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It was just an ordinary day in Hazzard County. The Duke boys were on their way back from Cooter's where they'd just had the Generals horn fixed, since it had been sounding a little weak. But this was about to become anything but an ordinary day...

A young girl was struggling to pull along a battered old suitcase down the sidewalk. The Dukes happened to be passing by. "Hey Bo, pull over will ya?" Luke said. Bo nodded and pulled the General off to the side. Luke leaned out the window. "Excuse me" he called.

The girl with the suitcase looked up, blushing when she saw the Dukes. "Yes?"

"Do you need help with that bag ma'am?" Luke asked.

The girl blushed more. "Oh no, I think I can manage. But thank you for offering. Although I do need help with something" Luke was out of the General in a second. Bo chuckled and shook his head as he followed after his cousin. He was usually the one who fell apart over a girl, but it seemed like Luke was the one doing the falling this time.

"What exactly could we help you with?" Bo asked.

The girl blushed more. She thought these boys were very handsome. "Well I... I'm looking for the Sheriff's office. Is it close by?"

"Yeah, it's just a few blocks down" Luke said, pointing. He frowned a little. "Is there any trouble ma'am?"

the girl giggled. "Oh no, I'm just looking or someone. And you can call me Ali"

Luke smiled. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Luke Duke, and this is my cousin Bo"

Bo smiled at Ali.

She smiled back, her face still red. "Uh, it's nice to meet you boys. And thank you for pointing me in the right direction"

"oh it's no problem ma'am... uh, Ali" Luke said.

Bo snickered. He took a minute to check Ali out. She wasn't exactly what a lot of people would call 'pretty'. She had thick dishwater blond hair and big brown eyes that looked even bigger on account of her glasses. She was wearing a black tank top underneath an unbuttoned black ad purple checkered flannel shirt. She had on faded blue jeans with a turquoise colored belt and black boots. She was also short, which made Bo think she was a lot younger then him and Luke. He was surprised when she said she was 17. "Now I hate to sound rude, but I've got to get going..." Ali started to say, but she was interrupted when a middle aged man in a policeman uniform ran up.

"Hold it, I've got you Dukes now!"

Bo and Luke rolled their eyes.

"Oh come on Rosco, we ain't done nothing wrong" Bo said.

Luke nodded. "Yeah, we were just helping this little lady out" he smiled at Ali. Ali turned to Rosco and her eyes widened.

Rosco looked at her. "These boys weren't bothering you were they ma'am?"

Ali was silent for a moment.

"Ali?" Bo said. Luke noticed that her hands were shaking.

"Rosco?" Ali said.

Rosco looked surprised. "Uh... yes" he said slowly.

"Rosco... Coltrane?" Ali said.

"Yes. How do you know who I am?" Rosco demanded.

Ali smiled. "Oh it is you!" she threw her arms around Rosco and hugged him. Rosco and the Dukes were taken aback. "Oh I haven't seen you since... well, since I was a little girl!"

Rosco pushed Ali away from him. "Listen here girl, I think you've got me confused with someone else!"

Ali smiled. "You don't recognize me? It's me... Ali"

Rosco looked confused for a second, then his eyes widened. "Ali? You mean you're... you're Luanne's daughter?"

Ali nodded. "Yes. I've been wanting to see you for so long!" she frowned. "And now with mama being sick and all, she... she wanted me to come stay with you for a while"

Bo and Luke looked at each other.

"uh, pardon me Ali" Luke said. "But how exactly do you and Rosco know each other?"

Ali smiled. "He's my father" Luke's eyes widened. "he... he's your... your what?"

Ali nodded. "Yep, my full name is Ali Catherine Coltrane"

Well I'll be, I never knew Rosco had a daughter, did you? Now this ought to be interesting...

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