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Annabeth's P.O.V.

Hanky Panky

My intentions were not to wake up. Just to stretch and turn over but obviously Percy wasn't going to make that easy. His arms tightened around me holding me closer to his chest.

He was still sleeping, snoring lightly, his black hair sticking up at odd angles. His relaxed face reminded me of the twelve year old boy with drool trickling down his chin. I sighed and stopped struggling with his iron grip. I thought back to a time where I had actually been able to beat him in an arm wrestling match, but that hasn't happened since he had hit puberty. But that didn't mean I couldn't whop his butt in a sword fight. I smiled to myself at that. Some things would never change.

I looked back up to the man who held me in his arms, two versions of Percy flipping around in my head. One was the short fourteen year old boy with noodle arms and too broad shoulders yet to be grown into and the other was this twenty- three year old man who held me, broad shoulders, toned body, arms layered in muscles and had a good four inches on me both still utterly Percy. I had always counted on Percy to be my rock, even if I wouldn't admit it; he was what kept me grounded.

There was something wonderful about the way he held me, I snuggled closer into his chest enjoying the moment. I didn't know how we had made it but at the moment I didn't really care, I was just glad that we were together.

The early morning light caught the ruby of my ring reflecting the color onto Percy's arm. I marveled at its beauty, slowly tracing the surrounding diamonds. I still couldn't get the idea to fully register in my head. Marriage?

The weight of the reality came crushing down on me; I was going to marry Percy Jackson.

Deep breaths.

Last night was like a dream, I was tempted to pinch myself just to check.

As beautiful as my ring was, and trust me it was, there would never be anything more beautiful than the smile Percy gave me when he was on his knee. That smile, he didn't know it but it drove me crazy. Everything he had done, he had done it for me. Me. He wanted me.

This was actually going to happen. I was engaged. To Percy. I could do this.

I will never stop being blind sighted by how he continues to choose me. Me. Over and over again he chooses me. I didn't know how or when but Percy became my everything. I was undeniably, head over heels in love with Percy Jackson. Even after all of this time - he continued to create feelings in me that I didn't know I was capable of and it still came as a surprise to me.

A life with Percy Jackson was the only one I could imagine.

Leaning up as much as his arms would allow I tenderly pressed a kiss to his lips.

It was time for him to wake up, I decided.

His lips molded against mine naturally in a way that made my head spin. As usual my brain had a meltdown, even the smallest of his kisses had my heart going into overdrive.

Quiet literary, embarrassingly so, my senses were cut off I didn't feel or hear anything that wasn't Percy, his kisses completely melted me.

His chest rumbled with laughter cutting our kiss short. I pulled back to see Percy's smiling face.

"Well good morning to you too." He said still laughing.

Despite knowing that he was laughing at me, I couldn't help but smile. This morning was too wonderful for me to care. "Morning." I said cheerily as I pressed my lips back to his.

"Mmm," He said pulling back running his fingers through my hair, "I could get used to waking up like this." Before pressing his lips back to mine with more force than the usual Percy gentleness.

I eagerly returned his kiss. His arms loosened around my waist to venture elsewhere, offering me that the freedom I sought for. I used my new leverage to flip us over. Completely forgetting that we were on a couch.

Of course I'd never admit out loud, but Percy was the only one who had the ability to make me lose my grasp on logic. Especially in situations like these.

I hit the carpet first, tangled in the blanket someone had put on top of me at some point during the night. Percy wasn't far behind. I was trapped between the couch and coffee table having no way to roll out of his way. Sure, he tried to soften his landing but it did little to help. Instead he landed on me with an 'oomph', the air that had been previously in my lungs rushed out.

For a moment, we were both too stunned to move. Staring wide eyed at each other before the laughter consumed us.

Laughter shook both of our bodies, neither of us completely sure what we were laughing at. His head rested on my shoulder as he tried to regain his breath.

In the mean time my body had adjusted to his weight above me and it was in no way uncomfortable.

Giggles continued to burst through my lips uncontrollably. I was too giddy for my own good. Percy looked down at me smiling, clearly amused. He gently brushed his lips against mine once, efficiently ending my giggles. His lips then trailed across my cheek leaving a trail of fire all the down my neck. My heart fluttered restlessly in my chest. He continued his soft teasing kisses; my mind refusing to function. My body seemed have better ideas anyway. My arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders holding him to me. A soft sigh escaped me as he ventured to my neck.

My stomach, in obvious jealousy, rumbled stopping Percy's assault on my neck, much to my dismay. He smiled in a way that made my breathing hitch.

His eyes shone with laughter. A hot blush spread across my cheeks.

In a fleeting attempt to save the moment I pulled him back down to me and brought my lips to his ear. "You're not getting away that easily." I whispered taking off from where he stopped. I kissed my way down his neck. As far as I could tell he was enjoying in.

The thing about privacy was that was that it was rarely available to us.

Percy and I rarely had moments such as these to ourselves and even when we did something always insisted on interrupting. Last night being a prime example.

As if on cue my stomach rumbled reminding me that hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday. I sighed loudly knowing the moment was now gone. Percy chuckled at my expression, smiling at me once again putting my nerves on end.

At that moment I would have liked nothing more than to hit him. Damn him. Damn that smile. Damn my stupid hungry stomach. And damn these irrational hormones! I hated when this happened, my mind and body were torn.

All because of him, I thought bitterly.

Logically, I knew I wasn't really mad at Percy it was just easier blame him for my frustration. A frustration that only seemed to appear more often as these 'interruptions' kept happening.

"Hungry?" He asked with an all knowing smile that only added to the list of reason of why I wanted to hit him. I said nothing in return but I was sure my face expressed my annoyance. He laughed again.

"Come on." He said getting up offering me his hand as I stood.

"Where are you going?"

"We," He corrected "are going get some breakfast."

He led me into the kitchen picking up a note held down by a box of S'mores Pop-Tarts.

Percy, Paul and I took Julie out for breakfast. We were going

to wake you, but you two looked too adorable to wake.

There is some more food in the fridge, but Julie

insisted that you two would want pop-tarts.

We'll be back soon.



Mom, Paul, and Julie

I smiled, reading the note over his shoulder. Percy had such a wonderful family. Despite living on his own, putting up with me, going to college, and his duties to Camp Half Blood Percy still made every effort to spend as much time that was allowed with his family.

"Well, Pop-tarts it is then." Percy muttered.

"Nothing like a good S'more Pop-tart in the morning." I agreed good naturedly.

"I'll have you know that I am the greatest Pop-tart cooker in the world."

"Oh, and is that so?" I asked in mock shock. The truth was that neither Percy nor I could cook well, besides off of the box instructions we were hopeless when it came to cooking.

We relied greatly on the abilities of the toaster oven, take out menus, and our parents.

"Mhm," He continued, taking two packs of Pop-tarts out of their box "I bet you'd just love to know my secret." I laughed hopping up onto the counter right next the toaster.

"I would," I agreed keeping up with the game. "But doesn't that go against the chef code, to share your cooking secrets?"

He loaded two pop-tarts into the toasted pushing down the lever. "Hmm, well I guess you are right. Maybe I shouldn't tell you." He shrugged a playful smile appearing on his lips.

"Oh, that's such a shame I really wanted to know."

"Well, I suppose for a price maybe I could tell you." He flicked his hair showing off sea green eyes. A lop sided smile occupied his face making me think that I had a pretty good idea of what his 'price' was.

I couldn't help it I laughed. "A price? And just how much will this cost me Mr. Jackson?" I asked in my best southern drawl.

"Nothing too expensive, I'm sure we could work something out between the two of us." He moved so that he was right in front of me, nudging my legs apart so that he could stand closer.

The counter gave me just enough height so that we were eye level. His beautiful green eyes were fixed upon mine and I way drowning in their dept. While his expression stayed playful his eyes told a different story, love, and so much love. He placed his arms on either side of my body leaning in towards me, his normal steady breathing turned heavy -lips barely parted.

"Any suggestions?" I asked my voice barely a whisper.

"A few." And with that he grab my chin in hiis hand bringing my lips to his own in a feverous kiss. What started off as playful had soon turned out to be a heated make out session.

I threw my arms around his neck, twisting my fingers in the soft hairs at the base of his skull absorbed in the kiss. Obviously I wasn't the only one who was having trouble containing myself because soon his other hand found its way to my hip pushing the overly large shirt up revealing skin. I gasped into his mouth as the cool air hit my overheated skin wrapping my legs around his torso. Both of his hands gripped my waist keeping me tightly pressed against his body.

Finally not being able to breathe I broke the kiss, leaving us both gasping for much needed air.

I moved to trail opened mouthed kisses along his neck. Gasping as Percy's hand steadily made its way up my waist to my upper body, his hands teasingly skirted around the underwire of my bra. Surprising yet another sigh out of me, I could feel his smile against my neck.

There were many reasons in our life that had kept Percy and me from that next step. In the end we had both decided that it was best to wait. Best did not mean easiest by any means.

If anything, we have certainly become very creative over the years because of our decision.

I stopped trying to fight my urges instead I just let my body take control.

Letting go is not something that comes naturally to me but you know what they say, practice make perfect.

Keeping one hand firmly fisted in his dark oh so soft hair I let my other hand drop to his chest and enjoy the journey south. Not stopping until it reached its destination, the hem of his shirt.

I lifted it up ever so slightly just enough so my hand could slide underneath. His stomach muscles clenched in apprehension, welcoming me to explore. Slowly made I way across his defined stomach and to his back resting lightly on his 'Achilles heel'.

Slowly I prodded the area, gently, rubbing out unsystematic patterns. It was my secret weapon and his weakness. His ministrations on my upper half came to an abrupt halt at the new sensations. Applying a bit more pressure had Percy moaning seconds.

"Gods, Annabeth." His voice husky against my ear.

Taking me by surprise Percy pulled my mouth back to his more desperate than before.

'Ding' pop-tarts were done.

I whimpered against his mouth. His lips were unyielding against mine, our mouths sought each other out desperately. Pouring out all of our love into a kiss.

Despite how close were we were close just wasn't close enough, Percy seemed to feel the same way and dropped his other hand from my waist to cup my butt almost bringing me off of the counter and closer to him. This time I was the one to smile into the kiss as I felt his erection against my thigh, wrapping my legs tighter around his waist Percy expressed his gratification groaning against my lips. Not to be out done Percy dropped all pretences of playful as he finally slipped his hand under my bra. My stomach fluttered, my back arching even closer to him at his touch

I didn't want this to ever end.

A door shut and a gasp that belonged to neither of us broke us apart.

"Oh my…" the sound of Sally's voice sealed our fate. My limbs fell limply away from Percy. The hand that had rested on my backside flew away as if it had been burned. Numbness and embarrassment replaced the heat that had coursed around us only moments before.

Dear gods, why us? The fates truly had a sick sense of humor either that or the gods were very much into voyeurism.

Sheepishly, Percy met my eyes before removing his hand from under my shirt resting it lightly on my hip but he didn't step back. I had half a mind to push him away completely before I felt the answer to my question poking me in the thigh. Of course.

Slowly I turned my head to see Sally, Paul, and Julie. Sally's blush must have matched my own as she looked away in embarrassed politeness, Paul holding little Julie on his hip was fighting off a smile trying not to laugh, and Julie, taking clues from Paul, smiled brightly at the two of us. The heat in my cheeks seemed to spread all the down my neck.

Lost on what we should do I looked to Percy only to find Percy looking to me in the same situation.

Well then…

Before either one of us could fathom what we should say Paul set down Julie "Why don't you go put up your coat up and try to get that syrup off your shirt while we talk Percy and Annabeth about their tactics on cooking." He said casually gently pushing her in the direction of the living room.

Her eyebrows mashed together in confusion. "Sure, but what was Percy doing to Annabeth?" She asked out of honest little girl curiosity. How was it possible that the most awkward question was wrapped up in the cutest little girl?

"Yes, what were you doing?" Paul asked, turning to us with a knowing smile.

It was probably wrong of me to feel relieved that this question was not directed to me.

"Uh… Well… We were cooking pop-tarts." Percy said fumbling over his words, not knowing what else to say to the six year old.

Paul just raised his eyebrows, clearly surprised that there was more than one method to cooking pop-tarts.

"That's not how daddy makes my pop-tarts." Julie said logically. Paul was seemingly overcome by a coughing fit. And to my never ending embarrassment even Sally was hiding a smile.

Obviously taking pity on us Sally turned to her daughter. "Don't worry about it sweetie, I will explain later, now do as your father said." She said with another gentle shove and the little girl went off leaving us alone with Paul and Sally. Percy was still unable to move away from me.

"Smooth move lover boy, dump all the hard stuff on the parents." Paul said once Julie was out of the room emphasizing the word 'hard'.

Sally just shook her head clearly wishing she hadn't just heard that and walked to put the groceries bags up.

As childish as his jokes were, Paul truly was a godsend. His ability to lighten even the most uncomfortable situations was something that I would forever be grateful for.

Teasing and joking was a million times then being lectured.

"Oh and," Paul continued "For future reference, no, making out by the toaster will not make pop-tarts cook faster." He smiled obviously satisfied with his joke.

"Sure makes it a hell of a lot more fun…" Percy muttered not so quietly.

Hiding my smirk, I punched his chest. I, of course, agreed with that statement entirely but couldn't let him think he was get away with saying that in front of his parents.

"Ow!" Percy whined, milking his injury for more than that it was worth- smiling all the while.

"So tell me more about how to cook pop-tarts, it looks like I've been making them wrong all these years…" Paul said still teasing us mercilessly .

Percy just shook his head and ignored Paul's jabs. "Well it wasn't like I was actually going to tell that we were…" He trailed off deciding that it was better not to finish that sentence.

Point one to Percy Jackson.

"Playing hanky panky on my new granted counter top?" Sally supplied with a laugh.

I laughed along with her the rest of the tension quickly faded between us.

"That's one way to phase it." I conceded. Percy on the other hand continued blushing at his mother's choice of words.

"Mom!" He complained mortified. Causing all of us to laugh this time.

Slowly I once again shifted closer to Percy, his eyes sparked at the sudden contact.

"What?" I asked confused. Even going as far to look over my shoulder. However unlikely it was that the toaster would suddenly turn into some kind of monster, it was best not to underestimate it considering how many monsters Percy tended to attract.

As so as the realization hit I cracked up in hysterics. Both Paul and Sally looked at me expectantly but I just shook my head at them trying to smother my laugher. Percy was still majorly turned on, if possible his blush deepened.

This could turn out to be interesting.

With a mischievous grin I moved against him again, under the pretense of getting comfortable. The only noticeable effect was his tightened grip on my hip. I giggled as he took deep breaths to compose himself.

Percy narrowed his eyes at me bringing his lips to my ear "That was a mean thing to do." He whispered huskily in my ear then proceeded to kiss the sensitive spot behind my ear. A shudder ran up and down my spine, my stomach fluttering at the sensations.

Paul clearing his throat caused us to jump apart. "As much as I hate to break up this love fest there are groceries that need to be put away so if you don't mind helping, that'd be grand." With a sigh I jumped down from the counter only have Percy catch me the look on his face told all that I need to know. I laughed. "Did you plan letting Annabeth down?" Paul asked amused.

"None what's so ever." He whispered to me more than to Paul. And with that he ran down the hall way to his bedroom closing the door behind us before setting me down on the bed.

He crawled on top of me forcing me to lie back. His smile seemed to light the entire room, I couldn't help but smile back. His eyes held all of his love and amusement, making it impossible for me to look away and just as well because I was satisfied just to stay here and look at him all day.

It was a few moments before he spoke. "Do have any idea of what you do to me?" he asked seriously. His voice had a rough edge to it, the heat in the room seemed to kick up a notch. I shook my head unable to answer lost in his intense gaze. My hands traveled the length of his sides on their own accord stopping only when they reached the hem of his grey t-shirt tugging at it, lucky for me he obliged and discarded the t-shirt what a small smile. He shuddered under my touch as I ran my fingers across the smooth plains of his chest.

"No? You don't know?" he asked again. I just shook my head again. "This," he said as he slide his hand under the small of my back bring me up to him, pressing our bodies together. I felt his excitement probing me in my lower stomach. "Is what you do to me, you drive me absolutely crazy."

I smiled in return. "Good thing or bad?"

"I guess we'll just have to find that out for ourselves." He teasingly pressing his lips to mine once, lowering us back down to the bed but was careful to not let his body touch mine. I caught an evil glint in his eyes as bent his head down to my ear. "Pay back's a bitch." He whispered hoarsely. Shit.

Percy made good of his promise, pay back was a bitch. Somehow he had managed to pin my arms above my head and made sure that our bodies never touched in the slightest way besides his feather light kisses and the occasional caress and he said I was mean the mean one. He had my legs pined with his own and continued to use it to his advantage. Every touch only added to my burning frustration, his lips refused to meet mine no matter how many times I tried.

It probably would have been less painful to just have said sorry and begged for mercy when I had the chance but my pride just wouldn't allow it, so here I was five minutes later being slowly tortured and teased by Mr. 'I'll get you back' as frustrated as ever. He was slowly trailing hot opened mouthed kisses down my neck immediately stopping and working his way back up when he reached my collar bone, my self control was at a dangerous low. "Percy…" I began trying to regain my voice.

"Hmm?" was his only response and I thank the gods that he didn't stop what he was doing.

"Percy I…." My words just wouldn't come out, I couldn't think straight. I felt him smile against my neck.

"What is it, love?" he asked looking up into my eyes.

It was a bitter sweet moment for me because once the assault on my neck stopped the fog in my head cleared but I can't say that I was happy about it.

"Uh please?" was all I was able to say. He chuckled.

"Please what? I can't help you unless you tell me what you want." He said with an annoying smirk, he knew very well what. He was actually going to make me say it. He skimmed his nose across the base of my neck, his tongue darting out to lick the skin there before blowing causing me to let out a gasp.

"Damn It, Percy!" I said too loudly but I didn't care at the moment "Kiss me, touch me do something! Just stop this damn teasing!" It was then that I realized just how loud I was actually being. I blushed as I heard laughter from coming from the kitchen and I doubted it was at something funny on the television. Percy laughed.

"Well all you had to do was ask." He said finally freeing my hands. His lips were on mine in an instant. I wrapped my legs around his waist automatically bringing us as close as possible. My hands wondered around his bare chest taking in every detail. There were no hesitations his movements in seconds both of his hands were under my shirt I shivered upon contact. Both our breathing was becoming heavy, our tongues fought for dominance and I refused to let him win this time.

I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my throat, so naturally the door opened at that very moment. This time we didn't bother jumping apart or being embarrassed it was becoming second nature.

"Uh-oh, they're playing hanky panky again!" Julie said in her high pitched little girl voice. I guess Sally had gotten around to explaining. Percy just laughed and jumped of the bed, he absolutely adored his little sister and I feared for her when she was old enough to date. Percy scooped the six year up and tossed her over his shoulder as she squealed in delight as he took off done the hall with me in pursuit.

Percy had the little girl pinned on the living room floor as he hovered over Julie tickling her high peals of laughter sounded throughout the room, the sound so contagious that I couldn't help but join in. Paul sat with arm around Sally on the couch quietly laughing watching in amusement. Finally Julie's pleas won out and Percy stopped and stood up with a smile on his lips looking down at his sister. I leaned against the door fame of the hall way watching in amusement I slowly took in Percy's appearance fully able to appreciate him from a distance his gorgeous chiseled chest was bear and was bare foot wearing only a pair of black sweat pants I couldn't bring myself to look away, he caught my eye and winked before he turned to Paul and Sally.

Out of nowhere Julie said, "They were playing hanky panky in Percy's bed and," Percy reacted quickly and bent down to covered her mouth with his hand giving her a meaningful look before more could spill out, no telling what else she'd say. I walked over deciding to join Percy and the rest of the family figuring now was a good time as any. Both Paul and Sally laughed loudly at the siblings.

Percy slowly removed his hand from Julie's mouth and slipped his arm around my waist hugging me tight to him. Julie stuck her tongue out at Percy for interrupting her but soon seemed to forgive her big brother. "Hanky panky, really?"Percy said laughing trying to change the subject "That was your great explanation?"

"Hey better than 'We were cooking pop-tarts'." Paul defended himself still laughing. Sally just shook her head looking highly amused. Paul narrowed his eyes at Percy's appearance "What happened, cat's got you your shirt?" Paul joked.

Percy laughed. "You'll have to ask Annabeth about that one." Percy said smiling down at me.

I blushed mortified that Percy would tell his parents that even if he was joking, I looked down and away from Paul and Sally unable to meet their eye contact but that didn't stop my from hearing Paul's heartily laughter and Sally's quiet giggles. Not knowing what else to I opted for punching him in his side.

"Ouch!" Percy wined dropping his arm from around me to rub his side. I smiled to myself.

"Meanie." Percy mumbled under his breath I just looked up and stuck my tongue out him. Paul and Sally laughed at our banter. Catching me off guard Percy pulled me into his chest and placed a tender kiss on my lips mumbling his apologies against my lips. It was those kinds of things that made it impossible for me to stay angry at him. Knowing better than to deepen the kiss while his family was in the room I pulled away and gave him a half smile and said, "Well I guess you are forgiven." But I was sure my eyes gave away more than my words let on. I sighed as Percy laughed before kissing my lips once more.

"Remind me not to invite you two to stay the night once you are married." Paul said smiling broadly at us, once again the blush claimed my cheeks.

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