"The school was just on the phone, they say everything should transfer just fine. I guess my
company talked to them as well and were able to convince them to help us out. They probably
promised a donation of some sort is my guess."

"That's good to know. And the house?"

"All lined up. There's just a little more paperwork to push through and then we can tell her."

"I hope she'll be okay with this."

"She's a strong girl, she'll be just fine."


A month or so had passed by, and Mimi was talking it up with Izzy yet again on their new
connection. Apparently, the Odaiba High School soccer team had won their championship a
while back, and it was still the talk of the town. The only thing that interrupted them was her
father's voice from downstairs.

"Mimi, dear, could you come downstairs for a moment? We need to have a family talk." her
father called to her upstairs.

"Be down in a sec, Dad!" Mimi called back. She said her goodbyes to Izzy quickly and headed
downstairs, hopping onto the couch as she looked up at her parents. "What's up?"

"Mimi, it's time for that announcement I told you about, dear." her mother said. Mimi noted the
seriousness in her mother's voice and stood up. her stomach felt a bit queasy, but she braced
herself for the news, whatever it was.

"First off, I have a confession to make." her father said. "Remember our vacation to Japan a
couple of months back?"

"Yes, what about it?" Mimi asked.

"Well, it wasn't really a vacation. It was a business trip." her father told her.

"A business trip? I don't get it."

"I've gotten a promotion in my company, Mimi."

"Wow! Congratulations, Dad! That's great!"

"That's not the announcement, though." her father said, cutting her celebration short. "See, I
actually was offered the promotion a while back, but it was contingent on one condition that I
needed to be certain of."

"What condition?" Mimi asked. The look on her father's face began to tell it to her even before he
spoke the words. Her eyes widened, and her heart seemed to skip a beat.

"Our moving back to Japan." he said. "To Odaiba, actually."

"That's why we took that trip, so your father could see if he really wanted to take the promotion."
her mother said.

"I know you've made some good friends over here, Mimi, but believe me this is for the best..." her
father began to say as he delivered the speech he'd prepared ahead of time. Mimi interrupted
him by just hugging him tightly, overcome with happiness.

"No need to explain, Dad! I'll start packing right away!" she said. She gave him a big kiss on the
cheek and then headed back upstairs to set to her task.

"Well, that was rather well received." her father said as he sat back down.

"Stupid damn machine, wake up faster!!" Mimi said, coming close to kicking her computer. Her
hands flew on the keyboard once she was online. Izzy was long gone by now, so she shot him
an e-mail and then powered down her computer one last time. She began to dismantle it and put
the various parts aside for boxing.

"I won't need you anymore!" she said triumphantly to the pile of computer parts. "Not when I'll be
able to have my Kou-chan with me for real...and this time, forever."


When Izzy returned to his computer he checked his e-mail first, only to see one message to him
from Mimi. There was no subject, and the message was very brief and strange.

To: MasterIzE@yahoo.co.jp

I won't be reachable for a while here, Kou-chan. Something urgent has come up. I don't
know how long it'll all take, but I promise to get back in touch with you ASAP. All my love,

"Great. Just great. Here I'd been planning on spending Homecoming online with her, and now
she'll probably miss it. Oh well, I'll live I suppose." he muttered to himself. He got up from his
computer and headed for the door, deciding to talk a short walk around. As he walked, he
passed by all the familiar sights, including a newly constructed house that had been up for sale
for some time. A real estate agent was busy replacing the "For Sale" sign with a "Sold" sign.

"So someone finally bought that house?" he said to himself. "Another new face for the
neighborhood. I'll have to keep an eye out for the moving van. Maybe I can get the others to
help out welcoming the new folks. That'd be a neighborly thing to do."

Izzy headed back to his place a bit after that and started calling around and rounding up help for
whenever the movers did show up. The last person he talked to was Tai.

"Sounds good to me, so long as they don't show up on a school day." Tai said though the phone.
"Though I gotta say, this is pretty spontaneous for you, Izzy."

"Yeah, well Mimi keeps telling me I need to be more active and outgoing. I just thought she'd be
proud to see me taking some initiative is all." Izzy told him.

"Hey, I can think of worse reasons to do stuff."

"Thought you'd see it that way. Man, I'd love to see Mimi's reaction when she finds out what I'm
doing. She'll probably be amazed."

Izzy said his goodbyes to Tai after that and then went to the TV, deciding to watch something with
his family for a change. He idly looked over to his computer for a moment, but then turned back
to the show on TV.

"Izzy? You feeling okay, son? You're not at your computer tonight." his father asked, looking
over at him. Izzy just nodded in response as he relaxed with his family.

"Dad, I don't think I've ever felt better."


A week passed, and Izzy hadn't heard anything more from Mimi. He could only assume
everything was okay, though he worried that maybe there was a family emergency of some sort
she had to tend to. He figured he'd get the straight story from her as soon as she was available
next. Besides which, he had other things on his mind today.

The moving trucks has finally shown up at the new house, and Izzy made haste to gather up
everyone who'd volunteered to help out. A short time later, Tai, Yuki, Kari, TK, Davis, Matt and
Sora all joined him down in front of the house.

"Thanks for making it, guys." Izzy said, greeting them all.

"No prob. So when do we get started?" Matt asked as he rolled up his sleeves.

"The family hasn't shown up yet. I guess they're still on their way by taxi, and the movers won't
open the trucks until they get here." Izzy told him.

"These trucks sure are huge! Whoever this is must have a lot of stuff." Davis said, eyeing the
behemoth vehicles.

"Well, they'll get here sooner or later. Let's just hang loose for now." Tai suggested. Everyone
else agreed, and they spread out a bit, waiting for the family to arrive. About a half hour later,
Sora spotted a taxi making its way slowly to the house.

"Guys! I think this is them!" she called out. Everyone stood up and gathered around the curb as
the taxi stopped. Izzy stepped up front, straightening himself up a bit. He started his pitch as the
car's doors opened.

"Hi there! Welcome to the neighborhood. We thought you might like...some..."

Izzy's voice trailed off as the first of the car's passengers stepped out and smiled at him, brushing
back some of her long brown hair as she straightened out her pink t-shirt.

"Hello there, Izzy." Mimi said.

"Mimi?? I-I-I...I don't understand. What're you doing here?" Izzy asked, utterly stunned.

"I live here now." Mimi told him. "Sorry for the abrupt disconnection there, but things came
together kinda fast. I'll explain it all later, trust me."

"Wow. Talk about irony." TK said, shaking off his amazement. "Izzy got us all together to help
the new family move their stuff in, and here we're ending up helping an old friend move back in!"

"You're kidding!" Mimi said, walking up to Izzy. "You organized all this?"

"Well, yeah...just wanted to do something nice for someone, you know?" Izzy said, scratching his
head a bit.

"You are absolutely the sweetest person on the face of this planet." Mimi said in amazement.
She grabbed hold of him quickly, kissing him deeply. The others gave out a "wooo" as they
watched the couple kiss.

"Some hot stuff there guys!" Kari cheered. The two broke off the kiss a moment later, blushing a
little at everyone's cheering them on.

"Ahem...Well then, shall we get to work guys?" Izzy asked. Everyone cheered in unison and
headed for the trucks, which were now opening up as Mimi's parents approached, greeting Izzy
as well. Mimi sighed contentedly to herself as she looked over the whole scene again. She
reached for Izzy's hand, squeezing it as she found it. The strains of the song Matt had sung for
them so long ago now came back to her, and she could only think of how fitting it was for the two
of them as she headed into the house with her family, and her beloved Kou-chan.

Beyond the door
There's peace I'm sure
And I know
There'll be no more
Tears in heaven