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A young kitten shivered with cold, late one evening. As he tried to hug himself to keep warm, he looked again at the piece of paper his harsh boss had given him. On it was the location of a dealer who knew when every shipment of Catnip was due in. He could be found at Building 101 on Riper Street. The kit looked around and found he had reached the right building.

Going to the entry door, he knocked out the secret knock, pause, three knocks, pause and finally one more. He waited nervously and a few minutes later a fat orange Kat opened the door, he didn't invite the kitten in.

"Are you the messenger for today?" The Kat asked, tensely, his eyes searching the gloom behind the kitten. The kitten nodded and showed him the letter.

Grumbling something incoherent, the orange tom growled, "here..." handing the kitten a piece of paper " go...I have a feeling someone's watching us." With no more warning than that, the big Kat stepped back into the building and slammed the door with a bang.

The kitten was grateful for the warning as he looked around him cautiously while slipping the paper into his right pocket. He took off at a trot down the dark street, his eyes and ears alert for anyone following him.

Only when he'd reached the area he was more familiar with, did he even relax, fairly secure that he hadn't been followed. He knew, if he'd ever been caught, his boss would have him bailed out easily, as he had friends inside the police force, but then he would beat the kitten for his mistake.

He remembered only too well the last time it happened. He had been smart and disposed of any evidence so the enforcers that had caught him failed to find anything but still he had been punished.

The main reason for that was though he'd managed to be picked at random that time, it had alerted the enforcers to watch him from now on, ruining his ability to be unnoticed.

It was only because the boss had no one to do the job that the kitten was sent out to do this errand. After checking it was clear, the kitten hurried his steps back to his boss unaware he'd been seen and tailed by the enforcers.

"So Luis, what should we do… pick the kitten up now or continue following him?" The passenger asked his partner who was driving. He was hardily tired of following a kitten around town but Commander Feral had ordered the surveillance, so here they were but he was thoroughly bored. They been watching him for days now but when he made contact with a known criminal, they knew they had to pick him up.

Luis, the driver, didn't respond for some minutes, cruising along slowly with headlamps off but keeping the kitten in sight. He sighed and came to a decision. "We better get him now….if we wait like last time, he'll run and hide the proof before we catch him….sigh poor kitten doesn't know we're trying to save him from the boss we know is controlling him...let's go George," Luis said, pulling the car over to the curb and getting out quietly.

George followed his partner, "I'll go around the back so we can catch him between us." His partner nodded as he continued on toward the fast walking kitten but hanging back so as not to be spotted.

He reached for his radio when they were getting close to another street corner, "George, you in position?"

"Yep, move in," George responded softly over the radio.

Luis tucked his radio in his pocket and hurried to catch up to the kitten. When he was only a block away, he called out, "This is the enforcer...halt where you are!"

The kitten gasped in shock, turning his head to see how close the officer was before turning back to run in a panic the other way. But George was there and grabbed him, sweeping him up in his big arms. "Got you!"

The kitten desperately tried to wriggle free but the officer's grip was like steel. He now saw the other officer who had called out to him run up. 'No...they'll find the list,' he thought in terror.

"Nice work, George."

Luis turned to the kitten. "Easy, we're not trying to hurt you."

But that reassurance didn't help calm the kitten as the officer began to search him. As he reached into a pocket, the kitten jerked and twisted, uselessly.

"It's okay kit….where not going to hurt you" he reassured reaching for the kit's pocket making the kit to jerked back uselessly.

Sighing, Luis just kept searching until he found the list in the kitten's right pocket. He read it quickly and confirmed it was about a shipment of Catnip due in at the docks soon. All they needed now was the kitten's confession to receiving the note and who his boss was that wanted it.

"That it?" George grunted.

"Yeah, we got it. Let's take the kit in for questioning," Luis confirmed, heading back down the street toward their unmarked car.

The kitten's eyes widened at the mention of going to headquarters and struggled even harder to get free. He tried everything he could; hitting the tom with his head in the chest, pinching the arms that held him, scratching everywhere he could reach.

George growled in annoyance but didn't let go of the kitten he carried. They were very close to the car when tried one last thing, he bite as hard as he could into the officer's wrist, drawing blood.

"Argh...why you little shit," George snarled, reflexively letting go.

The kitten dropped to the ground and tore off running in the opposite direction they were heading.

Luis, who was at the car already, heard his partner yell. He looked up and saw the kitten running up the street again with his partner running after him. Swearing in disgust, he tore off after the two of them.

The kitten was far too fast than the two adults and disappeared around a dark corner that led into an alley. George reached the corner only to see nothing.

Luis caught up to him and cursed. He turned and hit the wall with his fist, bitter that he couldn't save the kitten. It was obvious the poor thing was so terrified of his boss that he wouldn't accept help or assistance from the enforcers.

George was taken by surprise when his angry partner suddenly turned and began to throttle him. "You could you let him get away?." Luis was beside himself with anger and fear, so kept shaking and choking his partner.

Stunned, George gasped and tried to free himself. "Luis...sorry...*choke* ...I didn't mean to..."

Luis released his partner in angry disgust. "Now we will never find out who his boss is." He hissed as he began to pace back and forth wondering what to do next.

George who was working to get his breath back, said hoarsely, "should we just interrogate the tom he took the information from again?"

"And what…we could arrest him but…..he has a million customers, it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack and there's no reason to think the kitten's boss even uses his real name when he deals with this bum." Luis sighed and rubbed his head.

"So…..why not wait for the kit to show up again?" George asked.

Luis sighed. "Because, since the kit lost the info to us, his boss will discard him as dead weight and kill him," He said, tiredly, going back toward their car.

"Maybe the kit is smart enough to escape," George said hopefully to cheer his friend up.

Luis nodded and muttered, "I hope."

They didn't know the kitten had jumped into a dumpster and had remained very still and had heard everything they'd said. Still he couldn't bring himself to tell them where he was so he waited until they had left before climbing out.

He whimpered as he processed what the cops had said. His boss would kill him for having lost the information so what was he to do know? Not being able to go back, he was forced to find a place to hide that was warm and dry so he could get some sleep and worry about what he was going to do tomorrow.

Next day...Megakat underground bunker beneath the downtown district...

A chubby, disheveled looking tom sat before a TV screen and watched the morning news.

"This is Ann Gora from Kat's Eye News coming to you live in the more seedier part of town. This morning enforcers arrested Tommy J. for selling information on drug trafficking of Catnip on the docks. Though it will take some time, the enforcers hope to catch the ring of buyers and stop this illegal drug traffic..."

Hissing furiously, the tom hurled his remote into the TV breaking the screen.

"Damn that kitten...the enforcers must have been tailing him and he'd not back but my contacts didn't call to release him from jail so he must be on the run. He better not get caught or I'll have his hide," he growled to himself, reaching for his bottle of liquor.

He stopped when he heard a knock on his door. He shouted, "Who's there?"

A familiar voice snarled back, "open the door, Tram!"

The other tom, Tram lunged from his seat, dropping his drink as he hurried to answer it. Pulling the heavy metal door open, he asked anxiously, "shit...Frank what are you doing here?"

Frank glared a the tom and pushed his way into the room, forcing Tram to give way. The tom was lean and powerfully built and wore an enforcer's uniform. He looked around the small, cement room in disgust.

"Can't believe you still live in this dump..." he growled.

Glowering angrily, Tram snapped, "Idiot! I'm living here because my contacts including that little brat I use as a runner could rat me out at any time. As much as I hate it, they won't find me here." 'Except for you,' he thought bitterly.

Frank's eyes just narrowed at the other's pissy attitude. "Oh yes...that's right. So where is your little messenger?"

"I don't know. He didn't come home last night. Probably too scared from nearly being caught when he left Tommy J's place and why are you so damn calm about this? If that kitten is caught and decides to, me, and everyone else are going down since he's seen all our faces. A corrupt enforcer don't do so well in jail," he said snidely.

Frank moved suddenly and punched Tram in the stomach, sending his sorry ass back against one of the walls to slide to the floor, holding his gut and trying to breathe.

"Don't get smart with me, Tram. I know what went down last night you don't. The enforcers got the list but the kitten managed to escape. I've had my men searching the whole damn area for his sorry little hide while you sit here getting fatter every day," he said coldly.

Tram stayed on the floor holding his stomach. "So…..what am I supposed to do?" He wheezed..

Frank sighed disgustedly and using one foot, he raised Tram's face up so they stared at one another. "Find him...what else...and if you manage to kill him with no one seeing...then our problems are solved..." he let the tom go. "I'll try and locate him for you but you will be..." he started to say as he was heading toward the door.

Tram finished his statement sullenly, "...doing the dirty part."

"There you understand perfectly. Now I better get going or Feral will wonder where his new lieutenant got off too...Good bye!" Frank left Tram alone in his cement box.

Grumbling to himself, Tram clambered to his feet and cursed as he rubbed his sore stomach. "Don't worry...I'll take care of the little shit permanently once you or I find him."