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"L-Len…?" Rin was frightened, her voice trembling like her body, in fear. Slowly, she took a step back each time he stepped forward, until she bumped against the wall, much to her disappointment.

She gulped at he walked closer to her, the smirk never left his face. Rin felt her own heart beat rapidly, pounding against her chest. She was sure it was going to leap out soon, especially the moment when he caught her.

Len slammed the palms of his hands against the wall on either side of the girl. She was trapped. Rin glanced up at him, and she was instantly mesmerized by his eyes. His orbs had beautiful shade of sapphire, and they gleamed, as he stared down at her.

He was so close to her she swore she could feel his soft, golden blond locks tickling her reddened cheeks. Sweat dripped down her forehead, from the heat that was radiating from Len. He was just too close to her, she didn't have enough space to breathe properly.


The girl jolted at when she felt hot breath on her ear. And there, resting upon the side of her cheek was melted chocolate. Rin tried to hold back a pant, but to no avail.

She shut her eyes tightly, not wanting to see the situation anymore. But when the warmth lifted off her ear, she slowly opened one eye.

But it didn't stay open for long.

Rin quickly shut them again when she felt something pressed against her lips. Softly, lightly, resting against her bottom lip.

The girl poked out her tongue a bit, trying to see what it would reach.

But instead a pair of lips, she tasted something.

Sweet, bitter, and melting.


Rin immediately opened her eyes, wide in shock. What stared back at her was the same smirk that Len had on him since the beginning.

Seeing her shocked, Len was amused. He muttered, the side of the biscuit part in his mouth. "Eat it."

Rin's face turned a dark shade of red when she saw what he was doing. She tried to think of something, as he nibbled on the cracker, his lips would reach hers soon.

She did the only thing she could think of.

She broke it.

Len's calm expression flinched for a second, hearing the biscuit snap in half. But he quickly retained his composure, before hearing the broken piece of sweet land on the floor.

Rin didn't ruin his plans at all. Breaking the treat in half wasn't going to help her escape.

Instead it backfired.

Now all Len had to do was lean closer; they didn't have to eat the treat to get closer, breaking it did the same treatment.

"You're smart, Rin." He drawled, reaching closer to her flushed face. "But not smart enough."

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