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For the Life of the Child

Hermione Snape sat in her office working on the schedules for the upcoming year knowing that the daughter she had given up eleven years ago was going to be among the students this year. This had been one of the many things that had been weighing on her mind since the start of the summer when she saw the list of the upcoming students. The one main problem about this was how she was going to explain to her husband that she had been hiding their daughter from him.

When Severus and Hermione first got together it was during the height of the war and because of all the things that could go wrong they kept the affair to themselves. At first it was just a sexual relationship because neither one of them could ever imagine that they would be able to love the other. There were too many issues in their past that would prevent that from happening, so they thought. For many years Hermione and Severus fought over this and that, and for that there were many times they had not been together. Both of them too stubborn to agree with the other. Hermione knew deep down that what Severus was doing was for the greater good, but sometimes she was just too selfish and just wanted him to herself.

Soon after Hermione graduated she was asked along with Severus if they would work together to produce a potion that could possible help Harry to defeat Voldermort. In the beginning all the two of them would do was fight over the best way to go about the potion. There were many a night spent cleaning up broken vials and split potion ingredients because one or the other had thrown something across the room. Hermione found cleaning the mess by hand a lot more calming than using her magic. Hermione couldn't help but smile at all these thoughts she was having. She remembered the night when all the blows finally came to a head and they finally admitted that they had feelings for each other.

Hermione was standing over the cauldron adding the proper ingredients while reading the list. Two tablespoons asphodel, a pinch of belladonna. After that stir counterclockwise 20 times, clockwise 5 then simmer for 24 hours. This was the last steps of the potion for which she was glad. They had spent the last two years working out little issues of the potions trying different things and this they believed was the final answer. Hermione thought that during her time here working with Professor Snape it would be best to work on her Potion Masters Accreditation seeing is she would be with him quite frequently with him having to still teach his classes while doing his work for the order. Because of these duties she lived at Hogwarts along with the Professor. So during many of his classes she sat though and occasionally he let her teach the class, of course it was the younger grades because too many of the older kids knew who she was and he didn't want any conflicts or questions.

Hermione was working of some of the medicinal potions for Madam Pomfrey that was on another list the Professor Snape had for her to work on while he was busy with other things. As Hermione was setting the Pepper-Up potion to simmer Professor Snape walked in the door and headed straight to his office pulling his bottle of Fire whiskey out of his cupboard. Hermione had seen this one too many times over the past few years so she followed him into the office.

"Professor?" walking into the office noticing him sitting at his desk with his back to her, so she walked up next to him and kneeled on the floor. "Professor, what happened?" Professor Snape just stared at the floor acting like she wasn't even there so she moved around so she was right in front of him. Trying to find a softer approach Hermione stated. "Severus what is going on, you have always been open to me before about things, come on what is going on?"

Severus took one more drink and slammed the glass onto his desk. "Do you really want to know what is wrong?" Severus yelled as he stood up almost knocking Hermione on the floor.

"Of course I do or I wouldn't have asked" Hermione stated pulling herself up to a standing position.

Severus started pacing around and started to talk. "I am just tired of everything about my life being for someone else. If it is not spying and reporting to the Dark Lord, then I am doing it for Albus. I am just tired and ready for a break, but I know it is still years in the working."

Hermione just sat there listening to Severus rant about everything going on. Not sure how to express what she was feeling she just walked over to where Severus was standing just staring into the fireplace and placed her arms around him in a gentle hug. She did not seem too concerned with this expression at the moment she just couldn't think of any other way to show him she understood.

"Severus, it will work out for the best in the end" she stated into his back. She was surprised that he didn't move, but he turned around in her embrace and looked down into her golden brown eyes.

"How can you be so sure?" he stated with tears in his eyes.

"I can't be sure Severus but whatever will happen, will happen and we just have to be strong" Hermione just smile up at him just to give him a shred of hope.

Severus was unsure of what he was doing and was not sure if he would be rejected he just bent down an brought his lips down to hers for a soft kiss. Hermione just melted into the kiss and pressed for more of a reaction…..

Hermione got woken out of her daydream by her husband who had just walked into the door of her office. "Mione…Mione…HERMIONE" he stated pretty loudly that it had startled Hermione.

"What? I am right here, no need to shout" she stated "What do you want? Can't you see that I am busy?" She went back to working on the papers that are in front of her.

"Well as usual Mrs. Snape you are on the verge of working through another meal. I cannot sit back any longer and watch you do this to yourself" Severus went to reach for the items in front of her only to receive a slap on his hand. "Don't fight me Hermione, you know I will win. Besides the students will not be here for another month you have plenty of time to get the schedules done.

Unknown of course to Severus the schedules were the last things on her mind she was just using them as a excuse to hid away from him for the time being. She was still trying to figure out how to tell him what she had done. She has never lied to Severus is all the years that they have been together except for this one thing. She has done well to hide it, but it has always been there in the back of her mind.

"Fine I am coming, but remember I am doing this under protest" Hermione put all of her stuff away and reached up and grabbed the hand her husband was offering her.

"Much better" Severus stated with a satisfied smirk. "Next maybe you will tell me what you are hiding from me." Hermione just looked up at him. "Mione I have known you for too many years not to know when there is something you are not telling me.

Making their way to the great hall to the large table set up for the staff during the summer months. Severus pulled out the chair for Hermione to sit down then sat himself down. Hermione filled up her plate and began to eat with small conversations to the rest of the people at the table. All Severus could do was listening and watching his wife as she talked and ate her dinner all the while wondering what his wife was hiding from him and if this secret would have a hindrance on what he considered the perfect marriage.

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