Author's Note: I needed something to post, so I typed this up. I really hate it, but I hope you guys think otherwise!

I took inspiration from HC247's Accidental Kiss story, but I hope this is different enough from it.

Snowball Fight

"Elphieeeeeeeeeeee!" Elphaba woke up slowly, her eyes clouded. She could hear the excited squeal coming from her roommate, Galinda, but she hoped if she pretended to be sleeping the blonde would run off to annoy the hell out of someone, anyone she wasn't so fortunate.


"WHAT?" Elphaba screamed sitting up. To her horror her eyes opened to see not Galinda, but her conceited ex-boyfriend Fiyero sitting too comfortably on her bed, and with a glance down at her nightgown, covering far too little of her small chest, she grabbed her thick blanket and pulled it around her angrily.

"Sheesh, Elphaba, I wasn't even looking," Fiyero joked. Elphaba shot him an icy glare that matched the outside temperature.

"Why did you guys even wake me up so early?" She asked, groaning as she stretched her arms up in the air. Galinda looked shocked. Her eyes popped wide open.

"Why, Elphieeeeeeeeeeee, it's Lurlinemas Eve!"

"So? You don't wake up to open presents until tomorrow, Glin." She smirked. Fiyero chuckled.

"I know that, silly, but it's snowing outside, and Fi-Fi and I are having a snowball fight!"

"A snowball fight? Really?"

"Yeah! It'll be so funtacular!" Glinda hopped off her bed.

"Ah, come on Elphaba, it'll be fun!" Fiyero said. Elphaba huffed and got out of the bed.

When they got outside a thick coating of snow had covered the ground with its powdery sparkle. Elphaba couldn't help but smile as Galinda threw herself at the snow, skipping through it. She rolled her eyes and pulled out a book, finding an untouched patch of land below a tree, and sitting down stiffly. She opened the book clumsily, because of her gloves, and began to read.


A snowball had hit Elphaba's book, sending it flying into her face. She slowly lowered the book, keeping her face furiously calm.

"Who did that?" she asked sweetly. Galinda pointed at Fiyero.

"Aw, come on, Elphaba, I just wanted you to have some fun, and-"


Elphaba cackled loudly. Her snowball had hit Fiyero's nose. It wasn't bleeding, but it was covered in snow. He started to sneeze. Galinda couldn't help but laugh to.

"You're gonna get hell for that," Fiyero said, throwing a snowball at Elphaba, who dodged it with ease.

"I'm waiting!" Elphaba teased, throwing another icy bullet his way. She had spoken too soon, she realized, as another snowball hit her arm.

The two quickly got into a battle, while Galinda watched. Though they didn't notice, their fight had made its way into the nearby park near Shiz, and they had left Galinda behind. The blonde had gone inside, feeling left out and cold. They continued throwing and dodging until Fiyero charged at her and slipped, falling on his face, and then getting up, throwing another snowball that hit Elphaba's forehead.

"Give up yet?" Fiyero challenged. Elphaba laughed.

"Not on your life, Tiggular!" she yelled, chunking another snowball his way.

"Then I will have to punish you, won't I?" Fiyero grinned evilly, charging at her, and picking her up from behind and twirling her around. The two of them laughed, not caring if anyone heard, they were so lost in the moment. When he dropped her, she charged at him.

And he fell on top of her.

The rest was a blur.

In the confusion, his firm lips brushed against her soft ones, and he lay flush on top of her. The two were still trying to catch their breath, and when they both noticed their odd position, they quickly got away from each other, brushing the snow off of their coats.

"Sorry!" they both said awkwardly at the same time. Fiyero blushed. Elphaba looked at the ground.

"So . . . did I win?" Fiyero asked. Elphaba couldn't bring herself to move, let alone smile.

Elphaba backed away, wondering if he had noticed their accidental kiss, if it even counted as one. Fiyero did the same, looking at her oddly. Elphaba turned and walked to the park's path. She thougght she heard him call her, but she convinced herself it was her imagination. She exited the park and entered the Shiz campus, hitting her head on those stupid Lurlinemas decorations strung up. She reached her dorm and opened the door, stupidly looking over her shoulder.

He was staring back.