Author's Foreword

After years of fanfic writing experience I have learned that it's better to explain a few things up front and separately
from the story instead of jamming it into the beginning and end of each chapter, hence my foreword here. Also it gives
me a chance to be a little pretentious on the side, as if writing fanfics wasn't pretentious enough in and of itself.

First, the standard disclaimer. I do not claim any creative right over the story or characters of Digimon, or any of
the songs used in my stories. They are the property of their respective copyright owners, whomever they may be.
Mmm...nice blanket statements help keep me all warm and stuff.

Character age-wise, here's the scenario for my story here. Most of the Season 1 kids are seniors in high school, so
they range between 17-18. Joe is 20 and in college, and the season 2 gang are all freshmen in high school making them
about 14-15 except for Cody, who is about 12 or so. I am using their Americanized names primarily, though I do use
some of their Japanese names as well. A little confusing perhaps, but not for fans of the series.

Regarding me writing more in this series, that is only partially contingent on whether or not anyone actually likes what
I've written here. I do have more planned, but I want to at least get the ball rolling on this series for now. Please
note this ahead of time, I write for my own pleasure and no one else's. If some of you out there happen to like what I
write, that makes me that much happier. But I do not write especially for fans of any particular characters or couplings,
and I refuse to be pressured into doing so for that matter.

A few quick Japanese notes out there, for you non-Japanese speakers. -chan is an affectionate ending used mostly for
girls, though it can be somewhat trans-gender depending on the context it's used in. There is one scene in this story
where one of the characters swears in Japanese. I will not translate it for you, mainly because it should be pretty
self-evident what is being said. Even if it isn't, use your imagination and fill in the blanks. ;)

This next note is to any of you who read my story here and happen to be a writer/fan of some of the yaoi couplings out
there. Yaoi, for those who don't know, refers to male homosexual relationships. This story contains a small shot, by
me, at one of the known yaoi couplings. This is intentional on my part, and is only meant to be a gentle rib, poking a
little fun at stories that feature that coupling. I am not a homophobe, nor am I a gay basher; however, I am also not
homosexual or bisexual, and while I have no problem with people who are, my stories will not reflect such themes. I am
keeping my couples heterosexual because that is my personal preference. If you want to flame me about it anyway, see my
note at the end of this foreword regarding flames.

Now that we're past all that crud, on to the fun part. This story is a romance with some angst woven in as well. The
featured couple here is Koushiro (Izzy) and Mimi, which is sometimes shortened to Koumi or Mishiro. Other couples that
are of note are: Sorato (Sora and Yamato aka Matt), Takari (Takeru and Hikari, or TK and Kari), Kenyako (Ken and Miyako
aka Yolei) and Tai and an original character of mine. This story is a companion fic that happens right along with another
fic of mine, so if you've read the other one don't be too surprised if you see some scenes that are the same as in that
story. That's done on purpose, and also to ensure continuity between the two stories.

One other story convention of note, I'm throwing in that the DigiDestined kids, after the end of Season 2 and all, made
a promise to each other not to interfere with or even visit the Digital World unless it were absolutely necessary. Best
to leave well enough alone and all that. Besides which, they all want to try and live a normal life for at least a
while. So no Digital World journeys here, and that's my reasoning why.

This particular story I have opted to give a rating of 'R' for the following reasons: some adult language, very mild
violence, and adult content in the forms of some mature conversation matter, some rather steamy kissing/makeout scenes,
and references to sexual activity. This particular story is probably borderline 'NC-17' rating, but I don't get into any
explicit description of actual sexual activity, hence the 'R' rating.

Comments, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome as always. Feel free to leave your comments at, or e-mail to me at I always appreciate hearing from people about my work. Flames,
however, will be summarily laughed at by me and then disregarded entirely. Thank you for reading all of this, and I hope
you enjoy my story.