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"I guess..."

"No, kids you just listen to your Uncle Paul. What... OWW!"

Today was not a good day to be Jacob Black. He had known that when he first woke up this morning and felt that all too familiar throbbing of a migraine in his head. They were like warnings to him. Then his wife threw herself on him and he thought for a brief moment he was wrong and it would get better.

But oh no... Not for Jacob Black. He sighed as his inner voice screamed at him that he should have just stayed at home and slept.

"Shut up Paul! Your 'wrestling' comment is part of the reason we are here in the first place!" Jacob screamed hitting his brother in-law again once more for good measure.

Paul laughed and shrugged at Jacob. "Hey don't blame me you couldn't keep it in your pants, Black!" He replied back with his usual holier then thou smirk.

Embry and Quil snicker and Jacob glared at them to shut up and fast.

"DADDY!" All three children yelled in unison. All four men stopped their petty banter and looked at the three children currently sitting on the couch.

Leah had just left while already on the phone with Rachel and twenty one year old Claire. (yes being a wolf kept them young and defiantly had some real advantages) Anna Carlson, Embrys fiancée a beautiful half black half Native American girl was already waiting outside for her. When she saw the guilty look Embry was sporting she gave him her own look. A look that read he was in for it later to which he sighed and prayed for a miracle that he knew would never come.

Jacob looked to his little girl, who looked on the brink of tears once more and rubbed his temples. He knew this was going to end very badly for he could feel it in his bones. His sons were glairing at him still convinced that he had been hurting their mother.

Jacob gave a humorless laugh and took a deep breath before starting. "Listen... Kids... Me and mommy... We weren't wrestling... We were..." He looked to his friends and brother in-law for help.

"They were... Hmm... OH! Your mom was having a bad dream! Yeah that's it!" Quil said smiling at his genius idea. The Black children and other men in the room all turned to Quil with a questioning look.

"Bad dream?" William asked still disbelieving.

Embry quickly nodded and smiled. "Yeah, you see... Your mom has had really bad nightmare ever since she was a little girl-" Embry began to say.

"Yeah and being with your father has only made them worse!" Paul snickered to which all three men smack him which caused him to growl back at them.

"Anyway, as I was saying. Your mom's dreams get really bad sometimes and she will fight and kick your dad in her sleep." Embry said giving the kids a small nod.

"Umm... Well mommy didn't sound like she was in pain. Not all the time. Elena has had nightmares daddy and they didn't sound like that." Harry said waiting for his uncles and father to continue on with their explanation.

"Well... you see the dreams... They...well-" Jacob began to say but stopped mid sentence.

"Your mother has always had a weird way of being scared and violent." Paul said giving Jacob a calculating look that he knew would not end well.

Jacob groaned and he knew his children were not buying this. He looked up and prayed for divine intervention. "OK kids... it wasn't a nightmare ... It was..." He began to say when Paul interrupted with his usual smirk.

"Your mom and dad were baking cookies," Paul said as Jacob growled in annoyance at his brother in law.

"Aww man!" Quil said shaking his head.

"That was even worse then the nightmare thing!" Embry said trying to hold back his laughter knowing now was not the time.

"Well we could always tell them their parents were having se-" Before Paul could finish his sentence Jacob grabbed his throat and pinned him hard against the wall feeling completely aggravated. Elena's small whimper and cry that Jacob would hurt her 'favorite' uncle stopped him from killing the older wolf.

The four continued to bicker as the kids looked on getting more and more annoyed by every passing minute. Finally an idea clicked in Jacob's head. He looked to his three children and knelt down so he was face to face with them. He had finally figured out how to end the nightmare of a conversation.

"Kids, mommy and daddy were... Well... we were riding a ride. And your mommy gets very scared and excited on this ride so she scratches and yells a lot!" Jacob said as his three children shook their head's at him.

"Those nights mommy sounds angry and sad it means the ride broke down to early. With your father working it I wouldn't be surprised if it broke down a lot." Paul said as Embry and Quil could no longer hold back their laughter. The two fell to the floor holding their stomach's from laughing so hard and little Elena sighed.

"Daddy your nightmare story was better," Elena said softly. Paul, Embry, and Quil at hearing this began to laugh even harder.

"Yeah dad she's right," Both of his son's spoke in unison.

Jacob finally caved. He was tired and knew he couldn't win no matter how hard he tried. He sighed in defeat and looked at his children. "You were right me and mommy were wrestling!"

Paul and the boys continued to laugh more and more at him as his children looked at him with annoyance and anger. Jacob once again looked up to the sky and prayed for patience. Just as he thought he would get it William and Harry threw whatever they could grab in his direction.

Yep... Today was a day Jacob Black should have just stayed in bed.

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