one eyebrow raised as Lightning continued to shake her head.

"I do NOT dance, Fang."

Fang coughed out a, "Bullshit." Earning her a dark look. "Look fighting on the battlefield is just like dancing."

"Really? I'm curious Fang, because last I checked you can die when you fight." Lightning retorted sarcastically.

"Okay, okay, scratch that. It's like sparring. C'mere." Fang said, grabbing Lightning's hand, ignoring her protests. She pulled the stoic woman close to her, feeling her body warm from embarrassment. "We'll start off slow." She murmured in the soldier's ear, placing one hand on the small of her back and holding the other hand. "You put your hand on my shoulder. Yeah, like that, now we're just gonna sway back and forth, 'kay? It's not that hard."

There was a distance between the two at first, but as they carried on, slowly Light leaned on Fang, resting her forehead underneath Fang's chin. The Pulsian rested her head atop of Lightning's, smiling. She pulled her hand away from Lightning's and wrapped both arms around her waist. As Lightning wrapped her arms around her neck, Fang bent down and kissed her lightly on the forehead.

20. Tattoo

"Did it hurt?" Lightning asked, as she ran her fingers over the dark tattoo.

"A bit." Fang said, watching her hand trace her tattoo. She smirked. "Makes me more badass though." Lightning snorted. "What? It does." Fang argued.

"Whatever, Fang." Lightning murmured, laying back down on top of the Pulsian.

21. Soft

Lightning knew that Fang was muscle. Everything on her body was toned, from her arms down to her calves. She was surprised to find, however, that Fang's skin was unimaginably soft as the Pulsian gave her a loving hug.

22. Walls

The soldier had spent over a decade building up those damn walls of hers. She wouldn't let anyone in besides her sister, and even then it was a challenge for her own kin to get through to her.

Fang rolled her eyes as she watched Lightning walk away, a cold and empty expression plastered on her face.

23. Secure

Under the sheets, in her dark room, it was amazing how secure she felt right now. Fang had her arms wrapped around her, holding her tightly. Her deep, even breathes blew some of the hair from Lightning's face as she looked up at her lover.

She smiled faintly as she snuggled closer to Fang's everlasting warmth.

24. Sorrow

"Lightning no!" Snow said, yanking her back up.

"Let me go!" She screamed, twisting around and hitting Snow so hard, it would have knocked out any other man. He was stunned but managed to hold on with Sazh's help.

Lightning turned back to the two Pulsians as they floated beneath her. Her blue eyes were filled with tears as Fang looked back up at her.

"I'm sorry." Fang murmured, her own tears falling.

A scream was heard as Fang and Vanille vanished in a flash of light.

25. Hurt

"Ow." Fang hissed as Lightning pressed on her shoulder with a Cure spell, where her newest scar was located.

"Quit being a baby." Lightning muttered, peering closer at the wound.

Fang snorted. "Yeah, I'll do my best, Sunshine." It was quiet for a few moments as Lightning charged another Cure spell. "You know, it would probably heal faster if you kissed it."

Lightning's shocked eyes met Fang's amused gaze. Her cerulean orbs hardened as she saw Fang's challenging look. "Tch." She said, casting another Cure spell to linger over the shoulder.

Disappointed, Fang looked away, but went shock still when she felt the warm Cure spell flowing through her and an equally warm pair of lips press against her shoulder.

The soldier leaned back, with an amused smirk at Fang's shocked features. "All better?" She crooned, sarcastically.

Fang shook her head to gain control over her senses. She grinned like a Chesire cat as she leaned forward and said, softly, "You missed a spot." She puckered her lips.

Lightning blushed. Fang smiled as the color rose to the soldier's cheeks. She reached out her other hand, caressing the side of Lightning's face, before grabbing the back of her neck and gently pulling her forward, giving her plenty of time to break free if she wanted.

When she didn't Fang pressed her lips against Lightning's, initiating their first kiss.

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