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26. Silk

Lightning always loved the way that Fang's sari felt. The smooth silk was like heaven made into cloth. The color matched her eyes perfectly, but it accented Fang's dark skin and hair, giving her more of an exotic appeal.

Fang came home from work a few hours later, wearing black slacks and a plain white blouse with high heels. She grinned as she saw Lightning sleeping, tangled up in the sari. "You miss me, Sunshine?" She crooned, picking Lightning up from the ground and carrying her to bed. Lightning murmured in her sleep, nestling closer to Fang. The older woman threw her a warm smile as she carried her bridal style up the stairs.

27. Wrong

"Huh." Fang huffed, one hand on the mouse of the computer, the other cupping her face as she stared, slightly irratably, at the screen in front of her.

"What's with you?" Light asked, lounging on the couch, yawning slightly.

"Some people are so stupid." Fang muttered, darkly. Light frowned a little, getting up from the comfy couch and peering over Fang's shoulder.

"What's FanFiction?"

"A website where people can write about what they want with the story they want, be it game, movie, or book." Fang's eyes narrowed dangerously. "I looked at Final Fantasy XIII... And they got quite a few things wrong."

Lightning raised one eyebrow at Fang's behavior. Why get upset over some people writing their own stories?

Fang's eyes glanced at Lightning, then went back to the computer. She sighed, pointing at the screen and crossing her arms.

The soldier's eyes landed on a Hope/Light fic.

Lightning croaked. Croaked.

"If they think that that little bugger is with you..." Fang growled angrily, getting up and grabbing Lightning. "Then they don't know the meaning of chemistry." She yanked Lightning to her, kissing her thoroughly, making sure to let others know that Lightning was hers and hers alone.

The pink haired women didn't complain one bit as Fang went into possessive mode.

28. Flowers

"Roses are a sign of love... and also infidelity, Fang."

"Are you serious?"

"Nah," Light wrapped her arms around Fang's neck and gave her a soft, gentle kiss. "Just thought I'd get back for all of the 'let's tease Sunshine' crap that you do."

Fang felt like her jaw was unhinged. "What?" Lightning snapped.

"You said Sunshine! I knew you liked your nickname!" Fang squealed, pouncing on Lightning.

29. Hair



"Hell no."

"For Serah."

"I am not going to straighten my hair for a godamn wedding. It's fine and luscious as it is."

"However fine and lusicous it is," Lightning agreed on that. "We don't need your hair looking like you went and slept for a week outside."

She plugged the straightener in. She leaned back, waiting for it to heat up and looked at Fang pointedly. "You do this... and I'll wear that ridiculous lingerie you got me for my birthday."

Fang's eyes lit up. "The edible ones?"

Lightning blushed.

30. Comfort

Lightning and Fang were both orphans. Difference being: Lightning knew her parents until she was fifteen. Fang never knew her parents. She had told her that they had died when she was a baby, in a raid where Cocoon soldiers had destroyed their village. Her eyes would always go distant when she told Lightning this. They would go cold, hard... hiding the loneliness that she had from not ever knowing her parents.

When that happened, Lightning was there to give her comfort. Because for all the brash toughness, the smartass remarks, and the confidence that the Pulsian had, she was still a feeling, living being. And Lightning was there to hold her and tell her she loved her whenever she needed it.

31. Impatience


"I dunno about this, Fang..." Lightning's voice shook.

"Dammit, you are such a tease!" Fang growled, getting up from the chair and bursting through the changing room.

She went shock still as she saw Lightning dressed in the black, lacy lingerie, a faint blush on her cheeks that was slowly spreading to her chest.

After Fang had practically ravaged her with her eyes, she closed them tightly, breathing in and out with a strained effort. "Buy - now. Use - later." She turned, eyes still closed and slammed the door shut.

Leaning back against the door she finally opened her eyes. "Hot daaaaamn, Sunshine." She muttered, still disoriented from an all too sexy Light dressed in lingerie for her.

32. Art

"I didn't know you could draw." Lightning walked in the room, wearing nothing but a thin robe.

"Eh... I didn't have much time when we were running around tryin' to save the worlds." Fang smirked.

Light smacked the back of her head, leaning over for a closer look. What she saw took her breath away... and made her tilt her head sideways.

"You..." She swallowed nervously. "You have very, very..." She looked even closer, wondering if she was even that flexible. "...Very dirty thoughts, Fang."

Fang waggled her eyebrows at her. "And yet you still like it, love me, and you know you want to try it out."

The desire in Fang's eyes was enough for Lightning to tackle her on the ground.

33. Marathon

"You have got to be kidding."

"Uh no. I am not. C'mere." Fang patted the couch.

"We are not having a Harry Potter marathon. I don't care if half of the last movie came out or not. Honestly, do you see me, Lightning Farron, watching Harry Potter?"

34. Exercise

Even though the days of being l'Cie were over, they both loved to spar together. Lightning had to stay in shape for the Guardian Corps, and Fang just liked to spar with her.

They both would go at it for hours, both equal in every aspect. And after that, they would spar in a completely different way for hours, equal in every aspect...

35. Pet


"We are not taking a baby Behemoth home, Fang. That thing will grow up and eat us all."



36. Game

"Why are you so shy?"

"I don't play that game. That's just... just..."

"Kinky? Smexy? Hot?"

A irritable sigh was heard. "Yes..." A flustered voice answered.

"Sunshine, it's just strip-poker."

Lightning snorted. "Just strip-poker..."

37. Pleasure

Good thing the neighbors were gone. Otherwise they would have left a nasty note on their door from the loud screams of ecstasy coming from the home.

38. Dominant

Lightning wouldn't ever admit it. Of course, she was the tough soldier, the type to take charge, be a leader.

On the other hand, there was something about letting Fang take over. Trusting her to be dominant, and yet still be gentle with her. It felt like no matter what happened, Fang was there, would always be there, and never let anything happen to her.

She was protected. She was safe, wrapped in Fang's arms. It was something that had disappeared when her parents died and she was the only one to take care of Serah. And Fang had slowly brought it back.

39. Teardrop

"Shh." Fang said, cradling Lightning in her arms. Today was when her parents died. Lightning was there for her when it was her parents' deaths. Not only was it fair, but it was right for Fang to comfort her while she cried.

40. Kinky

"There's a lot of things in our relationship that I'm not too comfortable with... And this is one."

"Why the hell not? We are girlfriends. Hell, you got the body for it."

"That is worse than the lingerie you like me to wear! That's just..."

"Yeah? What about strip poker? You said that was kinky."

"That is nothing compared to this!"

"Look, it's my job to be the kinky one in the relationship. My job. You do good with the whole 'I'm shy and sweet and a virgin and-'"


"Fine! Have it your way! But when I put it back, you're gonna regret it."

41. Different

"Of all the things that you're not shy of..." Lighting smirked.

"Shut it, Light. Better yet, turn off, Light."

"...That was cheesy."

"I know..."

42. Hormones

Fang was sitting on the couch, listening as Lightning went on and on. She hadn't stopped yelling for twenty minutes. All Fang had done was reach over and grab her breast, only joking, like she ususally does. Instead of the normal blush spreading across the pinkette's cheeks, she had gotten up and started yelling at her. Her eyes went wide as Lightning practically exploded in anger.

Finally she stopped, breathing in and out heavily. Fang cleared her throat, getting up and making sure that the coffee table was between her and her lover.

"'Kay..." Fang began slowly. "I'm gonna go to the store and stop by Serah's. I'll be back in ten minutes."

"Why the hell are you going to the store?" Lightning half-yelled, exasperated.

Fang blinked. "To get you chocolate and Snow, since I'd rather not have a beating myself and it's that special time of the month."

43. Sea

"Ah, nothin' like water, eh, Sunshine?" Fang plopped on the ground and stretched out on the towel.

"Hmm..." Lightning had an mischievous glint in her eye.

When she didn't get a response back, Fang leaned up, turning around to find her girlfriend. "Ooookay..."

She yelped as she was suddenly drenched in a bucketful of water. "That was for the waterfall incident. And for teasing me being afraid of water."

Fang turned around slowly, revenge plainly on her mind. "You're gonna wish you hadn't." She growled, grabbing Lightning by one of her legs, pulling her over her shoulder and sprinting at the water. Lightning laughed as they both got drenched by the waves.

44. Embarressment


"Dont' argue, Claire. There is no can or can't, just do, right? That's how it goes, right?"

"Not exactly." Lightnig grimaced at the black dress that Serah had handed to her. The silk felt very soft to her, and she smiled a bit as the cloth brought back memories of Fang.

"She'll love it promise." Serah grinned at her. "And it's about damn time you wear something besides those ridiculous clothes you normally wear."

45. Elegant

Fang sat with her legs crossed, rotating her ankles into small circles as she absently fiddled with the dress she was wearing. She smiled as she remembered the arguement that she and Vanille had had over the damn clothes.

"Fang! You look so pretty!" Vanille squealed, backing away and putting the makeup away.

"I don't like it."

"Too bad. Serah is making Lightning look pretty too, so suck it up."

There was silence as Vanille finally caught up with what she had said.

Fang smirked.

"Not like that you perv!" Vanille swatted at Fang.

She came back to reality as the door opened and Serah walked out. "And now, let me present your date for this evening!" She gestured to Lightning, bowing.

Lightning walked out, with her constant embarressed blush on her face. She wore a plain black dress with one slit that went all the way up to mid-thigh. The front of the dress was V necked and went down, not too far to be considered slutty, but just the right amount to leave Fang drooling. It was also backless, revealing more of Lightning's toned muscles.

The soldier was also at a loss for words as she saw Fang, wearing a very similar dress, except hers was dark blue fading to a purple that matched her Eidolin.

Serah stood there as five minutes of silence passed. "Okay you two, get out of here, have dinner, and then go to your house to get all over-sexed." She said, grabbing the two and shoving them out of the door.

46. Lust

Fang slammed Lightning against the wall as she devoured the soldier's mouth with her own. Hot pants of breath escaped as she ripped away at Lightning's black dress. She left red trails of raw skin behind as her nails scrapped over her sides, stomach, thighs.

Lightning was busy with biting and sucking her neck, her fingers buried in Fang's hair. Fang growled as the more primative side took over, hoisting Lightning up and carrying her to the bedroom as the pinkette wrapped her legs around her stomach.

Turns out, Serah was completely dead-on when she told the two to get over-sexed. The exception being, those two could never get over-sexed.

47. Wedding

My baby sister is married... Lightning thought, watching Serah and Snow dance slowly. She couldn't wrap her mind around it.

Just then, Fang plopped herself down by Light, setting a dark amber liquid in front of her. "You look like you need a drink." She smirked.

Lightning's eyes narrowed at the suspicous drink. "And how much alcohol is in this?"

Fand avoided eye contact. "Not... that much."

"Uh-huh..." She shrugged, taking a small sip. It was like pouring all seven levels of hell down her throat.

She coughed violently, much to Fang's amusement as she reached over and patted her back.

48. Coincidence

"You're kidding me." Lightning grimaced.

"Nope." Vanille and Serah chorused in unison.

"But... why? I mean, no. We're perfectly fine... in that uh... department."

Lightning squeaked as she felt Fang's arms wrap around her waist. "What a coincidence, meeting Lieutenant Farron in this shop, hmm?"

"Fang..." Lightning growled. Her eyes were like daggers as she glared at the shop that read 'Adults Only'. "This was your idea?"

49. Memories

"Calm down, calm down, calm down..." Fang muttered, pacing back and forth.

Everybody, the l'Cie, their families, and NORA were hidden in the restaurant. Underneath tables with white covers, behind tables, some of the smaller ones behind plants.

Fang's attempts to calm herself down weren't working. "Chill out! You're Oerba Yun Fang, you do not back down!" She slapped herself a few times for good measure.

"Fang!" Vanille called out. "Don't screw up!"

"Aaahhh! Vanille!" Fang hissed. Her little sister poked her head out from behind a table, an evil look in her eyes. "Shut it! You are so not helping!"

The tall woman ran her hands through her hair. The screech of tires outside caused her to freeze up, momentarily. Then she started shaking. Lightning burst through the empty restaurant, eyes flashing to check the corners of the room for any dangers. Seeing Fang she breathed out a sigh of relief and marched over to her. "What's going on? All I got was some random call from Snow telling me it was an emergency and to meet him here."

Idiot blond buffalo... Fang thought, irritated. "Er... It's not an emergency. C'mere." She muttered, grabbing her hand and leading her outside.

There were fireworks exploding all over the night sky. Every color you could imagine was lighting up the crystal surface of Cocoon, celebrating the second anniversary of freedom from fal'Cie rule. "Light..." Fang cleared her throat. She had a whole speech planned. She wanted Lightning to realize how much she loved her, and yet she just didn't... she didn't want to explain with words. Words were useless.

"Aw, screw it." Fang said. She grabbed Lightning and gave her the best kiss she had ever had. It was the kind of kiss that left you breathless and wishing that your body didn't need oxygen. Lightning gasped for a moment as Fang held her, trying to get air. Then she closed the space between them, receiving yet another heavenly kiss. It was rough, but gentle at the same time. Full of passion, and yet full of gentle adoration. The kind of kiss that only soulmates could share.

When she pulled away again, she saw black spots in her vision from the lack of oxygen. "I'm guessng..." She paused, panting. "That you brought me here for more than an amazing make-out session?"

Fang began shaking again and Lightning noticed. "What's wrong?" She asked, touching Fang's cheek softly.

She shook her head, taking a step backwards. Lightning frowned, confused.

The older woman took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a second. Then took one step forward and knelt on one knee. "Claire Farron..." Fang said, softly. Lightnining was still confused, and was watching Fang curiously. Fang looked up then, meeting her eyes and then Lightning realized what was going on. She also started shaking, her breathing speeding up.

"Will you marry me?"

The only sound in the courtyard was the fireworks going off in the distance. The lights flashed different colors on Fang's and Light's faces. Blue, orange, red, purple, green...

"Yes!" Lightning finally said. Both were still trembling as the adrenaline kept going through their bodies. Fang slipped the ring on Lightning's finger.

Only then did they realize, completely, what had happened. Fang laughed picking up Lightning in a tight hug and spinning her around and around. Serah poked her head out of her hiding spot and saw the two. "Hey! She said yes!"

Everybody cheered as they came out of the hiding spot and ran to the two women. Fang and Lightning were smiling as they met their family. Each was hugged repeatedly by everybody, congratulating them. Not once did the two let go of each others hands.

50. Flight

There is something about waking up everyday and seeing the person you want most with you. The feeling you get from snuggling closer, sighing and smiling contentedly. The naked skin of your lover pressed against yours. The sun's rays landing on that skin. When they wake up, they see you watching them, happy as could be. And knowing, that no matter what, we were together, we loved each other, and we were the best damn couple in every fantasy.

They were FLight.

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