Sea Bells

Eight years after The Last Olympian Percy is all grown up, to his usual Percy standards that is. Finally he is ready for his next step in life, or at least he thinks he is but first he must ask Athena. It's the question that Annabeth had dreamed of since she was 16, the one Athena has dreaded since the moment she met Percy, the one Aphrodite has planned for, and the one Apollo placed bets on. The question that will forever change their lives forever.

Humorous and hopelessly romantic, I hope you will enjoy my pride and joy: Sea Bells

Chapter One: I Swear(revised)

The security guard watched me with wary eyes as I paced the front lobby of the Empire State Building; a thousand thoughts whirled through my mind.

Courage works in strange ways for demigods. Courage could lead you to a messy victory or a painful death. I wasn't sure which one was attached to this particular situation.
Today was the day I was going to ask Athena for her daughter's hand in marriage. Probably not the most brilliant of my ideas, but I was willing to risk it. Annabeth was worth the risk.

I had already spoken with Mr. Chase, to say the least he was less than thrilled with the idea. It only took a minimum amount of groveling on my part to persuade the man.

To be plainly honest, I am terrified. I could think of a million things that would be easier to do. Falling off of national monuments, blowing up ships or fighting the Minotaur again. Pleading with Athena for her daughter's hand in marriage being the very last right under drowning puppies on the list.

But the fact of the matter was simple; I would do this for Annabeth.

First I had to speak with Poseidon, now that was the easy part; he liked Annabeth. Or if I was still being honest, he liked anything that angered Athena. Though despite his efforts, Athena still hated me for the obvious; I was in love with her daughter.

It was no secret that she hated my very being, and had since the day Poseidon claimed me as his son. Maybe even before, owls always seemed to glare at me for no reason. From the moment I met Annabeth my fate was sealed. Athena was restless in her attempts to prove me unworthy, always restless in her attempts to sabotage our relationship.

And fourteen years later nothing has changed. She openly showed her distaste. Tripping over, and tearing, Annabeth's dress at senior prom was no accident nor was the argument that proceeded. I swear to this day that that statue smirked. Owls have always seemed to take perverse pleasure in crapping on the hood of my truck as I pull out the car wash. And kissing anywhere near cabin number 6 was strictly forbidden unless one enjoyed wayward books flying out of said cabin and slamming into you repeatedly.

Despite all the owls with inconvenient timing and bad bowel movements and arguments over statues that did or did not trip me I would always fight for that girl. No matter what stood in my way.

With new found determination I marched up to the desk man dropping a golden drachma on his desk making my way to the elevator. My heart thumping wildly in my chest.

Finally I arrived at the top floor, the doors of the elevator opened revealing Olympus in all its glory. Even a repaired Olympus looked glorious, thanks to Annabeth.
I had carefully planned it (it was a lot harder than it looked. I didn't get why Annabeth loved doing that so much) so I knew she wouldn't be here working today.

She was shopping with Clarisse today; Clarisse and I still didn't see eye to eye but somehow her and Annabeth ended up as friends so I was forced to put up with her. Without all that battle armour and blood, Clarisse wasn't half bad.
Not that I was going to admit that. I really enjoy my body parts, thank you very much.
I walked around aimlessly for a while searching in vain for some of my early courage.
I hoped my father would be here today considering it was only three days before the winter solstice, but I could never be sure.

I walked up the, what felt like, trillion steps to the throne room figuring I would start by looking for him in here.

Exhausted, I reached the top. My luck was in because there sat my father on his throne talking, or rather flirting, with the stunningly beautiful Aphrodite. Being the polite gentleman that I am, I repressed my urge to gag.

Clearing my throat to get their attention Poseidon turned his head toward the intrusion that was me with an expression that clearly stated he was annoyed and I was half afraid that he would zap me on the spot.

"Percy!" he called in his booming voice "What a surprise, son! What brings you here?"
Before I could answer I remembered my manners, I dropped to one knee and bowed my head respectfully "Lady Aphrodite."

"Oh, Percy! Always the gentleman! I can see where you get it from." She said in a sultry voice turning back towards my father, I could feel my face turning bright red. So not cool, watching my father flirt was a different experience in itself. I hoped to never experience it again.

Suddenly her attention was back on me. "Oh look! He blushes! How adorable!" She squealed excitedly and much to my added embarrassment my face warmed even more. My father's deep chuckle gave me the excuse I needed to look down and protect my face from further mortification.

"I am so excited!" She continued to gush obviously knowing my reasons for coming to Olympus.

Women. I'd never understand.

"It is finally going to happen! I have been waiting years for this! Do you have any idea how tiring it gets watching you guys for so long? Finally, the show's getting interesting! Have you bought the ring yet?" Aphrodite asked excitedly.

I nodded my head sheepishly.
"Uh, yeah," I said clearing my throat a couple of times so I could speak with the little dignity I had left. "I picked one out a few weeks ago." I told Aphrodite.

"Weeks!" she shrieked. Taking half a step back I winced. Oh no…

"And I didn't know.." She mused burrowing her eyebrows before once again turning to me smirking.

"My, my, my Percy Jackson you have been busy! Yes, this just may be more exciting than I had anticipated. I have so much planning to do! Oh but of course she doesn't know yet… "

Becoming desperate I silently begged her not to say anymore. Neither father nor Athena knew yet, I could only imagine the disaster that would be. Athena knowing before I had gotten the chance to ask her. Athena couldn't know until I told her unless I wanted to spend the rest of my adult life as a fish. Or seaweed.

"Relax Percy. I can keep a secret. But really I must be off, just so much to do!"

With sweat beaded along my forehead I bowed gratefully again, "Thank you Lady Aphrodite." With that she vanished on the spot and it was just me and Poseidon.

That woman was a tornado.

I stood up and bowed to my father. "Father." I addressed him.

"Well isn't this a pleasant surprise, son! What's this I hear about a ring? Oh my brother Zeus, I can only guess where this headed." Poseidon boomed with a large smile on his face. Nearly clapping his hands in childish glee.

"Hey Dad," I said returning his smile "Yeah, I guess you figured it out." A nervous chuckle escaped me.

"Well go on..." My father prompted. My nervousness only adding to his excitement he continued smiling even larger than before.

I sighed, ah hell, I knew he was teasing me but it was doing nothing to help with my nerves. I had come to him first in hopes of finding comfort but it was obvious to me now that I was wrong to hope.

"Percy what is it, you are sweating bullets. Just spit it out son." He said trying, and failing, to contain himself.

"Well, dad," I said to the floor "I think you get the gist of what I have to say but I want your approval ," I shot him a look trying letting him know that I was serious.

"Dad, I am going to marry Annabeth and I want your support." I looked up finally hoping to see his expression but his face was unreadable all traces of humor gone. His eyes locked on mine seeming to be trying to decide something.
"Does she make you happy Percy?"

"More than anything." I answered honestly.

He smiled "Then you have my total support, you turned down Olympus for her, she must really be something. Yes, Percy I approve of this marriage."

"Thanks Dad," I said, genuinely happy and relieved. Until the moment had passed I hadn't realized how much having his support meant to me. "I can't explain how much this means to me."

"Of course, there is one condition." He said with an attempt at being serious but a smile spread across his face crinkling his eyes at the corners. "I expect a direct invitation to the wedding and after proposal the soon to be bride's soon to be father in-law will throw an Olympus party that he expects his son to be at considering it is after all his announcement party."

I laughed. "But of course." I agreed easily.

The easy part was now over, my nerves spiked again. Athena. I all but groaned in defeat.

"She hasn't said yes yet." I reminded him thinking of Annabeth. Years. Annabeth and I have been together for years and there's not a day that goes by that I don't know how lucky I am to have her. Just what if I couldn't always be what she needed.

His smile faded a little seeing my distress. "Percy, are you honestly worried that she will say no to you? I have seen you two together; the way she looks at you," he shook his head. "Only a fool wouldn't be able to see how crazy she is about you." He said with an approving look.

"Thanks Dad," The confession was out of my mouth before I could even stop it. "I just don't know what I'd do if... Maybe I am not what she needs." My heart ached at the thought.

His face softened. "I can't say much about what the girl needs but I do know that she wants you. It's always been you, kiddo. I've watched you two for too long to even dare think otherwise. I think you know that too. Trust your heart Percy, its led you this far hasn't it?"

His words drew me back. Of course it was easy to get caught up in all of this other mess but when you got to the heart of it was just Annabeth. How it has always been. Us. Easy as breathing.

Still there were other matters to deal with before.
"I still haven't talked to Athena and..." He cut me off suddenly.

"What, that old hag? Trust me she wouldn't dare interfere! Not this time!" he said lifting his trident.

I smiled "Dad, I appreciate it, I really do, but this something I have to do myself. I need to show Athena I am capable of taking care of Annabeth."
He was quite for a few moments. "I can respect that." He said, his grin returning.
A grin broke out on my face mirroring his. "Thanks again, Dad." I couldn't mask my anticipation.

"Don't mention it kid. So when are you going to ask her?" he asked excitedly nearly bouncing.
"The next time I see her, I don't think I can wait much longer." His hearty laugh filled the throne room making me laugh in return.

"Dad, I feel like I'm going to throw up. I haven't even figured out what I am going to say to her yet, I always mess these kinds of things up." More 'Confessions of a Lovesick Demigod'.

Poseidon chuckled and got up from his throne and shrunk down to human size. He put his hand on my shoulder "When the moment comes along you'll just know, you love her right?" I nodded. "Well then that's all that matters, son." I nodded again.

"I guess I should try to find Athena now." I cringed at the thought "I might as well get it over with." But before I could turn to leave my father embraced me.

My first instinct was to freeze in shock, but I slowly hugged him back. After a moment he patted me on the back and released me. When he stepped back I saw that his green eyes sparkled with pride. He was proud of me.

And then I said something I had never said to him before "I know I used to blame you for a lot of things that happened to me when I was younger, but I wouldn't want it any other way I am very proud to be your son , and well, I love you, Dad." All awkwardness aside, it was a touching moment.

He looked surprised for a long moment before his eye crinkling grin spread across his face. "And I am very proud to call you my son, Perseus Jackson, and only wish that I could be in your life more often, I love you too. But you really should go and speak to Athena; my offer is still good though." He said winking as his trident appeared in his hand.

I laughed, but shook my head.

Just as I turned to leave none other than the beautiful Athena walked in. Following her were the twelve gods of Olympus.

They all waltzed in like they owned the world, which they did, kind of. The only one missing was Hades.

"Gods…" My stomach dropped to my feet. For a scary moment I was sure I was going heave. No, no, no! Why now?

"Such an astute observation, Percy." My father chuckled. "Must be time for the pre-council meeting already; I thought we had more time." Poseidon said with a shrug silently telling me there wasn't anything he could do about it.

"Perseus, what are you doing here?" Zeus all but growled.

I immediately dropped to my knee and bowed my head before the eleven gods and goddess that I stood before to avoid being zapped.

"My lords." I murmured respectfully talking around the lump in my throat trying to keep my voice from shaking.
I knew in that moment, the Fates hated me.

"Percy, I believe I have already addressed you, state your business." Zeus demanded impatiently.

I stood up, avoiding the curious looks of the eleven gods and goddesses who still had varying opinions of me.

"Lord Zeus, I have come to speak to Lady Athena." I kept my gaze low, trying to keep what little nerve I had left. I hoped that maybe they would leave us alone for a moment but of course that would mean she could turn me in a dolphin without witnesses.

Zeus thought for a moment then looked to Athena, I guess she agreed because Zeus nodded and didn't zap me with lightning.

I froze catching Poseidon's wink, encouraging me to continue.
With a deep breath I walked to the throne of Athena and once again dropped to one knee and bowed my head. "Lady Athena."

"Percy, you have something to say to me?" Athena asked eyeing me suspiciously.
"Yes, Lady Athena I do." I confirmed, looking straight into the eyes that resembled Annabeth's. Breathe taking grey.

"Lady Athena I ask you for your daughter's hand in marriage." There. Cat's out of the bag. I couldn't stuff the cat back in. Now, all I just had to make it through this alive. Easy, right?

Her face remained neutral, but I could tell she wasn't happy at all.
I heard a few gasps around the room and one cooing noise that came from Aphrodite.
"And what makes you think that you, Perseus Jackson, are worthy of my daughter and my blessing?" Athena asked coldly.

"I don't think I am. And worthy doesn't begin to cover it because I don't think that I am. I don't see how I could ever be worthy of such a smart, brilliantly beautiful person as Annabeth. But I know couldn't live without her, and have spent and plan to continue to spend the rest of my years telling her that. I love her for all that I am worth." I closed my eyed for a moment, surprising even myself with the honesty in my words.

Athena sat back in her throne, she hadn't expected my answer, but she wasn't satisfied. The look of determination in her eyes was one I knew all too well.
"As touching as that is Percy, why? She has everything ahead of her, why is it so important for there to be a marriage?"

"What? Would you prefer us to live in sin?" I asked indecorously, laughing without humor. I failed to see why she was so against us. "The only reason we haven't been together yet is because of you. Because I respect and trust Annabeth, and she values you what think of her. So why is marriage necessary for us? Because of you."
The room was shocked into silence; I knew I had dug my own grave. The look of utter rage on Athena's face told me so.

"I'm sorry. I am but, I can't stand the thought of someone standing in our way any longer. Our goals are not so different. We both want her happy, and safe, and I believe I can do that for her. And I've done that for her as long as I've known her."

All of the anger left me. I just wanted my Wisegirl.

Athena nodded her head once as if something I said had actually pleased her.

"Why do you want to marry Annabeth?" She asked the loaded question.

I had the answer ready. "Annabeth is all that I want and all what I forgot to ask for, she completes me in every way imaginable, what I lack she has. I live for each and every one of her smiles. To be absolutely cheesy, Annabeth is my sun on my cloudy day. I didn't think it was possible to know someone so well. When she twists her hair she is nervous and she believes that she can rebuild the world despite all the chaos and brokenness, I know for fact that she has rebuilt me completely. She has made me invincible; figuratively and literally and Annabeth is my only weakness, because in the end of the day no matter what I have accomplished it would mean nothing if Annabeth wasn't at my side. I know people have good days but I can confidently say I am the luckiest man alive, many people only dream to have what I have with your daughter, Athena. I know Annabeth and I fight like crazy and that will probably never change. I don't know why I even try, it is useless, she never gives up and that's the thing I love most about her, because even at my darkest moments she has never given up on me, and you can send me to Hades and back and I will never give up on her, as long as she wants me by her side, I am there. As long as I am able to, I will fight. I could go on and on but in shorter words I love her, she is what I live for. So I ask you again, Lady Athena may I have your daughter's hand in marriage?"
Someone was sobbing and I was sure it was Aphrodite. The room was deadly silent, for the first time since I first addressed Athena I looked around at the other gods and goddesses taking in their expressions.

Apollo had a half smile on his face and gave me a thumbs up, Hermes just smiled at me , Artemis did her best not to show emotion but in the end she gave me a tiny nod, Ares just crossed his arms across his chest and looked annoyed, Hera had her hand over her heart like she was deeply touched, Zeus rested his head on the palm of his hand looking thoughtful, when my eyes met my dad's he wore a look of pure pride, Aphrodite kept dabbing her eyes, Hephaestus had an amused look on his face, and Dionysus just crossed his legs and gave me a small nod before sipping his Diet Coke.

Slowly I let my eyes travel back to Athena's. She seemed to be in deep thought; her eyes searching mine until finally she sat back.

"Perseus Jackson," she announced in a loud echoing voice, all my previous confidence I had while making my big speech had evaporated, my heart beat quickened as I stood under her intense stare.

"My daughter is a child of intelligence and wise thinking; though it is beyond me the reason she picked love over brains. She has not made that decision in vain; you have my blessing to marry my daughter." Her announcement echoing off the pillars.

My knees wobbled and I thought for sure they would send me collapsing onto the stone floor. I, Percy Jackson, had Athena's, goddess of wisdom and war, blessing to marry her daughter.
The throne room burst into applause and catcalls. Apollo had started the catcalls.

"Thank you, Thank you, Lady Athena, I will not make you regret it!" I promised, doing everything in my power not bounce with joy. I would save that for when I was alone.

"Oh, but Percy let me be the first to tell you," Athena said mysteriously as she stood up shrinking to human size so that we were eye level. Holding up her hand, the room silenced.

"If you hurt my daughter I will turn you into a fish, fry you, and personally serve you with a side of fries to Ares for dinner, do I make myself clear?"

I inhaled a sharp breath. She meant what she said. It was a mother's promise to kill any boy who hurt her daughter.

"Crystal clear." I all but whimpered.

"Good." She said with a smirk as she took her throne once again a fourteen foot goddess.
I was turning to leave when Athena called me again. "Oh and Percy," A nervous anticipation had set in; I was ready to go find Annabeth.

"I expect grandchildren."

My mouth fell open and a blush worked its way up my neck to my cheeks.

Apollo shouted "Bow chicka wow wow." Only adding to my humiliation.

The room erupted into laughter once my blush was evident. Nothing like getting embarrassed by Olympian gods. A normal day in the life of a demigod.

"I'll get right on that." I responded, trying to retain what manly dignity I had left. Causing the volume of the laughter to increase and the catcalls to resume.

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