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Chapter 1 Parvus Minor Minimus Niger Libri

The brewing storm outside left the golden trio with an unease that could only signal trouble in making. Per-usual Hermione had her nose thrust deeply into a largely bound book that the other two could only guess had something to do with school work. Ron and Harry however were playing exploding snap. They didn't believe in doing anything that resembled school work unless it was required.

"Best three out of four?" Ron said looking hopeful. He really hated to lose especially to his best friend who always won everything, but it looked like it wasn't going to happen this time. The only game that he and Harry had ever played where he won was chess, and he was damn good at it.

"No. I am really not in the mood to play another game. I have a lot of things on my mind right now." Harry said shaking his head as he sat down on his bed.

" You know if you stuck your nose in a good book like me you won't find the worries of the world plaguing your mind." Hermione said never looking up from her book.

" Only you would think ,that spending all day everyday in a book, would be helpful to ones mental state." Ron said rolling his eyes at the girl that was lying on his bed.

" With the way you are talking, Hermione, makes it seem as if you don't care about the upcoming war." Harry said as he laid back on the bed.

" Now you know that is not true at all Harry and it hurts my feelings that you would say something like that to me." Hermione said finally digging her nose out of the book that had held her attention since they arrived at the Weasley's .

" Well it hurts my feelings when you basically tell me that I should be reading a book instead of figuring out how to defeat Voldemort."

" That isn't what I meant by what I said. What I meant was maybe you will find the solution to your problem in a book." Hermione said as she got up and walked towards her trunk.

" What are you talking about 'Mione?" Ron said as he perked up.

" This is what I am talking about." she said as she pulled out an old tattered leather bound book that very closely resembled Tom Riddle's diary that they had come across in their second year. She tossed it to Harry.

" What is it?" he said as he turned it over in his hands.

" That my dear Harry is the rarest potions book ever in existence. That is the Parvus Minor Minimus Niger Libri Vita vel Mors Mortis Venenum. Roughly translated it means Little Black Book of Life or Death Potions. It was written by Merlin himself. Now don't go asking where I got it cause I am not going to tell you. One of the conditions of me keeping the book was to ensure that I would tell no one of who I got it from. Every potions master would die to get their hands on that book. It is worth a fortune and it holds the knowledge to help you defeat Voldemort." Hermione said in a matter of fact tone of voice.

" How will this help us?" Ron said taking the book from his best friend.

" Well there is a potion in there that enables the drinker to go back into time, at any point in time. But the only thing about it is that there will be no way of that person ever getting back to their original time. The potion is only made for a person to back in time not move them forward. So you must think long and hard before you make a rash decision. If you choose to go through with there is a great chance of saving your parents and it will give you more time to train in order to defeat Voldemort. But then again if you do go you will leave everything you know behind. You will be leaving us behind, but the good you will be able to do will out weigh leaving your friends behind." Hermione said with seriousness.

" Hermione how you suggest him to leave everything he knows behind?" Ron said evident rage written all over his face. He was the same shade of red that his hair was.

" Ron this will be his only chance of him saving his parents and even his god father from dieing. He can save so many people. I think that that more than out weighs him being here just because we don't want him to leave." Hermione said as she narrowed her eyes at her red haired friend.

" Ron! No. Hermione is right. This is the perfect chance for me to be able to do what I need to do to get rid of him. And I will be able to save a few lives while I am at it. I will still be born and I am sure that I will still be your friend. I will never forget you and Hermione. Never." Harry said before Ron could say another word. That shut him up but for only a second.

" But Harry..." Ron didn't know what to say.

" How soon can you brew it?" Harry said to Hermione.

" Well considering the fact that I had the book for a little bit. I already gathered the ingredients just in case you were wanting to go through with it. So it will only take me about a day to get it done. It is a fairly simple spell when done correctly."

" How did you know that I was going to say yes to the potion?" Harry said looking at the girl on the other bed.

" I didn't I was just preparing, just in case if you said yes. No the only thing that you have to do when you drink the potion is to think about what time you want to go back to. You can't think about nothing else but that time cause it can splice you through different times." Hermione said.

" That's it?" Ron said raising his eyebrows to Harry as if to say are you sure you want to go through with this.

" Hey 'Mione is there any way of taking items back in time with you?" Harry said.

" Yes. Anything that you have on you at the time of drinking the potion goes back with you."

" Good cause I am going to get one of those endless trunks, and I am going to have the goblins put all of my money from the potter vault into it. Cause if I go back without money it will be a little hard on me. I can put in there anything that I need. To make it appear that I have family in that time."

" That is a good idea Harry. And you can shrink the trunk to make it fit into your pocket." Hermione said smiling as a million and one ideas found their way into her head.

Sorry so short everyone I was hoping to have this chapter a little longer seeing as how it is the first chapter, but it didn't work out the way that I wanted it to. I just hope that everyone likes where this story is going. I would like to give thanks to CrimsonRose18 for letting me adopt her story. I plan to make her proud of it.