Soul of a Kitten

Chapter 3: The Dangers and Joys

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The kitten gasped for air when Jake dunked his head a moment then let him up after washing his hair. He knew he'd be getting a bath by the way the two adults leaned their heads toward their cracked windows of the truck. He must of been really ripe. Jake hadn't even let him step foot into their apartment, choosing to carry him all the way upstairs to the bathroom and turning on the water.

His clothes had been taken away by Chance while Jake plopped the kitten into the warm bath water and began to scrub him down thoroughly with a rather nice smelling soap.

Jake chuckled, "Hold still….I'm almost done."

He smiled, amused by the kitten's expressions as he was being washed. With all the dirt and other substances gone, Jake could see the little tom had silver colored fur. A frown slide over his face though when he saw the marks on the kitten's back, evidence that someone had beaten the kit in the past with their claws or other objects.

The sight of it made him growl under his breath. If he could find the one who had done this, he would beat the guy senseless. However, that was for later, right now the kitten was clean and safe.

"There all done" he announced, pulling the kit from the bath water and drying him under the blower until the kitten's coat fluffed out.

The kitten whined a bit at all the brisk treatment but didn't complain to strongly as it did get him cleaner than he could remember being except for the times when the boss had him spruced up when he had females around. He hadn't wanted the she-kats to think he didn't care for the kitten and report him.

Thinking of his boss made him shiver as he remembered what the cops had warned him...his boss would exact revenge on him because he disappeared. Terror took hold of him at the thought of that tom finding him and he yowled inconsolably.

Jake was startled and concerned when the kitten began to wail. He swept the kitten into his arms, towel wrapped warmly around the little body, and rocked the frightened kitten, murmuring soothingly to him.

"Easy...easy little one, you're safe here..." he repeated over an over again. He could only imagine what was going through the kitten's head to cause him to howl like this and shake in fear. When the kitten was calmer, he would try to find out.

A knock on the door of the bathroom told him his mate was concerned. The door opened and Chance's head peered in. "Hey, what's wrong?"

"I don't know yet but he scared. I'll have to hold him a little bit to see if I can calm him down."

"Maybe some warm milk will help, I'll go make some. Oh, and the clothing stores were closed so I went through my stuff and found something that might hold him until tomorrow,' Chance held out some tiny clothing.

Jake blinked at it in surprise. "Why do you still have these?"

Chance snorted, "my mother hung onto them then gave them to me. Told me to keep them as a reminder of my younger days. I couldn't say no, so I've had them stored in a box in my closet. Looks like it was a good thing," he said mildly amused.

He stared down at the slowly quieting kitten. "I'll just put these in the bedroom. You can help him pick something out while I make him some warm milk."

"Good idea, Chance, thanks," Jake said, warmly. His mate nodded and smiled then disappeared down the hall. Sighing, Jake lifted the kitten into his arms and carried him off. They passed Chance coming from the room they were putting the kitten as he now headed for the kitchen.

Going into the room, Jake could see Chance had made up a nice cot bed with plenty of blankets and a pillow waiting for the kitten. The clothing was on the bed too.

Putting the kitten down, Jake stared into the bloodshot eyes. "Are you okay now?"

The kitten thought about that a moment then sighed and nodded. He did feel a little better from crying his fear out and being held so wonderfully. He couldn't remember when he'd been treated so kindly before.

"Well, that's good. When you're ready, perhaps you can tell us what's happened to you, okay?" Jake asked carefully.

The kitten's eyes widen with renewed fear and he shook his head violently.

"Easy, it's alright...we won't force you but I found it helps to talk to someone when you are in trouble but we'll not bother you. Now, Chance gave you some nightwear to pick out. Why don't I leave you to do that...don't worry...I'll just outside the door. Okay?" Jake asked, gently.

The kitten nodded and sighed when the tom did as he said he would, go out the bedroom door and close it. It felt strange to have someone care about how he felt and give him privacy. He noticed they'd gone to a lot of trouble setting up a place to sleep for him as well. Wow! No floors for me. How cool is that?

Shaking his head in amazement at his good fortune, he turned and stared down at the choice of clothing. There was a slightly big a blue T-shirt with black boxers and the other was a black t-shirt with the logo "Fly Kats", on it with white boxers. A tiny smile crossed his tired face as he chose the latter.

He quickly pulled on the clothes, which fit him well, liking the scent left on them. Feeling decent and clean, he went to the door and opened it. There was Jake and Chance who was holding a mug.

Chance smiled when he saw what the kitten had chosen. "I guess you and I have the same tastes….here something warm to drink. Are you still hungry? Would you like to watch some TV before sleeping?" he asked.

The kitten stood in the door undecided. He was still very leery of the two males even though they had been nothing but kind to him. Hearing the TV in the other room, he made his decision. Though tired, he was still to wound up tight and afraid to sleep yet so he pointed down the hall.

"Okay, TV it is. I'll give you the mug in there," Chance said, heading off down the hall followed by Jake. They let the kitten decide to follow or not at his own pace.

The kitten waited a bit before following them then walked slowly down the short hall to a small living area. Everything here was worn looking but it was clean. They weren't rich obviously but seemed happy enough.

He stood in the doorway, hesitantly. Chance and Jake had gone to the couch and sat. They glanced at him questioningly. Inwardly they sighed. It was obvious this kitten didn't trust anyone and it would take time and care to gain that trust. They would just have to be patient.

Jake had already whispered to Chance while they waited for the kitten to dress about what he'd found on the little body. The tabby had been furious. Whatever it took, they would protect this little tom from further abuse.

Neither moved, though they dearly wanted to, allowing the kitten to chose what he wanted to do. Jake, however, couldn't resist saying, "it's okay little can trust Chance and I not to hurt you. We only want to help you and take care of you. Come sit...relax...your warm milk is getting a bit cold."

Not really able to resist the cinnamon tom's gentle voice, the kitten walked slowly over to the couch and stared up at both toms for a long moment then took a seat between the two. Neither tom moved for fear of scaring the kitten but Chance did lean slowly forward and picked up the mug then held it patiently before the kit.

The little tom cautiously took the mug and sniffed its contents. It smelled good so he carefully took a sip. It was just milk and he sighed, relaxing for the first time in days. Chance smiled at his mate over the kitten's head. As first steps went...this one was a success.

They relaxed and watched the David Litterbin show. The kitten found it mildly fascinating especially the red haired tom's antics. When he'd finished the milk, Jake took it gently from his paw and placed it back on the table. As the show progressed, the kitten felt safe enough to lean his head against Jake's side, feeling the strong heartbeat against his ear.

Jake smiled sadly down at him. What a terrible life this little one must have been living to be so afraid of everything. Only time would tell if he learned to trust again at all.


In the more seedier part of the city, a group of toms were having a secret meeting, all were wearing Enforcer uniforms. The room they were in was mostly dark, lit by only one naked bulb in the ceiling that shone onto a table they sat around.

"So you're saying this brat is loose somewhere in the city and none of you knows where?" one of the figures snarled, slamming a fist to the table. He was furious that his fellow officers hadn't been able to find this kitten yet.

"Stuff it! I have everyone of my officers searching for that pain in the tail. What? You think I want to go to jail and be someone's bitch? Think again!" another snapped, coldly. He reached for one of many bottles of beer that sat on the table. He slugged down a healthy gulp.

"Yeah! Stop your whining. We've all been searching but you're talking a kitten in a city of millions. It will take time!"

"Fuck you! I don't need you telling me that! It's just that him being out there somewhere, he could already be singing like a bird to someone so what do we do about that, huh? Answer me that?" The first speaker snarled.

"Calm down you jackasses. No point in worrying about that. Though I doubt that brat will say anything to anyone...he's far too scared. He might even be dead...kittens don't survive that well on their own you know, so we need to keep an ear out at the morgues," the one known as Frank broke into the whining session, coldly. "We need to go back over everything again. Retrace the kittens steps and see if we find anyone new that might have been missed on the first canvas for him. Don't forget, by now, if he's still alive, he's very hungry and desperate so will most likely steal and that should stir up some new witnesses. Where do you think this kitten would go to try and grab some dough and/or food?" He stared around at the others making them think.

"Well, if he could find a way, the mall would be the perfect place..." one ventured.

"If he could get in. A kitten with nobody would have struck an alarm with someone," another scoffed.

"But if he did manage it..."

"Okay, say he does, then he could still be holed up there, hiding or someone good Samaritan took him under their wing," another said with more animation.

There was a moment of silence on that comment. Finally, one of them said, "Then were screwed because he could be anywhere. So how do we find him then?"

Frank rolled his eyes, "no point looking at the negative until we track the kitten's movements. I think the mall would be a good place to start and ask around or would you rather continue whining and worrying about getting caught?"

Everyone grumbled but finally agreed. "Fine, we backtrack the kit and check out the mall. Hope we find something of him or we're doomed," the first speaker said sourly. The others could only agree on that assessment..


As the clock struck nine, Chance stretched and looked over at his mate. He was about to speak when he noticed the kitten was fast asleep in his partner's lap. Smiling, he made hand signals telling Jake that he would take the kitten to bed.

Jake smiled back. The tabby stood up then gently lifted the kitten from Jake's lap and carried him down the hall toward the makeshift room. He held the kitten close to his chest so it's body wouldn't cool.

Jake followed after them after turning off the TV. He opened the door for Chance then flipped the bedding back so the tabby could lay the kitten down, then gently covered the sleeping tom, tucking the bedding in around the small body. They turned and walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind them.

Moving away from the door and back down the hall, Chance asked, "hey, love? Do you want to go do some work in the hangar tonight?"

Jake shook his head. "No, I'm tired and I want to stay close in case the little guy has a nightmare."

"Oh yeah, good idea. Okay, bed then," Chance murmured as the two toms went into the bedroom across from the kitten's.

They quickly changed into boxers and climbed into bed together. Spooning Jake from behind, Chance murmured a soft good night and kissed the smaller tom on the tom of the head.

Jake sighed, pulled the bedding further up their bodies and went to sleep rather quickly wrapped in his lover's arms.

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