Sonic X V2

By: GammaTron

Summary: It's a reworking of Sonic X involving everything up with Sonic in the SEGA World mixed with AOSTH and Sonic Underground. This has a SonicXOC, ManicXAmy, and SoniaXShadow. Don't complain unless you can give me a valid reason for each complaint. I know there are a lot of fans out there that like the original series of each one of the things I am including in this, but listen…This is FanFiction. It is where we can make the original reality of things we like and mess with them as we please. I will do my best at keeping them as original to their character as possible, but I won't promise it. There will be moments where characters will be OOC.

It was a calm night in a large forest. The full moon's reflection gently played upon a serene lake as the gentle melody of the insects and wildlife played to make a natural ambience. Sirens began to blare are a nearby structure lit up in lights. A pair of legs in red and white running shoes dashed through the grass as strange spherical robots with treads moved out of the structure until they were just outside the structure. Within it, various weaponry began to rise up and target the figure as it approached.

The figure approached to lights to reveal it was actually a humanoid hedgehog. He had blue fur and quills with two on his back and six on his heads going straight back. He wore a pair of white gloves and the light reflected off the gold buckles on his shoes and medallion resembling his head. The robots and other machines began to open fire on the supersonic hedgehog who simply chuckled with a grin. He swiftly jumped over the sphere robots and over the fence. Sirens went off in the base before three giant heavily armored robots flew out of a large entrance. The hedgehog easily outraced them all when he was catapulted over the fence by a giant spring and a swing from one of the robots.

"Sonic!" a voice screamed.

Flying into the base was a large blue biplane with yellow decal. Riding within the vehicle were two humanoid animals. The pilot was a humanoid fox with dark golden fur with a white underbelly, muzzle, and twin tail tips wearing white gloves and shoes resembling the blue hedgehog's shoes. Behind him was a pink humanoid hedgehog. She wore a red headband and a red dress that had white trimming. She had white gloves with gold wristbands and red boots with a white stripe down the middle. Her jade eyes and the fox's sky-blue eyes were filled with worry as they flew into it and towards Sonic when some of the machines fired at them, scoring a hit on one of the wings.

"Smoke!" the pink hedgehog screamed in fright, "Do something, Tails!"

"Don't worry, Amy!" the fox replied as he pulled a lever, releasing a missile at Sonic, "This first!"

Sonic screamed as he fell towards the trees. The missile spread apart and revealed a gold, glowing ring. Sonic caught it just before he crashed into the trees. The scene was calm for a second when a spinning blue sphere rocketed out of the trees and at the base. The sphere rammed right through the sphere robots and decimated the barriers set up. It crashed into the first giant robot before hitting the others, dragging them all back a few feet. The sphere then ripped right through them and each one exploded. It soon crashed through one of the tower's searchlights.

"Hang on, Amy!" Tails cried as the plane began to drag down the ground.

"Rock! Don't hit it!" Amy screamed as she closed her eyes and looked away from a giant rock they were about to hit.

"Too late!" Tails screamed.

Suddenly, the rock shattered. The plane skidded to a halt a few feet from where the rock once was. Tails looked near where it was and gasped.

"Knuckles!" Tails exclaimed, "Thank you!"

A figure stood beside the remains of the boulder. He was a red humanoid echidna. He had a tan muzzle and a white horizontal crescent moon. He wore white boxing gloves with two spikes on each. His tail was bent downwards in two directions. He wore LEGO-like red and yellow shoes with green leg bands. He had various dreadlocks on his head and glared at the base with his violet eyes while crossing his arms.

"Knuckles…" Tails whispered.

"What's with him?" Amy pondered.

"Hey, hey…You're going overboard…" Knuckles muttered.

"Dr. Robotnik, all the walls nearby have been sealed tight," a tall, lanky grey-furred coyote in purple skull-theme armor and a purple cape spoke.

"Duh, and the windows have been locked, too," a large muscle-bound orange dingo with tiny purple-tinted glasses, ripped green pants, and a yellow Mohawk added.

-There's no way the hedgehog can get within these walls- a tall, skinny, gold robot said.

-That's right- a short, plump, silver robot added.

"Dr. Robotnik…um…help?" a silver and black chicken-themed robot asked as he and a green drill-like robot were in pieces.

"Oi…" a man muttered, "Roll?"

He was a fat man in a red gentlemen shirt and black pants and shoes shaped like an egg, no hair on his head except for the big orange mustache on his face under his large nose and tiny blue glasses over his eyes. He looked over at a humanoid hedgehog/fox fusion. She wore a pink shirt with a red heart on it. She wore a pair of jeans with hearts on the sides. She had a soft ivory muzzle and fox tail tip with yellow quills and fur. She looked over at him with deep jade colored eyes.

"Hai, Ovi-Oji-san?" she asked.

"It's Ivo Robotnik now, Roll," Dr. Robotnik sighed, "Can you help Scratch and Grounder fix themselves…again?"

"Hai, Ivo-Oji-san!" Roll giggled before going over to the two.

"Oh…Thanks, Roll," the chicken robot said as she screwed in his left arm.

"No problem, Scratch-nii-chan," Roll giggled, "How does it feel?"

"Not bad," Scratch replied as he moved his wing-like hand, "You, Grounder?"

"Yep!" the drill robot saluted after Roll drilled in his right arm.

"Darn! Why does that Sonic always get in my way? I hate that hedgehog! Hate! Hate! Hate!" Dr. Robotnik complained.

"Why else, Dr. Eggman!" a voice replied.

Everyone turned to a clear, egg-shaped container. Within it was a small peach and cream-colored rabbit. She had long rabbit ears that ended at her waist and wore an orange dress with a white collar and blue tie. She wore orange and yellow dress shoes with large socks. She looked at Eggman with innocent chocolate-brown eyes while hugging a blue and yellow creature with big blue eyes in her white gloves with yellow buttons on them.

"It's because you keep doing bad things," the rabbit continued.

"Chao!" the blue and yellow thing added.

"Cream-chan, he's only trying to get the Chaos Emeralds to take care of the world's evil," the Hedgefox replied, "I don't understand why you were kidnapped, though…"

"Phooey! Too late already anyway," Eggman smirked as he held up a scarlet fine-cut emerald, "When I put this last Chaos Emerald into this machine, my machine will have limitless power! Roll, dear, can you go into the kitchen I think your Ichigo Daifuku is burning."

"Oh no!" Roll gasped before running out and then back in, "May I bring along Cream-chan and Cheese-chan?"

"Very well…" Eggman sighed before Roll picked up the container and ran out, "I'm still not used to seeing her with that hedgehog's speed."

"But, Dr. Robotnik, you've known your adopted niece for longer than the hedgehog," Sleet argued.

"I know, but…" Eggman sighed.

"Thank Kami-sama that it didn't burn…" Roll exhaled a relieved sigh as she placed a plate with three daifuku coated in powdered sugar in front of Cheese and Cream before sitting down, "Itadakimasu!"

"Um…Ms. Roll?" Cream pondered, "What is this?"

"They're Japanese sweet cakes with strawberry and anko filling," Roll explained before a buzzing went off, "Hm?"

She took out a pocketwatch. She opened it to reveal a screen of a ventilation shaft system. On it was a red blinking dot. She pressed the top and a ventilation opening above two empty chairs opened. A pair of hedgehogs yelped before falling out of the opening. One was a booger-green hedgehog with some of his quills sticking frontwards wildly. He wore a red open vest and a yellow fanny-pack that had a pair of drumsticks in it. He also had brilliant sapphire eyes and wore a necklace that resembled a drum set.

"Dude…What hit us, Sonia?" the hedgehog laughed, "Can we do it again?"

The other hedgehog was a female hedgehog with magenta fur. Part of her quills were out-front, dyed pink, and seemed well kept. She wore a violet-black shirt and skirt with black shorts under it. She wore long heeled violet boots and a gold buckle. She had rouge eyes and a necklace resembling a keyboard.

"A blast of wind, Manic," the hedgehog replied as she took out a brush and began to mend her messed up quills, "Ugh…This is going to take me hours to fix!"

"Konnichiwa!" Roll giggled, "Watashi wa Roll desu ka."

"Eh?" Manic pondered, "Uh…This is Robotnik's fortress, right?"

"Hai," Roll nodded, "Ichigo Daifuku?"

"I just love Daifuku," Sonia replied, "Thank you."

"Uh, Sis? The plan?" Manic asked.

"Fashion first, Cuisine second, Mission last."

"Ugh…" Manic rolled his eyes while the two girls and blue and yellow creature giggled, 'This is weird…I'm stuck in some sort of Jap-Tea Party with a little rabbit girl, her pet Chao, a Hedgefox chick, and my sister. …God…If you do exist…then shoot me now!"

"Are you sure this is enough, your fatness?" Scratch asked.

"Yes, you duncebucket! It wouldn't even be easy for Sonic to…" Eggman growled before one of the entrances exploded to reveal Sonic, "…break…it…down."

"Uh oh…" Grounder gulped.

"We're in trouble…" the dingo paled, "Sleet, I'm scared…"

"Likewise, Dingo, likewise…However…" the coyote began as Eggman inserted the Chaos Emerald into his machine and held up a switch.

"I guess you were a bit too late…All I have to do now is pull this switch," Eggman smirked.

"So. All I have to do is take it away from you first," Sonic grinned when a semi-robotic red monkey with a light bulb on its head aimed a blaster at him.

"Why don't you give it a try then," Eggman sneered before the monkey open fired and made Sonic dash around."

"Catch me if you can, Coconuts!" Sonic taunted as he ran up a wall.

"Get him! Get him!" Scratch and Grounder cheered.

-Decoe to Roll- the gold robot said.

"Moshi-Moshi!" Roll answered a watch communicator on her wrist.

-You may want to get a survival pack ready-

"Doshite desu ka?"

-Call it an alloy feeling-

"Good thing I already made one," Roll giggled as she held up a pink and black backpack to the screen, "Now all I need is to pack up the kitchen utensils."

-Excellent job, Roll- Decoe stated –Just be ready for any…-

-Get back here, you cowardly rat!- Sleet's voice roared.

-I'm a hedgehog!- Sonic's voice snapped.

"What was that?"

-Sonic the Hedgehog. Decoe, over and out-

"Why is he getting in the way of Ivo-Oji-San's goal of sealing up the world's evil?" Roll pondered aloud as she finished putting the dishes from the meal away.

"Because that's not what Ro-butt-nik wants," Manic replied, making Roll look at him in confusion.

"That's it! Fire, fire, fire!" Eggman ordered…until Sonic jumped in front of the doctor and his machine, "Whaaa! No!"

Eggman ducked and Coconuts open fired. Sonic smirked before he jumped out of the way. The laser shots struck the machine while Eggman pressed the switch. Suddenly, the machine began to spark and everyone stared at it in shock.

"What the…? What have you done? It's broken!" Eggman barked.

Suddenly, the light began to grow and expand. Outside, numerous beams of light began to emerge from the tower before it became engulfed in a light. Near the fallen plane, the trio looked out.

"What is it?" Amy pondered.

"It's Chaos Control," a voice replied.

The trio turned to see an older hedgehog approach. She has periwinkle quills with her hair-like quills reaching her waist. She wore a white dress-like outfit with a gold jeweled necklace, hair band, and white dress shoes. She had soft jade eyes and a small, gentle smile.

"This is what happens when the Servers unite without a Control," she said.

"Aleena?" Knuckles pondered as the light engulfed them as well.

Sonic groaned softly as he slowly opened his eyes. He felt a sense of warmth before looking down to see Roll laying gently beside him, her tail on him. He slowly got up and looked to see Sonia and Manic as the three slowly awoke.

"Darn it. This is no time to be passing out…" Sonic groaned as he held his head.

"Ite…What hit us?" Roll pondered, picking up her backpack and her suitcase filled with cooking ware.

"No clue," Sonia replied, "This is not going to be good with my hair…"

"You and your hair…" Manic muttered, "Hey, dude. Sup? Name's Manic."


"Watashi wa Roll desu ka," Roll bowed.

"My name is Sonia," the magenta hedgehog curtsied before all of them dodge two lights.

"What?" Sonic yelped before they dodged another pair of light.

Soon, the traffic halted and began to blare their horns and shout at the four. The four ignored them as they looked around. One minute, they were all in a base in a giant forest. Now…Now they were in a giant city.

"Where are we?" Roll pondered before they looked over at the sidewalks to see groups of humans staring at them.

"Overlanders…" Sonia gasped.

"Overlanders? Those are humans," Sonic whispered.

"What the hell are humans?" Manic whispered.

"Them!" Roll and Sonic whispered as they pointed at the humans.

"What are they?" a child pondered.

"Just what do you think you're doing there?" a trucker snapped as two policemen ran up to the four, Roll whimpering as she hid behind Sonic.

"Talk about noisy…" Sonic muttered.

"What's this thing?" the tall blond officer asked.

"Three hedgehogs? Nah, too big. Plus, that fourth one looks like a mix between a hedgehog and a fox," the brown-haired, portly officer examined.

"Of all the darn places to throw them out in a place like this," the blond sighed sadly.

"I'm scared…" Roll whispered.

"That mixed one looks scared," the portly officer said as the blond took his hat off and knelt down.

"Hey there…Don't worry, little lady," the officer said, "We don't want to hurt you. Good critters, come here."

"Won't they bite?" the other officer asked.

"No sweat. I have three cats at home. Come on…" the blonde spoke as his made kissy sounds.

Roll whimpered as she buried herself into Sonic's back, shaking. Sonic crossed his arms and glared at the officer. Sonia's left eye twitched, thinking how he dared to compare her to a cat. Manic though…Manic just flipped the guy off.

"Hey! He just told us to…" the portly officer snarled.

"Hey, you better listen or…" the blond began to reach for Sonic and Roll when they moved away in a blink of the eye, making Sonic look at Roll in shock, "Hey!"

"Why you…" the portly one began when another, older officer with orange hair and a mustache placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

"Hey, hey. Police officers aren't suppose to threaten anyone but villains…especially animals," the older officer scolded.


"Block off your side!" the older officer ordered a woman officer.

"Yes, sir!"

"When I give the signal, we'll all grab them. Got it?" the oldest one asked, "Now!"

The four officers jumped at the four. They pulled apart to reveal they only got each others' left leg. On a police car near them, Sonic and Roll released Sonia and Manic. The four looked at each other and either chuckled or giggled…until an officer got them all in a net.

"Boss! I got them!" the officer cheered until Sonic and Roll dashed off, dragging the man with them.

"Get them!" the older officer ordered.

They all caught the net's pole and were dragged with him. The two, with Manic and Sonia on their backs, jumped over a police car, letting the others get stuck in the open window. The net fell off them and they raced down the highway. The eldest officer grabbed the radio.

"Reporting an emergency! Reporting an emergency!" the officer called, "Three gigantic hedgehogs, one blue, one magenta, and one green, plus a hedgefox are going wild in town!"

-Please close off all the roads and don't let any cars inside the highways!-

"Is there even such a thing as a hedgehog or hedgefox?" a driving officer asked his partner.

"If I ever catch them, I'll sell 'em and make billions! I'll bet they're just some suped-up cars!" the partner laughed…until the four landed on their hood.

"That was awesome!" Sonic exclaimed, his medallion shining in the lights, "Roll, how did you do that?"

"How did I run that fast? How did you run that fast?" Roll asked.

"Say it at the same time!" Manic barked.

"That's actually not a bad idea for once, Manic," Sonia complimented/insulted.

"Hey…Sis…" Manic whined as the two talking nodded and took a deep breath.

"I was born with that speed!" Sonic and Roll said in unison, "What? You too? No way! That's so cool/Sugoi!"

"Can we focus?" Sonia demanded, "We've been blown somewhere and we have no clue just where we went!"

"Oh yeah…Sorry," Sonic apologized before Manic got on his back while Sonia got on Roll's back before they dashed off.

"…Hey, buddy?"


"How fast are we going…?"

"120 kilometers an hour."

"I see…"

"What? Even a police car can't catch up to them?" a man piloting a helicopter exclaimed, "Aren't they running on the road?"

"Is that them?" the other pilot asked as he looked down on the highway to see the four.

"We've found the targets! They are heading up north along Central Street and are going into Freeway 101!"


-Patrol 85, the targets are heading your way Are you ready?-

"We're in position! To get through this, you'd either have to dig through the ground or fly!" an officer laughed behind a large police blockade with dozens of cars and officers with shields…when Sonic and Roll easily jumped over the blockade and dashed off, Manic looking back to flip them off, "Or you could try a 100 meter jump…"

"Oh come on!" an officer in a helicopter exclaimed, "Chopper no. 3, this is Chopper no. 3. We've been pursuing the targets full speed, but they will soon, rather, have already…"

"Don't tell me? You lost them?"

-Bully's eye!-

"Leader!" the officer behind a control panel exclaimed, turning to an orange-haired man in a red and white track suit.

"This is great. It's been awhile since we've had some excitement. S Team, let's go!" the man ordered.

"Sugoi…" Roll awed from a light post.

"The night sky looks the same…So do the stars and moon," Sonic noted, sitting beside Roll as Manic and Sonia looked up from the ground, "Could this be the power of the Chaos Emeralds?"

"Are we in a different place? Did we travel through space and time?" Sonia pondered as the two jumped down.

"Do you think we're the only ones here?" Manic pondered.

"I'm not sure. But I guess we'll find out soon," Sonic replied when five red and white racecars approached and the man in the red and white tracksuit emerged from one, taking his helmet off.

"Hey there," he greeted, "Thanks for causing all this commotion."

"Just ignore him…" Sonic whispered as they turned to leave.

"Hey, hold it! Listen till I'm finished talking, will you," the man called, "This town is so peaceful that we weren't getting enough stimulation. The only arrest we had this whole year was just one person…"

"I wonder if it's Eggman…" Manic whispered.

"Manic!" Sonia whispered harshly as she pointed at the saddening Roll.


"…But it was only 2 minutes or so that the guy managed to run around. A mere 2 minutes is not even enough time to make instant ramen. Hey, you're suppose to laugh!" the man chuckled, earning a giggle from Roll, "Ah…See? Your friend gets it. Well, this town became a boring town as it is now…mainly because of us, the special highway speed squad, the S Team! I am the leader. They call me Highway Star!"

"Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Roll desu ka," Roll bowed.

"Roll…" Sonic whispered.

"I was raised on manners, Sonic-san," Roll replied with a small glare.

"Well, it seems you speak Japanese," Highway Star chuckled, "It turned out to be a long introduction. From now on, it's going to be fast!"

With that, the other cars revved their engines. Sonia and Manic got on their back and the two speeders raced off with the cars chasing them. Highway Star chuckled as he hopped into his car and slid his helmet on.

"Please keep it up…until I catch you," Highway Star chuckled before driving after them.

"So they want to play chase with us?" Sonic laughed before accelerating, "Sure sounds like fun."

-They've accelerated speed! Boost up rear wing 20 degrees! 1.7 kilometers. I'll align!- One of the drivers exclaimed on their radio network before they managed to surround the four.

"They're better than the ones before," Sonic noted.

"We're going to get crushed!" Sonia screamed.

"Yeah, right!" Roll replied before she and Sonic vanished with the two on their backs.

"They vanished? Did I run over them?" a driver gasped before seeing them on top of his car, "What the…? Hey! Stop playing around! It's dangerous! Are you going to take responsibility if kids decide to copy you two?"

"Minna, don't ever get on a moving car, okay?" Roll asked, breaking the 4th wall, before they dashed off.

"How dare you make light of the S Team? I'll teach you a lesson!" the driver declared, "Let's go, everybody! Full boost. All wing 0.5 degrees!

-Roger!- the unanimous cry went out before they all saw something that startled them; Sonic and Roll running backwards and yawning –What the…?-

-This can't be happening- the driver gasped, Highway Star hearing it in his radio –They're playing with us. What are they anyway?-

-Chief! Please do something!- another begged –How frustrating!-

"Everybody…Open the center line! It's about time I feed some milk to my machine," Highway Star ordered as they followed orders, 'I didn't think that I would have to be using this. However…I will not have anybody speeding in front of me on my highway!' "Super Nitro: On!"

With that, he pulled a lever near his left leg. Instantly, his car accelerated to near the speed of sound. Sonic and Roll quickly dodged and looked ahead at the speeding car, both smirking. Highway Star chuckled.

"I won't ever have anyone being faster than me her! If anyone wants to be faster, they'd have to be faster than the speed of sound!" the racer declared when Sonic and Roll zipped by him, turning into twin blue and yellow lines of light, "Sonic boom? (A/N: Sonic Boom: An explosive sound made by an aircraft, bullet, etc. travelling faster than the speed of sound) This is on the ground…"

-Chief! Point D!- a driver screamed.

Highway Star growled as he pulled another lever. Five parachutes erupted from the back on his vehicle. He slammed hard on the breaks and skidded to a halt. The four looked back before ahead to see it ended like a ramp. They shot off it and over Wind-Energy Mills, blowing the fans so fast, they seemed to be blurs. In the nearby city, everything lit up like the Fourth of July.

"Sugoi…" Roll awed as she looked at the lights, "It's like an amusement park…"

"There was an amazing guy, too," Sonic grinned as he looked back at the highway ramp to see Highway Star looking out at them.

"Guess we have some stuff here to amuse ourselves with," Manic said as they passed over a rich district.

"We're coming for a landing," Sonia said as she pointed down.

"A pool!" Sonic yelped before paling, "Water."

"Uh…" Manic began as Sonic tried to stay up in the air by running.

"It's impossible…" Sonic gasped before falling down into it, screaming and creating a large pillar of water that let the girls bounce off it, a parasol, and landed on a balcony.

"We made it…" Sonia sighed in relief when she heard the sliding door on the balcony open.

"Um…Who are you two?"

The two turned to see a young boy, possibly twelve or thirteen, in blue pajamas. He had semi-large brown eyes and messy brown hair. Sonia tilted her head.

"If we had a Keyblade, he would look like Sora-san…" Roll giggled.

"Y-You talk?" the boy gasped before looking out at the pool to see that Sonic was struggling to get out of the water by running, but to no avail, "Ah! He's drowning! We have to help him!"

"Manic should be…" Sonia began before seeing her brother had hit the tiles beside it, making her sigh, "This just proves he has a head harder than diamond…"

The three ran out of the balcony and into a hallway. They soon ran down the stairs and outside. The boy and Roll jumped into the pool. The two grabbed one of Sonic's hands each and swam out with him. Sonic spent five minutes puking out the water he took in with Roll gently rubbing his back. Sonia dunked Manic's head in the water and that got him awake and mad at her.

"What the hell was that for?" Manic demanded.

"That was for not helping that blue hedgehog!" Sonia argued, "Plus, you needed a bath."

"A-Are you alright?" the boy asked.

"Yeah, thank you!" Sonic replied.

"You can talk?" the boy asked.

"Naturally, why not?" Roll asked, causing the boy to pinch himself.

"Wow, you're really talking…" he gasped, "I'm Chris! And all of you are?"

"Sonia Melody, this dummy's sister."

"Manic Vent, this clean-freak's bro."

"Watashi wa Sakurai Cyber Roll desu ka!"

"I'm Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!"

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