Alright, here's the final chapter. Sorry it's short, but I needed to wrap up Howard's story completely. Anyways, hope you enjoyed the fic, and thanks to all who reviewed!

Howard collapsed onto the couch and let out a loud sigh. He'd finally finished cleaning the house, ridding it of all stains, messes, and broken glass. He had even glued most of his mother's dishes back together; those that were impossible -even for a man with a Master's degree- to fix had been thrown out, and the cupboards had been reorganized so their disappearance wouldn't be noticed.

The engineer had accomplished all of this before his mother had gotten home and it had only taken him... Howard sat up and glanced up at the wall where the clock was hanging. It was 8:30 a.m. So, it had taken him all night; at least he'd gotten it done.

Now, he had finally earned himself a break-hell, he'd earned himself fifteen breaks for all the work he'd done.

Just as Howard was closing his eyes, the front door opened and his mother walked in. Peace was hard to come by these days.

The engineer mindlessly answered all of his mother's questions, assuring her that he'd remembered to lock the doors and windows before he'd gone to bed and to unplug anything that might have caught fire during the night. All of these were lies, of course, but it was best not to worry the elderly.

Eventually, his mother retreated upstairs and Howard breathed a sigh of relief. He'd actually gotten away with it. His first big party and nothing bad had happened. He couldn't believe his luck. Perhaps he'd judged too quickly, and throwing crazy parties wasn't so bad.


The engineer grimaced as his mother's voice echoed around the house.

"What?" he called, irritated.

"Why are there five grown men sleeping in my bathtub?"

Parties sucked.