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Chapter 6

Tabi had taken the book into the kitchen with her when she went to make the tea, as soon as she had the kettle starting to boil she sat down at the table to read over the different bios. Looking through the book she found it so fascinating, especially the picture of Professor Snape. Reading the bio she noticed that he had been a double agent in the fight against the evil wizard Lord Voldemort, and that it was because of him and her mother that they were able to defeat him. It stated it was some potion that had come up with that helped weaken him.

As she was reading over the bio she really got to looking at his picture and could not help to think she was looking in a mirror. Tabi had spent so many hours over the years looking at her own face in the mirror she could not help but think of all the similarities between her and this professor. The two main points that struck her was the pure black onyx eyes that made you feel like you were falling into a deep dark hole, just the way it felt when she looked into her own eyes and the blacker than night hair. She had already figured that the waves and her small button nose had to of come from her mother, not that she knew for sure what her mother looked like.

After looking over the picture she read over the bio again and noticed that it did say he was married, but had only been married for 3 years. Tabi was positive after comparing herself to the professor that there was no way that this man was not her father. So if these were both of her parents and seeing that was how old she was why hadn't they been married longer?

As Tabi started to think about the time frame the teapot started to whistle, so getting up from the table she went over and finished up the tea and placed everything back on the tray. Grabbing the book and the tray she headed back into the living room. As Tabi entered the living room she discovered both of her moms just laughing and having a great time. Tabi noticed how happy her mom was and she had not seen her this happy in a very long time. It was almost like a piece of her that had been missing had been replaced.

"Not that I want to disturb the fun" smiled Tabi "But the tea is done" Tabi stated as she placed the tray of tea on the table.

"That's ok" smiled Suzanna "We were just doing a lot of catching up"

Mione just nodded in agreement "It is hard to believe how much you lose in a decade"

Tabi went about filling everyone's tea cups and then sat back on the couch with her cup of tea contemplating all of the questions that were swimming around in her head. The only problem she was having was whether or not her new mother would be willing to answer all of the questions that she was having.

Hermione took a sip of her tea and with just a glance towards her newly reclaimed daughter she could see all of the questions she had in her eyes. She had spent many years reading questions in those same eyes, not to mention all the times she had that look on her face with her own set of questions.

"Just by looking into your eyes Tabi, I can see all the questions you have. Please feel free to ask any of them you want and I will do my best to answer the ones I can." Mione took one more sip and sat the cup down and got ready to have to bear out her soul.

Tabi glanced over at her mom as to ask permission if it was ok to bombard this lady with all of her questions.

"Go ahead Tabi, we have talked and she is about ready as she can be to answer your questions" stated Suzanna as she placed a comforting hand on Tabi's knee.

"I just don't know where to start, there are just so many questions to ask." Tabi said with a look of wonder on her face.

"I have discovered over the years that it is always best to start at the beginning" Mione stated with a smile.

Tabi thought hard about what the most important question would be and she should just start there. And what would that question be? Of course who was her father?

"The most important thing to me has always been where I come from. Since I now know that you are my mother, the other part to the puzzle would be who my father is?" Tabi took a breather before the next part of her question.

Tabi's next question was short and simple. "Is Professor Snape my father?"

Mione was trying to think of the best way to answer the questions that would be following this answer. There would be many things that Tabi would not understand and that Hermione would have to explain to her.

"Yes, Professor Snape is your father" stated Hermione plain and simple

"So why is he not here? I know that you're married too him! Was he not excited to see me after all this time? Tabi asked with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Oh honey it is nothing like that I promise" Hermione said with her own hint of sadness

"They why then, why is he not here? This does not make any sense." Tabi spat out fisting the couch with both hands.

Hermione couldn't help but look at the floor as she made the next remark. "He doesn't know anything about you."

"How is that even possible, I would think he would notice that you were getting fatter" Tabi yelled.

Suzanna thought that this would be the best time for her to step in before things went from bad to worse.

"Now Tabitha Ann you have no right to yell at her like that, you do not even know the whole story" Suzanna stated as calmly as she could.

Tabi plopped herself back down on the couch. "Fine explain to me how you can carry a baby for 9 months and then take 11 years to tell someone he is a father." Tabi sat with her arms crossed.

"To be honest in the beginning it was just not safe enough for us to have a baby, we were not even suppose to be together. It was my fault I got pregnant in the first place." Mione picked up a tissue to wipe her tears.

"I was just so excited that Severus had even paid attention to me and started to care about me, which was the only thing that was on my mind"

"Would he really have been that mad?"

"Oh my god yes! He would have been furious with me; it would have meant our deaths" Mione said blotting a few more tears that have fallen.

"The one main thing you have to understand about back then was, we were in the mists of a war and your father and I had very important but dangerous positions, his more than mine. But the point is we never should have been together at the time, but you cannot help who your heart wants and when it wants them." Mione smiled at the memory of back then.

"So I take it my father worked for that evil man that my mom told me about when she talked to me about my adoption?"

Mione took a moment to look over at Suzanna with that look of question in her eye. Just how much did Suzanna tell Tabi about the past?

"Well I figured she had been lied to long enough and she is a very smart girl, just like you, she would have figured it out all on her own." Suzanna stated plainly.

"I can certainly understand that, and I had told you enough about things you could explain it to her in case she found out about her past before I could tell her." Mione said with a hint of relief in her voice. That was one small thing she didn't need to completely explain.

"Anyway I knew that if Severus knew about you he would have been more worried about us and that would make for a very distracted Severus, and being distracted was not something that Severus needed to be, because it would mean his death." Hermione said as she took a drink, her mouth was getting a little dry and she knew there more questions to arise. "If I would have been a pureblood witch we would not have had any problems, because the Dark Lord would have approved that relationship" Mione could not help the flinch in her face as she said that name. She had been around Severus for so long that it was just easier to say that than the name Lord Voldemort.

"The Dark Lord, who is that? And what is a Pureblood? Asked Tabi simply

"The Dark Lord was an evil wizard by the name of Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort. If you get into the history book a little further you will learn more about him. His main goal in life was to rule the wizarding world by ridding it of all the muggleborns, or in his words mudbloods." Hermione always hated that word but she wanted her daughter to truly understand.

"Mudbloods, what an awful name. What does it mean? Tabi was really confused with all these terms.

Hermione could completely understand her confusion by the look on her face, she felt the same way at her age and that was why she strove to know everything she could. "Well in the wizarding world there are 4 classes of witch and wizard." Placing her cup on the table and pulling her feet up under her butt just getting herself a little more comfortable.

Suzanna could just see the glee on her face as she was sharing her knowledge. She always got like this when she was sharing her passion with someone.

"First we have the section that calls themselves the purebloods. These are the families that have a long line of witch and wizards. These are the ones who have always thought they were superior to the other groups." Hermione just loved to share her knowledge; she has and will always be a little know-it-all.

Tabi was finally starting to calm down after her earlier freak out, she was really absorbing all this information that her new mother was providing her, as anyone who was looking from the outside could tell she was truly her mother's daughter.

Suzanna was taking this chance to slip away into the kitchen to start fixing dinner. She had already heard these stories before and thought she would give Hermione a chance to be alone with her daughter. Even though she would never say anything she always knew this would be a little hard for her but she knew this would happen eventually one day. It was just getting late in the day and she needed to start making dinner.

Hermione noticed Suzanna had gotten up and was wondering where she was going. "Hay where are you going? It's just starting to get interesting."

"Mortie is going to be home soon and I thought I might want to get some dinner started for everyone" Suzanna stated as she headed into the kitchen

"So do you need some help in there? Asked Hermione as she was getting up off the couch.

"No, no don't worry about me, you just sit there spreading out you knowledge and getting to know your daughter. You both need it." Suzanna said as she stepped into the kitchen.

"Well Mom if you change your mind we will come in there and help" Tabi got up and moved over to the couch that Hermione was sitting on. "So tell me more about the bloodlines please, I find it so interesting."

"Well let me think where I left off, oh yeah purebloods. The next status is the half-bloods. This is the group of people that have one parent that is a pureblood and the other parent is a muggle." At this point Hermione had turned on the couch to be facing the young girl next to her.

"What's a muggle?" Tabi was trying to think if she had read it somewhere

"Well a muggle is someone that does not have any magic at all, like your parents. Which brings me to the next magic sections and that is the muggleborns, which in the cruel area of our world is where the term mudblood comes from. It basic terms that means dirty blood"

"So then if my parent were really my parents then I would be a muggleborn?" asked Tabi

"That is correct, just like me. I am muggleborn, both my parents were dentists" Hermione said with a little hesitation in her voice praying that the tears didn't start to fall like every time she talked about her parents.

Tabi noticed the sadness in her voice and couldn't help but place her hands onto of Hermione's'. "I take it they are no longer with you, it seems to make you very sad. I am sorry for that." Tabi placed her arms around Hermione and gave her a very lovely hug

Hermione could not believe that this young woman before her had so much kindness in her heart, but then she really reminded Hermione about how mature she was at her age. Hermione was always kind to everyone, which was probably why she put up with Severus for so long. But be careful she can throw a nasty hex if she is so inclined, just ask Severus.

"No, they are not. They died a long time ago; it is so hard sometimes when I think about them. But no sad faces today, this is a happy day." Hermione straighten herself a little and moved on to the last set of wizards, or in this case not wizards.

"Well I told you there were 4 classes of witch and wizards, and the last class is the Squibs."

"Squids?" Tabi looked really confused.

Hermione could not help but laugh. "No, not Squids..I said Squibs, with a B. They are the folks that have magical parents, but have no magic themselves. In fact the caretaker at the school is a squib and I cannot believe he is still around, it seems like he has been there forever."

"So with all of these classes where does this leave me then?"

"Well since your father is a half-blood and I am a muggleborn that is going to make you a half-blood. A very strong half-blood, you come from two powerful people."

As Tabi was letting on of this sink in she heard the front door opening knowing that her dad was home from work. Tabi was over excited as she practically jumped into her dads arms when he walked in the door.

"Dad, I have just had the most exciting day, I can't wait to tell you about it"