Ally had never really fit in. Okay, maybe that's the wrong way to put it, she had plenty of friends that is. What I'm trying to say is she had never really felt normal. Yeah, that's more like it.

Since she could remember she could feel things that others couldn't. Sense is a better word. That's why when she was walking past the police station early in the morning in August she could feel that prickly sensation go up her spine. Like someone was standing right behind her. She would have ignored it and gone on with her usual routine, if it weren't for the fact that this… this presence was so strong. Stronger than anything she had felt before. She felt her eyes being drawn upwards and almost doubled back in fear at the sight before her. Gargoyles. Gargoyles perched atop the clock tower. Ally shook her head furiously, bringing herself back to reality. She just had never noticed them before, that's all she told herself and continued on her way to work.

A year later, much to the disapproval of her mother, she was on the way to her to the same job. Her occupation was nothing special. She was a Walmart employee and still lived with her mother. Why she had stayed this way three years after graduating high school, she couldn't tell you. She had never been drawn to one particular thing growing up and had never been motivated to follow through with anything. So one year off before applying to college had grown and grown until her own mother was ready to label her a lost cause.

"Aleister," Ally scrunched her nose at the sound of her given name. She looked down at her manager from her perch on the rolling step she was using to stalk shelves. "Could you man check out today? Kyle decided to call in sick."

Ally huffed as she made her way back to level ground, "That's the second time this week."

"I know, but as long as Nancy's head honcho here there's not much I can do about that." Nancy was her boss, and Kyle's mother. Her avid love for her son blinded her from the fact that he was a delinquent.

Her day at work was rough and she was very glad that the house was dark when she arrived home. Her mother must have decided to spend another day in Atlanta with her Grandparents. Ally had been relieved when she wasn't able to book the time off work. Not that she didn't love her mother but she knew that this trip would have been more of an intervention than anything if she'd provided her company.

Though it was nice to have the house to herself, it was also kind of spooky. The confirmation of Gargoyles existence had her spooked lately. If they were real then how many other countless monsters were real as well?

As if her fears were being answered a low groaning came from the kitchen causing Ally to jump. She gulped and pulled her pepper spray from her purse.

"Hello?" She said as she walked down the hallway, "Mom?" A light draft caused her to shiver. She flipped the light switch and the kitchen lit up. The back door was broken, explaining the draft, and bits of glass were scattered across the floor. She wasn't even able to register this though as her attention was captured by the horrifying mass that laid unconscious in the middle of the room.

A gargoyle.

I just finished watching Gargoyles yesterday. I have to say that out of all the guys I adored Brooklyn and Griff the most. So I looked on fanfiction and was sad to see that the majority of completed stories featuring Brooklyn usually hooked him up with an original gargoyle character. I could always see him getting into a relationship with a human when watching the show, just like Elisa and Goliath, or hooking up with Angela. Btw, Broadway and Angela hooking up… I honestly think the creators were pulling ideas out of a hat for that one. Just when my chemistry radar is going off for Angela/Brooklyn… Oh well, that is what fanfiction is for, yes? xD